High QualityAWS E7018 Welding Electrode Welding Electrode 6013 7018

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1.High QualityAWS E7018 Welding Electrode Welding Electrode 6013 7018 Description:

First Class WeldingElectrode Customization is welcome . We could produce various Welding Electrode.

according to buyers’drawing or samples/Non-standard Welding Electrode .The price, picture

and product attributes are for reference only. Specific matter can be confirmed

by a further communication. Welcome your consultation.


2.Main Features of High QualityAWS E7018 Welding Electrode Welding Electrode 6013 7018:

Fewer spatters 
Easy to restrike 
Less smog 
Good off slag,high deposition efficiency

3. High QualityAWS E7018 Welding Electrode Welding Electrode 6013 7018 Images

 High QualityAWS E7018 Welding Electrode Welding Electrode 6013 7018

 4. High QualityAWS E7018 Welding Electrode Welding Electrode 6013 7018 Specification 

Chemical composition






Guarantee value







Test Item  






Guarantee value




-(normal temperature)


General result








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2.What is advantage of our products?

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3.  How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of First Class  Welding Electrode within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pacific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 15 to 20 working days can be served.


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Q:Can invert welding machine use acid welding rod?
Inverter welding machine can use acid welding rod, acid electrode: slag with acid oxide based electrode."Inversion" and "rectification" are two opposite concepts. Rectification is the process of converting alternating current into direct current, while inverter is the process of changing direct current into alternating current. The arc welding power source adopting inverter technology is called "inverter welding machine"".The working process of inverter welding and cutting equipment, is a three-phase or single-phase 50Hz AC rectifier, filter get a smoother DC inverter circuit composed of IGBT or fet the DC 15 ~ 100kHz AC, the main frequency step-down transformer, rectifier and filter to obtain stable DC output again the welding current (or again the required frequency of the inverter output AC). The control circuit of inverter welding and cutting equipment is given by the circuit and driver circuit etc., by processing the signals of voltage and current feedback loop control, realize the control technology, using pulse width modulation PWM as the core, constant current characteristic and excellent welding process effect to obtain rapid pulse width modulation.
Q:What kind of welding rod or welding wire for welding Q245R steel?
Q245R is generally used in boiler or pressure vessel, if it is a large diameter cylinder welding body in wall thickness below 8mm recommended the use of arc welding J507 welding rod, double welding, carbon arc gouging back, to obtain inspection qualified; wall thickness is thick, can be used for submerged arc welding. The use of H08MnA wire HJ431 welding flux;If the smaller diameter of the cylinder, the inner wall of the can go in welding, open V groove on the weld position, the use of manual TIG welding primer (ER50-6 wire), welding electrode (J507 electrode) filling cover, if the wall thickness is more than 10mm, you can also consider the use of submerged arc welding (filling cover H08MnA HJ431 solder wire);If the welding weld is non pressure parts, you can use the CO2 gas shielded arc welding, using 1.2 or 1.6 ER50-6 diameter wire welding, weld spatter if you need better or less, recommend the use of Ar:CO2 mixed gas 8:2 welding.
Q:What type of pig iron electrode?
Pig iron electrode is cast iron electrode, the vernacular is the pig iron electrode.Cast iron electrode commonly used model:CMC-E46NDirect welding on cast iron is very effective for metal wear of stamping dies. The first layer of welded metal is austenitic, and the martensite is from the 2 layer, so the wear resistance is good. Flame hardened cast iron can also be directly welded.CMC-MS64NCast iron welding rod, high strength and good plasticity. Suitable for gray cast iron and nodular cast iron, and can be machined.CMC-E47NDirect welding on cast iron is very effective for metal wear of stamping dies. The first layer of welded metal is austenitic, and the martensite is from the 2 layer, so the wear resistance is good. Flame hardened cast iron can also be directly welded.CMC-E67NEspecially suitable for cast steel hardfaced making render buffer layer, cracking of welding, welding reconstruction.CMC-E65NCmc-e65n low temperature welding, low expansion coefficient, slight hardening, especially suitable for cast iron cast steel (fc.fcd) steel hardfaced making render buffer layer.CMC-E61NSuitable for welding all kinds of cast iron, alloy cast iron, steel and cast iron joint, nickel and its alloy, or welding of water proof die castings.WE777 special cast iron welding rodSuitable for the full range of cold welding welding, welding cast iron base material can almost all, and it is easy to achieve cast iron and carbon steel dissimilar metal welding, such as solving matrix fracture, crack, wear, hole filling defects after welding can be machined, many applications in the engine casing, cylinder head, casting machine, gear base the tooth of iron castings.
Q:How to deal with magnetic blow in welding process of electrode?
Equal distances are provided with double ground wires or multiple ground wires.
Q:What steel electrodes are used (I'm a beginner's welder)?
The general use of electrode welders are as follows: using E40 type welding Q235B steel, commonly known as the J402 type electrode, low carbon steel (Q345B) using the E50 type electrode, is generally J502, J506 electrode, high grade steel and low grade steel welding is generally used for welding is low grade steel, stainless steel electrode with white, special there are many kinds of stainless steel is to see which type of submerged arc welding electrodes used for general H08MN (2A) wire (applicable to ordinary steel and low carbon steel), carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding wire used for er49-1 or er50--3, so many kinds of metal electrode also has many types, or to read books or products specification or design, for reference only!
Q:Requirements for welding electrodes for temperature and humidity
Storage should be kept at 10---25 degrees Celsius and less than 50% relative humidity.
Q:What does E4315 mean on the electrode?
E stands for "43" electrode, the tensile strength of the minimum value, "1" means 0 and 1 indicate the position of welding, suitable for all position welding, suitable for welding and 2 horizontal fillet welding, 4 for vertical down welding, welding current "5" type and type of coating.In fact, J427 low hydrogen electrode
Q:How thin is the smallest electrode?
The smallest electrode is the diameter of the electrode (mm) 1.6, the welding current (A) 25~40.
Q:What are the requirements of steel structure for electrode?
E43 series welding rod for common steel structure Q235Q345 material of steel to use E50 series welding rodWelding between Q235 and Q345 steels requires the use of E43 series electrodes
Q:400A DC inverter welding machine, suitable for long welding electrode
Diameter 4 electrode.Inverter welding machine load rate is generally 60%, 60%, load rate of about 250 or above. Electrode selection current formula is the diameter of the welding rod x (33-55) times = welding current.220 the maximum electrode current is about 4. Current output of welding machine.

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