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I have a picture of them on my phone. 2 wires are green. The last wire is orange. I couldn't post the pic but I have a pic of it on my cell phone. Thank You, Chris 1986 350 boat engine
wiring diagram for Mando alternator:
Hey guys,After diagnosing my car I found that my push to start was acting up. I went inside and found that the power wire had poor conductivity. Denying the car it's power. I released the wire and saw that it was completely black flaking off. That was the only issue though, everything else was in perfect condition. What kind of wire should I replace this with, is there wires that can support more of a charge? Or was it just wear and tear?As for now I just cut the wire in half and re stripped it, using the good part of the wire. Temporary fix until I purchase a better wire.Thanks
all electrical wires are power wires. For an authoritative answer, we'd need to know which one you mean, and which make model it's on. However, to generalize, I'd be wondering why the wire was in that condition, fixing whatever it was, then replacing the wire with one with a slightly greater cross-sectional area (gauge).
I want to install an electrical outlet on a wall that doesn't have any other outlets. There is a wall light directly above the place where I need the outlet so I want to use that junction for the power source. I do not want the wall light's switch to control the outlet. How do I wire this?
Depends on how the light is wired. If it's got only a black and a white wire, the only thing you can do is have the switch control the whole circuit. With only two wires, the black wire is made/broken at the switch, so the only way to get a circuit is to have the switch on. If you have two black and two white, you're OK. One B/W pair will go to the switch and the other B/W pair provides the power. If you have this, notice that one pair is wired across the black of the other pair. That is, a black wire coming in ties to another wire going out without going to the light. The companion wire of the one going to the switch should be wired to the light. That's your switch leg, and it is made /broken at the switch. The white wire of the leg in should be on the other pole of the light. You want to take your new wire and add the black to the connection on the black coming in. You'll now have three wires there - hot in, hot out to switch, hot to your new outlet. Take your white from your new run, undo the white of the leg in at the light. Connect those two and add a white pigtail. Wire the pigtail to the light. Be sure all circuits are off, and if you're not sure which wire is which, use an ohmeter to test. Be sure all grounds are connected in each box. Check out what will be on the circuits and make sure you don't overload them, and also that your boxes are rated for the amperage/wires you'll be using.
How to identify the quality of the wire is good or bad!
This is not to say if the motherboard power supply voltage is not possible to burn the board actually go to the computer city to buy a 6PIN switch 8PIN adapter should be able to
Electrical line is already available so what are pros and cons other than ease of installation for solar-powered? This is for a walkway from our driveway to front steps.
Solar is less expensive both in buying the equipment and electrical (duh). But it won't light up your yard more than just the small spots where you are putting the lights. This can give a nice effect on a dark evening but don't plan a dinner by it. Solar is also much easier to play with, you can put up the lights, try them for a while and then move them if you don't like it. Also the rechargeable batteries do die out every year to two and need to be replaced (some units will allow you to do this and some make you buy a new unit) Hardwired is brighter and lasts the whole night long. There are (currently) more options as far as style of fixtures and lighting (colors, spot lighting, etc). It's a tough choice but a nicely lit yard does add a lot to the look of a house. Good Luck. JCB
I like this Christian girl and I want to seduce her but I heard that they have electrical underwear
Is this a serious question? Of course thats not true. If it was, it'd shock the girl too. Besides, im an atheist girl who has seduced guys that are christian they didnt have electrical underwear.
Electrical wire sheathing should NOT project more than about 1 inch into the--plumbing line-floor joist-ground or -electric panel
electric panel
I know that the color codes tell you whether its neutral and other purposes, but do i need to find the same colored wire to extend one, or do i need the same one? And are they just for safety purposes?
In the US the colors generally have to stay the same. There are exceptions, the code book is a big book. Switches have some exceptions, like a white could have been used in existing installation as a hot from a light to a switch, a white could be marked and used as a hot on a 240v circuit, and the colors from one side of a switch may change colors, and if you have fed a multiwire circuit with 12/3 or 14/3 NM cable you can extend the red and white circuit with a black and white, but generally unless you can find an specific exception that matches your installation then for an extension the color needs to match.