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Swing Board : 

The area you can write on Swing Board is 1.5 times when compared with the conventional white board.

1. The area you can write on Swing Board is 1.5 times when compared with the conventional white  board.

2. You can write and draw on the 6 pages of Swing Board.

3. The revolution of the panels (front - back) is quick and smooth.

4. The letters written on the surfaces of Swing Board do not turn upside down because the panels  revolve horizontally.

5. You can use it at the arbitrary angles from 0 to straight angle.

6. You can use it at the corner part of the chamber when Swing Board is opened at 90 angle.

7. Swing Board is foldaway, so it can be set compactly.

8. Swing Board is easy to carry.

9. Product size (mm)

      1). When opened in maximum : 1800w x 1800h

      2). When closed : 900w x 1800h

      3). Board size : 900w x   900h

10. Attachments : 2 marker pens (red, black), 1 eraser, 6 magnets.

Price : USD $1850 / 1product

           The price is our recommended user price in Japan.

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Q:How are the electrodes made up?
Answer: welding rod is coated with the skin of the power supply arc welding melting electrode. It is composed of two parts covering and core wire. (L) cores. The electrode is metal cored coating called cores. The core is generally a certain length and diameter of the steel wire. When welding, the welding core has two functions: one is the conduction of the welding current, arc energy converted into heat energy; two welding core melting filler fused with the parent metal weld formation. The special steel wire used for welding can be divided into three categories: carbon structural steel, steel wire, alloy structural steel wire and stainless steel wire. (2) medicine skin. The pressure on the surface of electrode coating called coating. A coating of various minerals, such as minerals, is coated on the outside of the electrode to stabilize the arc and improve the quality of the weld. Some reducing agents should be added into the coating to restore the oxide to ensure the quality of the weld. Because of the high temperature of the arc, some of the alloying elements contained in the weld metal are burned (oxidized or nitrided), which reduces the mechanical properties of the weld. By adding ferrous alloy or pure alloy element to the electrode coating, it can be transferred to the weld metal with the melting of the coating, so as to compensate for the burning of the alloy elements and to improve the mechanical properties of the weld metal. It can improve the welding process performance, make the arc stable combustion, less spatter, good weld formation, easy slag removal and high deposition efficiency. In short, the role of the drug skin is to ensure that the weld metal to obtain the required chemical composition and mechanical properties, and make the welding rod has good welding process performance.
Q:What kind of welding rod is used for No. 55 steel?
No. 55 steel is made of genuine WEWELDING 600 welding rod.Because the 55 steel for high strength steel, treated with surface hardness and high strength, plasticity and toughness but poor machinability of medium, weldability, hardenability, water quenching is the tendency for crack formation, welding crack resistance of the need for a very ideal electrode to WEWELDING 600 welding, ensure tensile strength requirements of crack resistance and use of the process after welding.Characteristics of WEWELDING 600 special alloy steel welding rodWEWELDING 600 is a low heat output, suitable for special nickel chromium alloy steel electrode welded all-round, universal design is extremely wide, the general strength of parent materials with high strength, excellent welding performance, stable arc, beautiful shape of seam, in oil, water and rust conditions can welding effect is excellent, can be welded different steel.Application of WEWELDING 600 special alloy steel welding rodSuitable for welding of tool and mould, high-speed tool steel, hot work tool steel, steel, cast steel, T-1 steel, Nai Zhengang, vanadium steel, spring steel, martensitic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, and the unknown as well as between the various different types of steel welding etc.. Such as high pressure valves, broken bolt clearance, shaft transformation, etc., the effect is very satisfactory.Technical parameters of WEWELDING 600 special alloy steel welding rodTensile strength: 125000 psi (862MPa)Yield strength: 90000 psi (620MPa)Elongation: 35%Hardness after welding: HRC23 (work hardening up to HRC47)Power supply: AC and DC dual use, DC DC reverse connection
Q:How to keep the welding electrode well?
1., placed in a dedicated electrode oven, to prevent moisture, 2. categories placed, to prevent confusion of different electrodes
Q:What brand of carbon steel electrode is the best?
Jinqiao, bridge, the Atlantic,
Q:Where is the difference between 422 electrode and E50 electrode?
Tensile strength is mainly different, HRB335 steel bar should be allowed to use 422 electrodes,
