Welding Electrode Low Carbon or Mild Steel BIS, DNV, IRS

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Welding Rod Descrition

CLASSIFICATION : AWS/SFA-5.1: E 6013 , BS 639 E4322R21,IS-814: ER 4222,DIN 1913 E 4322R322


CHARACTERISTICS : The electrode is characterized by smooth and stable arc, low spatter, easy slag detachability, fine rippled bead appearance, weld deposit possesses good chemical and mechanical properties.

APPLICATION               :

1) Suitable for tank & vessels.

2) General fabrication.

3) Vehicles.

4) Railway wagons and machinery.

5) Ship building construction, light structural steel works

6) Storage tanks etc.

2.Main Features of Welding Rod

Stable arc

Fewer spatters

Easy to restrike

Less smog

Good off slag, high deposition efficiency

3.Welding Rod Images


4.Welding Rod Specification

Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal

Test Item






Guarantee Value




-(normal temperature)


Reference Current (AC, DC)

Electrode Diameter(mm)












Welding Current (A)






V-up, OH







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A: For products in stock, we can ship it within 7 days after receiving your payment. For custom order, within 24 tons, production time is 20-30 days after confirmed every details.
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Q:12 chromium vanadium molybdenum with what electrode?
Do you need domestic or imported ones?
Q:Can ordinary electrodes be welded to stainless steel? What's the effect?
Yes, look at your skills and soldering points
Q:Welding method of 506 electrode
506 is AC and DC electrode, but it is better to use dc. With AC welding machine, the no-load voltage can not be too low, otherwise it is easy to stick the strip.
Q:What kind of welding rod is used for Q345R steel plate welding?
With the E5015 DC reverse connection, if the AC welding machine is E5016, the electrode diameter and welding current shall be selected according to the thickness of the plate.
Q:Is the electrode electrically conductive?
See what you use general electrode, metal electrodes are electrically conductive, including welding, argon arc welding, carbon dioxide gas shielded electrode are electrically conductive, but PVC is not conductive electrode, it is plastic, its welding principle and the front is not the same, is used to realize the welding electrode heating and softening the.
Q:T107 purple copper electrode welding with what
Inverter type DC welding machine is recommended. DC reverse short arc welding is adopted.Arc instability of AC welding machine.Silicon rectifier DC welding machine is affected greatly by network voltage fluctuation, reactor is not electronic current control, welding parameters are not accurate enough. Welding quality can not be achieved.
Q:How long is the Golden Bridge welding rod 427 electrode drying?
420 degrees dry 24 hours, 200 degrees heat preservation 24 hours.
Q:What is the difference between tin strip and electrode?
Tin bars are welded by welding iron, used in electronic products and welding electrodes, and used in Engineering (for example, construction, shipbuilding).
Q:What is the corresponding brand number of electrode model E55?
E55 stands for: E carbon steel welding rod, low alloy steel welding rod, the strength is between 440 ~540MPA, and the main alloy is Mn-Si-Mo.E55 series welding rod:E5511-G, the Chinese brand is J555 AWS, and the model is E8011-G:Cellulose type AC and DC+ are used for vertical butt welding of low alloy steel tubes, girth welding, butt welding, and vertical structure welding of corresponding strength grade.E5516-G, the Chinese brand is J556 AWS, and the model is E8016-G:Low hydrogen type AC and DC+ are suitable for welding medium carbon steel and 15MnTi, 15MnV and other low alloy steel structures.E5516-G, the Chinese brand is J556RH AWS, and the model is E8016-G:Low hydrogen type AC and DC+ are suitable for pressure vessel, offshore platform, ship and other low alloy steel structures.E5515-G, the Chinese brand is J557 AWS, and the model is E8015-G:Low hydrogen type DC+ is suitable for welding medium carbon steel and 15MnTi, 15MnV and other low alloy steel structures.
Q:Electrode E4300 what does it mean?
1, welding rod E4300 means.2, did you see the icon? Let me explain it to you.E - electrode,43- indicates that the minimum tensile strength of the deposited gold wire is 430MPa,0- indicates that the welding position is all position,Second, 0 indicates that the electrode coating is of special type.

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