Whiteboard Magnet

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200 Tons per Month or more pc/month

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Product Description:


1.whiteboard magnet;

2.colorful magnetic memo button;


4.10pieces per blister pack

whiteboard magnet

size:round,oblong,star,hear,special forms accepted;


materials:plastic/transparent plastic + ceramic/ferrite magnet

logo: printing can be done on the magnet holder or on the blister package,which is optional

MOQ:400 blister bags for one design;

ideal for office and school holder stationery;

can be used as gifts for the children in the kindgarten for these itmes are no harm parts;

package:10pcs into one blister plastic bag,100bags into one middle carton,5.6kg for the middle carton,

              4 middle cartons into one outer carton,about 23kg for one outer carton.

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Q:How to make ferromagnetic material permanent magnetization?
With the relevant materials if it is ferrite if the temperature is not FeCrCo permanent magnet -50---+400 better you need the magnetic field then magnetizing and demagnetizing saturation magnetization can be
Q:Do roads have any magnetic materials within them?
Not modern roads, as far as I know. But the romans sometimes used rocks that contained iron when they packed down the foundation of a road. The iron might influence magnetism.
Q:What exactly is a magnetic field-is it a SuperNatural Force ?
magnetism is the same force as electricity.its still simply the principle that opposite charges attract, but when force is defined in terms of relativity you get magnetism. Newtonian (simplified) force: fma (m mass, aacceleration) Relativity (correct) force: fma/sqrt(1-v^2/c^2) (vvelocity, cspeed of light in a vacuum) combined with the velocity of spinning electrons you can get tremendous scaling of the electrical force which allow it act at a further distance than could be explained in Newtonian physics. in general a field is simply a mapping of a unique vector on every point on a space.in this case it is an acceleration vector, and the source is some magnetic force. So a field is simply an abstraction used to facilitate calculations, and requires no explanation.I took the liberty of assuming you meant to ask what the magnetic force comes from
Q:What is the Curie temperature?
The Curie temperature refers to the material can change between the magnet and the magnet temperature is lower than the Curie temperature. The material becomes ferromagnetic magnetic field at this time and the relevant materials are difficult to change. When the temperature is higher than the Curie temperature, the material becomes paramagnetic, the magnetic field is very easy to change with the change of the magnetic field. Magnetic sensitivity is about 6 negative 10.
Q:What are consideration of magnetic materials for electrical machines?
Low magnetic losses, a small amount of hysteresis, and high permeability and saturation flux density.
Q:Magnetic materials, types, characteristics
Permanent magnetic materials: magnet is magnetized to thick except still has a strong magnetic field, is characterized by high coercive force and magnetic energy product. Can be divided into three categories, metal cases, permanent magnet, alnico, NdFeB rare earth cobalt, etc. ferrite magnet, with barium ferrite, strontium ferrite and other permanent magnets, such as plastic.
Q:Barkhausen effect in different magnetic materials of different size why sound
The purpose of the experiment and the related experimental folding principle [Objective] by the Barkhausen effect of Barkhausen effect to verify the domain theory [] the experiment principle of ferromagnetic materials in the field of magnetization is essentially the domain are gradually changing, and the field domain to expand the domain of different to reduce gradually.
Q:Cryogenic and nanotechnology?
When you start from the premise that what is now only speculative technology exists, that basically makes it impossible to give a meaningful answer. Nanobots don't exist, so how is anyone supposed to know what capabilities they will have when they do? Also, cryogenics is the science of temperatures below -150 C. Cryonics is the hypothetical preservation of humans by freezing.
Q:Are all elements magnetic ?
No, not all elements are magnetic, but many elements and some compounds are paramagnetic, that is, they have one or more unpaired electrons and are attracted to magnetic fields. A much smaller number of elements are ferromagnetic, iron and cobalt are examples. Ferromagnetic elements can be magnetized to form permanent magnets.
Q:What is magnetic alignment?
Look § Magnetic Domains in this link The main implication of the domains is that there is already a high degree of magnetization in ferromagnetic materials within individual domains, but that in the absence of external magnetic fields those domains are randomly oriented. A modest applied magnetic field can cause a larger degree of alignment of the magnetic moments with the external field, giving a large multiplication of the applied field. hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hba. Goodbye
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Location Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2009
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Main Markets 11.11% North America
11.11% South America
11.11% Eastern Europe
11.11% Southeast Asia
11.11% Oceania
11.11% Mid East
11.11% Eastern Asia
11.11% Western Europe
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Nearest Port
Export Percentage 91% - 100%
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Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
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