Q:3.2 how much is a package of bridge electrode
This depends on what kind of electrode, such as J422 welding rod, 3.2mm package is five kg, the price is about twenty yuan. If it is J507 electrode and so on, the price will be higher, such as A132 and other stainless steel prices will be much higher.The electrode (coveredelectrode), is the metal coating in the welding core (coating), uniform centripetal pressure applied to core. The core metal cored electrode, in order to ensure the quality and performance of the weld, there are strict rules on the contents of metal elements in the core, especially for harmful impurities (such as sulfur, phosphorus content, etc.) should be strictly restricted, better than the base metal. The electrode consists of two cores and coating composition. The different cores are also different. The core components directly affect the composition and properties of the weld metal, so the harmful elements in the welding core to as little as possible.For welding of carbon steel and low alloy steel welding core, are mostly made of low carbon steel as the core, and adding manganese, silicon, chromium, nickel and other components (see wire national standard GB1300 - 77). The reason of low carbon is a low carbon steel wire plastic, wire drawing is relatively easy, on the other hand can reduce the CO content of reducing gas, reduce spatter or porosity and increased weld metal solidification temperature, favorable for overhead welding. The addition of other alloy elements mainly guarantees the comprehensive mechanical properties of the weld, and also has some effect on the welding process performance and the removal of impurities.
Q:Will the electrode expire?
Sure.Welding rod can not be damp, otherwise it will seriously affect weld quality.
Q:What does the electrode strip E7108 stand for?
A welding rod is made up of six parts. For example, CHE507CrNiFe13 can be split into:1. (CH) two letter, the Atlantic product code.2. (E) a letter of electrode type.3. (50) two numbers, deposited metal strength or alloy type.4. (7) a number, type of skin and type of current.5. (CrNi) 1~2 letters, additional alloy elements or electrode characteristics.6. (Fe13) letters + two numbers, nominal efficiency of welding rod.1.CH: the Atlantic product code2. electrode type: (see Table 1)Type of electrode 1E carbon steel welding rod, low alloy steel welding rodL low alloy steel welding rod for low temperatureS chromium nickel austenitic stainless steel electrodeH low alloy steel and stainless steel welding rod for heat resistingK chromium stainless steel electrodeC cast iron welding rodN nickel and nickel alloy welding rodR surfacing electrodeCu copper and copper alloy weldingDeposited metal strength and alloy type: Table 2MarknumberStrength (MPa)Major alloy typesRemarksE 42By 0.2 o = 330 B = 420(S)Mn-SiFifty= 400 = 490= 390 = 490Mn-Si (Ni)Fifty-five= 440 = 540Mn-Si-MoSixty= 490 = 590Mn-Si-Mo (Ni)Seventy= 590 = 690Mn-Si-Mo (Ni)Seventy-five= 640 = 740Mn-Si-MoMn-Si-Ni-MoEighty= 690 = 780Mn-Si-Mo-V-NiEighty-five= 740 = 830Mn-Si-Ni-Mo-V-CrH1 xMo to 0.5%Second digit (x)Represents different grades in the same type2 xMo to 0.5% Cr to 0.5%3 xMo0.5 to 1% Cr to 2%4 xMo to 1% Cr to 2.5%5 xMo to 0.5% Cr to 5%7 xMo to 1% Cr to 9%8 xMo to 1% Cr to 11%R1 xOrdinary room temperature2 xOrdinary room temperature
Q:What's the difference between two oxygen welding and common electrode welding? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Now, there are still two people suspected of welding costs?Do not know that science and technology is the primary productive force?!Said the first two welding material, welding wire electrode 8 dollars a kilogram, 6 yuan a kilo, looks cheap electrode.You have to see how much of the filler metal left in the weld after welding is equal to the price.1, the outside of the electrode coating, and finally the welding slag and protective gas, does not belong to the filler metal.2, each electrode has a welding rod head, at least 5 centimeters, have to throw away, does not belong to the filler metal.3, welding rod splash, splash of metal, does not belong to the filler metal.In addition, other costs, welding rod to dry, need oven, heat preservation barrel, heating electricity, throw away the welding rod.Let's talk about the same welding power, welding, welding heat input two is small, costs less power, more power inverter welder.What's more about efficiency and speed?.1, do not bake electrode, save time, minus a manual.2, do not change electrode, also need not from new arc, save time3, do not knock the welding slag off at least a coolie.4, for welding speed, two welding is three times of welding rod. (on this one, a welder can top three, you have to calculate how much money, artificial!)
Q:Where to buy electrodes, how to buy online, welding rod is always not assured
If the special electrode used for maintenance, the use of special technology, and Wiodin (Tianjin) Welding Technology Co., Ltd. get in touch
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