Removable White Board

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Swing Board : 

The area you can write on Swing Board is 1.5 times when compared with the conventional white board.


1. The area you can write on Swing Board is 1.5 times when compared with the conventional white  board.

2. You can write and draw on the 6 pages of Swing Board.

3. The revolution of the panels (front - back) is quick and smooth.

4. The letters written on the surfaces of Swing Board do not turn upside down because the panels  revolve horizontally.

5. You can use it at the arbitrary angles from 0 to straight angle.

6. You can use it at the corner part of the chamber when Swing Board is opened at 90 angle.

7. Swing Board is foldaway, so it can be set compactly.

8. Swing Board is easy to carry.

9. Product size (mm)

      1). When opened in maximum : 1800w x 1800h

      2). When closed : 900w x 1800h

      3). Board size : 900w x   900h

10. Attachments : 2 marker pens (red, black), 1 eraser, 6 magnets.

Price : USD $1850 / 1product

           The price is our recommended user price in Japan.

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Q:How long is the effective period of welding rod?
If the stock period exceeds the prescribed time limit, the electrode, flux and flux cored wire must be re examined before the relevant functional departments can be issued and used. complexTest principle to check whether the welding material may affect the quality defects, generally limited to appearance and process performance test, but there are doubts on the performance of welding materials, can increase the necessary inspection item.The prescribed time limit may be determined by the following method from the date of production:A) the period of recommendation for welding materials, quality certificates or manuals;B) a low hydrogen type welding material for acid welding materials and moisture resistant packages, sealed for two years;C) graphite type welding materials and other welding materials for one year.
Q:What enterprises use more welding electrodes?
Small businesses and individuals now use more. Two oxygen is used for steel structure transmission. And then the site is OK
Q:4 of the electrodes, what is the weight of a case?
As far as I know, the welding rod is not the pipe specification. They are 5 kilos a pack. One case is 20 kilos. At least the Atlantic has this kind of packing. There are two main kinds of welding rod. There is no need to be as complicated as the previous net friend, the acid welding rod and the basic welding rod. Acid electrode, that is, the most common, such as 422. This electrode is generally easy to use, not demanding, carbon steel, ordinary iron can be used, the basic electrode contains more. Mainly used for higher welding requirements. Boiler aspect. Such as 317.507.307., these 3 are carbon steel. There are 137.407 stainless steels. Also used for boiler pipes. Pressure vessel aspects. Specifications are common for 3.2, 4, 6, 2.5. That's all I know
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For welding rod:Domestic brands, then, the best in the Atlantic, where the CHE58-1 is simply a classic product.Foreign brands, then, Lincoln, Esab and so on are also classic brands, Olin Kang is the best.
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The reason for this failure is that, in addition to reaching the parent material, such as the parent material, the toughness of the weld zone is sometimes considered, but the performance of the material is reduced by the high strength. Can also be said to be low allocation.
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Do you know the difference between 422 and 502?422 is common steel electrode, 502 is manganese steel welding rodTo put it simply, look at the material to be weldedSimply, the welding on the site are designed, if you really don't understand why, in a word: design requirements!
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A137 is austenitic stainless steel electrode, belonging to chromium nickel stainless steel electrode.Grade A- indicates austenitic stainless steel; 13- is the chemical composition code; 7- represents alkaline welding rod; DC power supply welding.It is used in the welding of more important corrosion resistant and 0Cr18Ni11Ti stainless steel containing titanium.
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Welding rod J506E7016 is AWS model, the national standard model is E5016, is a common J506 low hydrogen potassium type carbon steel welding rod, used to weld medium carbon steel and important low alloy steel.Welding notice:1, drying before welding, drying at 350 degrees for 1 hours, with the use of baking;2, welding parts must be completely removed before welding, oil, rust, moisture and so on;3, using short arc welding, narrow welding method;4, AC and DC dual-use, DC reverse connection;5. Pressure vessel can be welded.
Q:How many kinds of welding rod do you have?
According to different circumstances, there are three kinds of welding rod classification method: according to the use of electrode classification, according to the main chemical composition of the drug classification, according to the characteristics of the drug after the melting of slag classification.
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E43 welding rod is the national standard GB/T5117-1995, it is the type of representation, 422 should be J422, is the brand of the method of expression.E43 electrode E4303, he is J422 welding rod. If it's E4315, he's the J427 electrode. To weld Q235B seamless steel tube, using E4315, that is, J427 is better. His impact toughness at low temperatures is higher than that of J422. But it needs DC welding machine welding, if the requirement is not high, J422 can also meet the Q235B seamless steel pipe welding, power supply is widely used, AC and DC 2 use.
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