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I mean like if you count the seconds inbetween each lighting flash, is that really how many miles you are from the center of the storm???
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The air conditioner outdoor unit tube joint frost even frozen, then the cooling effect is not very good, let people to put the tube for tube, it is flat, then wash the indoor and outdoor unit for good, but after the tube joint is still the same, even frost freezing, refrigeration effect is very poor, cold still cold, but the results are poor, not very cool. Today, I called the master again. He checked and said there was no air leak, then all the gas was drained and the snow was renewed. Later, that tube interface still frosted, I do not want to call the master, and too much water, so many times can not do.I have always stressed and master is not completely open tube valve is not so cold medium to plugging in there, he has not said, I just want to do you need to twist the valve, how to operate, I just want to look at the valve is not open to the maximum torque.
Find the right size of the six angle wrench, facing the cut-off valve, counterclockwise turn on the valve, clockwise turn off the valve.
the smoke detector here goes off every few nights. while interconnected, only 2 out of the 6 go off, and they all have fresh batteries and have been replaced. (yesterday) none of them are near enough to other sources to cause them to be going off. any ideas?
You don't have to necessarily make it in something, you could do it on the grass itself, as long as you control it. That being said, i wouldn't suggest lighting yourwheel barrell on fire
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As I am a spiritual person and really don't believe in popular christian beliefs, I'd say that lightning rods are put in place for the proper discharge of lightning strikes to a building or object. The rods either go all the way down to the ground or have a copper wire that goes down. This allows a path of least resistance for the lightning to discharge into ground.
My girl was naked in the shower and my friend Alex walked in and saw everything.Since, he won't stop staring at her boobs and butt. I think he likes her. But now he tells other people that my girlfriend showed him her pussy.I told him to stop. But, now he is sending her pics of his d*ck and she is getting uncomfortable around me now.What did I do?? I have asked and begged alex to leave her alone.It got really bad when I was fingering my girl and he walked in and videoed her.I tried to get his phone but he locked his phone.What do I do??
under the sink there should be a u bend you can buy one which as a connection for your waste pipe not hard to fix no need of a plumber
My ultimate favorite breed of horse is a Lusitano. im a HUGE dressage girl and really wants to (down the road) get a lusitano stud for dressage. yes there are plenty out there so finding one isnt the problem, neither is the price. i want a highly trained dressage horse. first of all are lusitano horses pretty hot?? and arent they known for the Roman nose?? i LOVE the ROMAN NOSE. any ways what do you think of the Lusitano?
The hydrant or meter is on there property. Or they have a easement to have it there. If not you can cut the pipe. Best to quietly remove 2 inch's of rock. And replace with good top soil. And let the grass grow. It is becoming common for them to fill with sand or gravel. Check the property line and easements on it. Go from there. They are not allowed to put poles,meters, hydrants on private property. With out a easement. Why I can not put a pool were I wish on my property. Underground cable there. And they have a easement going back into the 40s. For it there.
POLL: How much would an unused set of rubber sheets (queen size) go for on ?
FirstWhen you are putting everything together, make sure the joints are clean and free from dirt and debris. Good Luck!
Inspired by another question I asked just recently.
Both pipe dope and teflon tape are approved methods, though the teflon tape MUST be the yellow tape that IS approved for gas. The white tape is NOT! Also, not all pipe dopes are approved for gas, so make sure you have either an approved dope (it will say so on the can or tube) or the yellow tape. Al