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Computer behind the wire is messy, what way to change the neat little Such as
It is generally best not to lay the wire in the concrete column and the end of the box, neither the construction is not conducive to the concrete column force, it is best to get to the wall. If it is no way, can only be done on the column: First, the pipe is appropriate to use pipe. Buried from the main tendons 30 - 50 mm, so that steel and concrete grip. The steel pipe can be fixed to the main bar with a steel bracket to keep the tube in a position where there is no greater movement in the concrete pouring. The mouth of the mouth to strict, in order to avoid pouring when the concrete blocked. Second, the best box with the bottom box, do not close to the main bar. For the smaller cross-section of the column, in order not to reduce the effective cross-sectional area of ??the column, the box buried in concrete should not exceed 30 mm, exposed part buried in the plaster layer can be. When the box is fixed, it can be opened on the template, and the box is fixed on the template. Third, the concrete vibrant to be careful, do not touch the tube and box, get good will be late to bring a lot of trouble. Concrete pouring to pay more attention to observation, once the tube or box shift or disengage, should be immediately poured and the tube box in a timely manner to reset, in general, embedded parts is often occurred. Fourth, the template at the box should not be prematurely demolished, do not force too much mold, so as not to damage the box.
What are the maintenance knowledge of the manipulator?
2: Robot cycle The robot manipulates the work by listening to any abnormal sound, such as howling, clicking, etc
What is the name of this plastic buckle? Since the US military used to replace handcuffs, it must be very strong, what is the plastic? More
Because the single-core tube, if there is a current flow from the wire. The metal sleeve will produce electromagnetic, and will heat, serious fire, so single-core cable shall not be alone in the steel pipe
How does the geothermal switch above the sensor line pick up?
Find the relevant units ah, such as the mining bureau ah, will be issued by the relevant acceptance report can be produced
Will the power cord wiring with what is called, how the insulation effect
One is four 50 flat one is a 4 * 50
I got the machine, and then removed, there is a section of the tube was bent, and that position really need to fold before, because there is a turn, but now that place too hard, and completely unreasonable that he is normal Of the time, because the demolition of a little time will be folded, do not know that they may be deliberately? And then to add money, encounter this situation usually how to do more
Single-core cable line grounding line commonly used grounding 1. shield one end directly grounded, the other end through the protective layer to protect the ground: When the line length of 500 --- 700m and below, the shield can be used directly to one end of the ground (cable terminal Position ground), the other end through the protective cover to ground. 2. shield the midpoint of the ground: When the line length of 1000 ---- 1400m, the use of midpoint grounding. in the middle of the line position, the shield directly grounded, the cable ends of the shield through the protective cover to ground. The middle ground is usually required to install a straight connector. Install an insulated connector at the midpoint of the line. The insulated connector disconnects the cable shield, and the shield is grounded through the protective cover, and the two cables are shielded and grounded directly. 3. Shielded cross-connect cable lines are very long (1000 --- 1400m above), you can use shield cross-connect. This method is divided into three equal parts of the length of the three or three times the number of segments, each section between the installation of insulation joints, insulation joints between the three-phase shield with a coaxial cable, cross-linked box for transposition, cross The interconnection box is provided with a set of protective protector, and the two sets of insulated connectors are arranged on the line.
Hand block the trip switch, do not alarm, but with the manual mode to move the X axis will be normal alarm. The Solve the problem added: Occasionally there will be "overstep-lX" more
First look at the material ~ whether buried a small tube, look at the fire buried in general is galvanized wire tube, over the wall tube whether there is welding water ring. Look at the process, PVC pipe at both ends of the need to strengthen the interface, the tube can not be tied together when there is a gap. Mainly to see the quality of raw materials to meet the requirements of a local line tube, wire box must be witnessed sampling inspection and testing to be qualified to use the scene also check the pipe wall thickness
We bought the elevator dedicated cable, with video power wire, the customers say that they have done before the tie tie is not broken, is the elevator installation problem or they require bundled copper wire should not be used To tie There are several elevators that are now under the copper wire cut off more
First look at a few circuits. There is a sketch before the cloth. Optimistic figure. From the electric box to open to wear the main line, and then sub-line on the wall. To clear every road. Lead wire with threader!