Electro Galvanized Wires

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Galvanized Wire/Galvanized Steel Wire/ Gavanized Iron Wire



Weaving, braiding, fencing, cable armoring, knitting, tie wire, for redrawn, for binding or forming etc.


low carbon steel wire



Tensile strength

350-500MPA, or higher

Zinc coating

Min 12g/m2, min 25g/m2, min 200g/m2,min 300g/m2,610g/m2

Surface treatment

Hot dipped or electro galvanized


On spools

In small coils of 25-50kg/coil, 10kg/coil

In rosette coil of 100-800kg/coil


ASTM 641, EN10257-1& EN10244-2

All can be produced according to customers’ requirements.

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Q:Need help with AC wires!?
Based on normal practice It doesn't appear that you have air conditioning, only convential/gas heat. And the thermostat you bought is for air conditioning and heat pump systems. It likely will still work, you'll have to read through the book to see how to program it for convential heat in the installer set-up Red wire to (R) doesn't matter which one White wire to (W) Green wire to (G) Blue wire to nothing, the blue wire was your common wire which is required to make the old thermstat work off power from the unit, the new thermostat runs on batteries and doesn't have the option to run off power from the unit. Note: turn the power off to the unit, touching red and blue together will short out the transformer
Q:Installing a fan ..... electric wires?
The fan will run no matter which way the wires are connected. The AC that is going to run the fan has no specific polarity like DC does. The only question would be safety. See if there's a green screw anywhere on a metal part of the fan. If there is, you should run a ground wire to it. There might not be, and in that case, because the fan only has 2 wires, it must be double insulated and will pose no shock hazard. You've probably seen electric drills with no ground wire. These are double insulated and are safe to use without a ground wire.
Q:Wiring question-3 wire vs 2 wire?
Good job, Amy. I'll bet you didn't post a question here similar to: Waz the difference between nuetral and ground. I nned to now this for my electian exam tomorow.
Q:Instructions on using telephone wire to make jewelry?
We okorder.com/
Q:Wire carrying sound waves?
Wire does not carry soundwaves, at least not unless the ends of the wire have tin cans on them, and the wire is pulled taut between them! Wires can carry electrical signals which can be used to reproduce the sounds that caused them. This is how sound comes from such as your stereo system's speakers. Maybe that's what you actually mean? If so, copper wires (insulated, of course) are what you want, and if the distance you run the wires is great, the heavier the wire (gauge) the better. If you are transmitting high power to speakers, the wires have to be capable of handling the electrical current involved.
Q:How do you repair a wire?
The wires in those little patch cords and headphones and stuff are often very fine and hard to splice or solder. You could get you some wire cutters and wire strippers and a soldering iron and some electrical tape or shrink wrap and go at it, but it would probably be just as well to get another cord.
Q:re wiring a lamp question?
Check the cord that you are using. Feel it with your fingers and try to find a ridge on one wire or the other. This is the indicated conductor that would usually be the neutral or white side of the lamp socket. This is the shell or outer side of the lamp holder. At the plug end it should go to the larger blade of the cord cap. It may also have a thread in one of the wires. As long as it is consistent and the neutral is wired to the shell the electricity does not care which wire it goes through. The issue is when someone wires the line side or the smallblade of the plug to the outside or shell of the lamp. Too many so called electricians on here have no clue about how to wire any thing. If in doubt at all, call a qualified professional electrician to do the work.
Q:98 dodge dakota stereo wiring diagram, what are the speaker wire colors?
1998 Dodge Ram Pickup Stereo Wiring Constant 12V+ Red Switched 12V+ Red/White Ground n/a Illumination n/a Dimmer Orange/White Antenna Trigger Yellow Antenna Right Front Front Speakers 6 x 9 Doors Left Front (+) Dark Green Left Front (-) Brown/Red Right Front (+) Purple Right Front (-) Dark Blue/Red Rear Speakers 5 1/4 Side Panels Left Rear (+) Brown/Yellow Left Rear (-) Brown/Light Blue Right Rear (+) Dark Blue/White Right Rear (-) Dark Blue/Orange
Q:How do I close off exposed wires...?
Congratulations on getting the dishwasher removed. That certainly is the hardest part. Here are a couple of suggestions 1) You can use wire nuts (if you have any) or use Black Electrical tape. It's very inexpensive, (does not conduct electricity) and you can find it at most grocery store and hardware stores. Wrap each wire independently with plenty of tape, then wrap a good layer of tape around both (wrapped) wires. The next thing to do , is to make sure the electrical wire does not touch the floor (in case of a water leak etc..) Coil up the wire, (close to where is comes out of the wall) and use the black electrical tape to fasten / wrap around it. 2) You could add a (on/off) switch on that line. Put the on/off switch in a safe and easy place to access... even with a dishwasher installed! That way you don't have to turn off the whole circuit, just that individual line to the dishwasher. Hope this help!
Q:Connecting a 3 wire light fixture to a 4 wire outlet in the ceiling.?
U.S. house? Recent (last 50 years) construction? Not knowing how the box was wired originally presents a problem, but only a small one. Green wire ground to uninsulated ground. White wire to white wire (neutral). You'll have to guess whether to use the red or the black wire from the box to connect to the black wire from the fixture. So, take a guess, and cap the other one with a wire nut. If you're wrong, try it the other way. Just be sure to turn the circuit breaker off before wiring, or re-wiring. Or, while the power is off, inspect how the switchbox is wired. Maybe you'll see that the red wire is capped in the switchbox; suggesting that you should use the black wire. Or (more likely) the red wire is switched, and the black wire is always hot. (This would be useful if the box were pre-installed for a ceiling fan.)

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