Welding Wire for Adrasive Wear

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Product Description:


Applications of Welding Wire:


Hardsurfacing of blower , screw , conveyor , mixer blades , speed-mullers etc.


Characteristics of Welding Wire:


MT-FZ30 deposits weld metal of high-Cr cast iron which contains a large amount of chromium- carbide.


The weld metal is suitable for wear-, heat-, and corrosive-resistant.


Note on Welding Operation

1.    The welding machine for solid wire is applicable.

2.    Pay attention to the adjustment of the feeding roller , because rigidity of MT-FZ30 is a little soft compared with the solid wire.


Chemical Composition Range (%)


 High C , Cr , Mo(Austenite structure containing carbides)


Typical Hardness of Welded Metal (as welded)


 HV:850 ~ 950


Optimum Welding Condition (DC +)


Wire Diameter


Welding Current


Extension length


Shielding Gas









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Q:What is the difference between electrode type and brand?
J422 acid electrode type GB E4303Structural steel welding rod, weld metal tensile strength of not less than 420Mpa, titanium oxide calcium type leather, AC and DC dual-use, mainly for welding low carbon steel and low strength alloy steel, such as 09Mn2 and so onJ427 basic electrode type GB E4315Structural steel welding rod, weld metal tensile strength of not less than 420Mpa, low sodium hydrogen type leather, DC reverse welding, mainly used for welding of important low carbon steel and low alloy steel, such as 09MnSi, etc.
Q:What steel electrodes are used (I'm a beginner's welder)?
Oh, many kinds of electrodes, series. Just now, the variety is many, who can help you enumerate one by one, I suggest you read the book yourself, is a beginner welder, more should contact some book knowledge, can save a lot of things
Q:Can A102 welding rod weld 316L?
316L belongs to ultra low carbon austenitic stainless steel, and if using A102, weld metal will reduce the ability to resist intergranular corrosion, so in the relatively high requirements of equipment, as far as possible using A022 welding rod.
Q:Will the electrode expire?
Sure.Welding rod can not be damp, otherwise it will seriously affect weld quality.
Q:What kind of welding rod is used for No. 55 steel?
No. 55 steel belongs to medium carbon steel and its weldability is poor. It should be preheated before welding. General structure arc welding using E4301, E4303, E4311, E4313, E4320 or J422 welding rod can be. The stress (main body) structure arc welding uses E4315, E4316, E5015, E5016 or J425 welding rod.
Q:What enterprises use more welding electrodes?
A lot of chemical factory is that kind of production of high pressure boiler, non-standard tanks, cans and so on
Q:What's the difference between two oxygen welding and common electrode welding? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Now, there are still two people suspected of welding costs?Do not know that science and technology is the primary productive force?!Said the first two welding material, welding wire electrode 8 dollars a kilogram, 6 yuan a kilo, looks cheap electrode.You have to see how much of the filler metal left in the weld after welding is equal to the price.1, the outside of the electrode coating, and finally the welding slag and protective gas, does not belong to the filler metal.2, each electrode has a welding rod head, at least 5 centimeters, have to throw away, does not belong to the filler metal.3, welding rod splash, splash of metal, does not belong to the filler metal.In addition, other costs, welding rod to dry, need oven, heat preservation barrel, heating electricity, throw away the welding rod.Let's talk about the same welding power, welding, welding heat input two is small, costs less power, more power inverter welder.What's more about efficiency and speed?.1, do not bake electrode, save time, minus a manual.2, do not change electrode, also need not from new arc, save time3, do not knock the welding slag off at least a coolie.4, for welding speed, two welding is three times of welding rod. (on this one, a welder can top three, you have to calculate how much money, artificial!)
Q:What are the welding electrodes?
The utility model relates to an electric welding rod, which belongs to hardware engineering consumption equipment. Welding rod is listed as "manufacturing industry" in the industry classification standard of People's Republic of China: other metal products are manufactured.Brief introduction of electric welding strip:The electrode consists of two cores and coating composition. The electrode is coating in metal welding core (coating), uniform centripetal pressure applied to core. The electrode of different types, different cores. The core metal cored electrode, in order to ensure the quality and performance of the weld, there are strict rules on the contents of metal elements in the core, especially for harmful impurities (such as sulfur, phosphorus content, etc.) should be strictly restricted, better than the base metal.
Q:Welding rod for reinforcing cage of bridge pile foundation
First, according to JGJ18-2003T steel welding and acceptance procedures, welding HPB235 steel, E4316 and E4315 welding rod can be used; welding HRB335 steel bar, E5016 and E5015 welding rod should be adopted. E6016 and E6015 welding electrodes shall be used to weld HRB400 steel bars.Two, selection of basic principles of welding rod:1, equal strength principle, that is, choose the same strength as the parent material electrode. Generally used for welding low carbon steel and low alloy steel.2, with the principle of the same component, and the parent metal chemical composition of the same or similar electrode. Generally used for welding heat-resistant steel, stainless steel and other metal materials.3. The principle of crack resistance is to use alkaline welding rod with good crack resistance so as to avoid cracks in welding and using process. Generally used for welding rigidity, complex shape, the use of dynamic load in the welding structure.4, the principle of the welding process by anti stomatal limitation, such as oil, welding joints rust cleaning inconvenience, acid electrode should be used in anti blowhole ability, so as to avoid the gas in the welding process to weld porosity formation stranded.5, low cost principle, to meet the requirements of the premise, as far as possible the use of good performance, low cost and high efficiency of welding rod.6, and other principles of toughness, that is, electrodes, deposited metal and base metal and other toughness or similar, because in practice, the welding structure of the fear of bad, mostly because the strength is not enough, but the lack of toughness. Therefore, when the electrode is selected, the strength is slightly lower than that of the base metal, while the toughness should be the same or similar. This is also the low toughness and toughness of high strength steel when welding.
Q:Why can DC welding machine weld any electrode?
General welding rod (acid welding electrode) is both AC and DC dual-use.Basic electrode, recommended DC, AC is also ok.Cellulose electrodes must be dc.So it comes to this conclusion.
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