Welding Flux JN-HJ431 For boiler

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Welding Flux JN-HJ431 For boiler 


2.Red brown to light yellow

3.Glassy granulated flux

4.25Kgs/plastic woven bag

5.Delivery time:30 days











Equivalent to








1.JN-HJ431 is a kind of high manganese and silicon, low fluorine fused flux


2.Color:red brown to light yellow


3.Grain size:of 8-40(2.5-0.45mm) and 14-40(1.5-0.45mm) meshes


4.Current:alternating or direct current(welding wires must be connected with the positive electrode when direct current is used)



1.for low-carbon and low-alloy steels like 16Mn and 15MnV, as well as ships, boilers and high-pressure vessels[applied to welding wires such as H08A(AWS EL8), H08MnA(AWS EM12) and H10MnSi(AWS EM13K)] 


2.for electro-slag and copper welding.



1.The oil stain, moisture, iron rust and other impurities must be removed from the surface;

2.Flux must be baked under 250~300°C for 2 hours before welding.

Chemical Composition:(%)  

Mechanical Performance:Applied to H08A (AWS EL8)

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Q:What are the roles of flux in soldering?
Generally, the flux has three functions: 1. Remove the oxide from the base metal; 2, increase the wettability of the base metal of the solder; 3, prevent the brazing of filler metal and base metal in the brazing process
Q:How about Jin Yuancheng's soldering flux and bath water?
The company had not heard of, as for welding plate washer water use, and how to be used to know, and any one of the flux, and the washing water can not be used directly, but to see not suitable for good, suitable for use, not for bad.
Q:What are the concepts of solder paste and soldering flux, and their range of two is large
The main composition of flux and its function:A. activator (Activation): the composition is mainly used to remove the PCB copper film pad surface and parts of the welding parts of the role of oxidation substances, but also has to reduce tin, lead surface tension effect;B. thixotropic agent (Thixotropic): this component is mainly to regulate the viscosity of solder paste and printing performance, play a role in printing to prevent trailing, adhesion and other phenomena;C. resin (Resins): this component is mainly used to increase the adhesion of solder paste, and to protect and prevent the re oxidation of PCB after welding. This component plays an important role in the fixation of parts;D. solvent (Solvent): this component is the solvent of the flux composition. It plays a uniform role in the mixing process of solder paste, and has a certain influence on the life of solder paste;
Q:The reason why solder tin does not solder to solder (flux)
The reason is that the PCB pad is oxidized, while the removal of the oxide film BG in the soldering flux results in poor tin plating.Flux: flux, solder paste and also, there are two kinds of liquid, in metallurgy is clean in a chemically welded metal surface for soldering, brazing or welding material, positioning. The use of different metal welding flux is also different, for example: the use of ammonium chloride or rosin soldering; welding galvanized iron and other zinc surface material with hydrochloric acid or zinc chloride; copper brazing or welding to black metal with borax. The welding material is easy to adhere to the corresponding welding metal surface after melting at high temperature, but the metal surface is easy to form oxide layer at high temperature, so that the welding material is difficult to adhere to the surface. The flux is stable at room temperature and has a strong reducibility at high temperatures. It can remove the oxide layer on the metal surface. In addition, the solder in soldering and brazing process can also play the role of wetting agent.
Q:What are the rosin flux formulas?
There are many types of flux, different types, and no ingredients inside
Q:The flux is sprayed on the PCB board. There is a lot of yellow on the solder joint. Which is the reason for the flux?
There may be problems in the spraying process, or it may be the quality of the soldering flux. This is also an experiment to do the analysis of defective products
Q:What subjects does the flux belong to in the accounting voucher?
Raw material auxiliary material (flux)
Q:What soldering flux is used for welding silver products?
Just use rosin
Q:How can I use the submerged arc welding flux?
Yes, it does matter. To leave for the weld will be welding slag! If the flaw is detected, it will be over! However, there are recycling! You can contact someone who has recovered! You can sell money!
Q:Why does the flux smell of kerosene?
This is the flavor of the ingredients themselves.At present, there are two kinds of flux on the market: 1, solvent flux 2 and water-based environmental protection fluxSolvent and methanol, ethanol, isopropyl divided, toluene and xylene, you should now use solvent benzene, smell, volatile fast, ventilation is not good, for a long time to have harm to the body, flammable.If you can not accept this flavor, I suggest you change water environmental protection flux, not only can meet your requirements, but also no pungent flavor, the cost is still low! You can try 5801 soldering flux
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shandong,China
Year Established 2003
Annual Output Value Above US$100 Million
Main Markets
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

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Export Percentage 81% - 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 50,000-100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average