Eco-Solvent Printer

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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60 Rolls roll
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200 Tons per Month normal production roll/month

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Product Description:


1.magnetic sheet with matte vinyl

2.thickness:0.3mm,0.5mm,0.75mm,1mm,uv printer,latex printer

4.pop display

magnetic sheet with vinyl

magnetic sheets,

laminations:vinyl,adhesive,artpaper,PE foam adhesive,

magnetic sheet thickness:0.3mm,0.4mm,0.75mm,1.0mm,


common size:1000mm*0.5(T)mm*20m,30cartons on one pallet.

package:one roll into one carton,

application:advertising consumables,pop display,promotion signs,etc.

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Q:Why do the radio antenna bar soft magnetic material, rather than by the hard magnetic materials
You can change with the direction of the magnetic magnetic and free variation is magnetoelectric in different directions can conversion amplification, and hard magnetic material has the characteristics of strong magnetic remanence, does not change with the direction of the free magnetoelectric changes, one direction is enhanced, the opposite direction is weakened.
Q:Must the magnet be magnetic?
The magnetic material is not necessarily magnetic. The magnets magnetic material and soft magnetic material, if magnetic material has magnetism, if only the magnetic field of soft magnetic materials exist or that only to be magnetized when are magnetic.
Q:How to make ferromagnetic material permanent magnetization?
With the relevant materials if it is ferrite if the temperature is not FeCrCo permanent magnet -50---+400 better you need the magnetic field then magnetizing and demagnetizing saturation magnetization can be
Q:How can the goods be magnetically shielded?
The navigation system of the aircraft weak stray field and control signals of the interference, the international air transport code (International Air Transport Association IATA) magnetic goods are classified as ninth categories of dangerous goods, must be limited in time and transportation. So now, some of the airborne cargo with magnetic material will need to be magnetically checked to ensure the normal flight of the aircraft.
Q:What are the uses of magnetic materials, please?
Magnetic materials have also been widely used in geological prospecting, marine exploration, as well as information, energy, biological and space technologies. Magnetic materials have a wide range of uses. Is mainly made of components or devices using its magnetic properties and special effects; for storage, transmission and conversion of electromagnetic energy and information, or have a certain strength and distribution of magnetic field in a certain space; sometimes the direct use of natural form materials (such as magnetic liquid). Magnetic materials play an important role in the field of electronic technology and other fields of science and technology.
Q:What is magnetism? What can be divided into metal materials by magnetism?
The main characteristic of paramagnetic paramagnetic material is that the permanent magnetic moment exists in the atom no matter whether the external magnetic field exists. But in the absence of external magnetic field, the paramagnetic substance of atomic thermal vibration, irregular macro view, no magnetism; under the external magnetic field, each atomic magnetic moment comparison rules orientation, showed very weak magnetic material. The magnetization is the same as the direction of the external magnetic field, and is strictly proportional to the external magnetic field H. The magnetic properties of paramagnetic materials depend on temperature as well as H. Its magnetic susceptibility H is inversely proportional to the absolute temperature T. In the formula, the C is called the Curie constant, depending on the magnetization and magnetic moment of the paramagnetic material. Generally, the magnetic susceptibility of paramagnetic materials is very small, and the H is about 10^-5 at room temperature. Atoms or molecules that contain odd numbers of electrons, atoms or ions that are not filled with electrons, such as transition elements, rare earth elements, steel elements, and aluminum and platinum, are paramagnetic materials.
Q:What is called magnetic material? What is magnetism? Iron or magnetic material is magnetic, what about the magnet?
The properties that attract iron, cobalt, nickel and other substances are called magnetism.
Q:Why can't paramagnetic material be magnetized permanently?
Because electrons in these materials to have lined the outer magnetic moment of electron spin and orbital motion produced by the interaction of these interactions are not offset each other, it is difficult to eliminate the residual magnetism in the magnetization, magnetic materials of foreign show.
Q:Is copper a paramagnetic material? And the air, too, is paramagnetic material?
Phosphorus (P) or arsenic (As) silicon (Si)}, a substance that produces dislocations and defects by means of a beam. There are also metals with conductive electrons, such as lithium (Li) and sodium (Na), etc. the paramagnetic susceptibility of these paramagnetic metals is independent of temperature, and the particular paramagnetic properties of these metals can be explained by quantum mechanics. Paramagnetism is a weak magnetic properties, but also has its important applications, for example, to study its structure from paramagnetic paramagnetic paramagnetic resonance, especially the electronic configuration structure; ultra low temperature can be used along effect of adiabatic demagnetization magnetic substances was about 1-10-3K, which is a kind of important method ultra low temperature; paramagnetic maser develops in the paramagnetic paramagnetic resonance on the basis of, is not only a kind of ultra low noise microwave amplifier and early application, but also promote the research and invention of Laser Science in life science, such as hemoglobin and myoglobin in combination with oxygen is paramagnetic, but
Q:What materials do non ferromagnetic materials refer to?
The material can be divided into ferromagnetic material and non-magnetic material by magnetic conduction, iron, cobalt and nickel have good permeance, which is called ferromagnetic material.
We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of magnetic products, such as magnetic materials, reductive iron powder and injection magnets. We take pride in a number of senior engineers and technicians with over 20 years of experience in this sector as well as advanced equipment and the top-ranking management system, which make it possible for us to provide our customers with high quality products, competitive prices and first-class service. We sincerely hope to establish long-term business relationships with customers from at home and abroad on the basis of equality and mutual benefits and seek common development.

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Location Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2009
Annual Output Value
Main Markets 11.11% North America
11.11% South America
11.11% Eastern Europe
11.11% Southeast Asia
11.11% Oceania
11.11% Mid East
11.11% Eastern Asia
11.11% Western Europe
Company Certifications license 1

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Nearest Port
Export Percentage 91% - 100%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Japanese
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Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
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