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What's the difference between security and surveillance?
Security refers to security and protection, including infrared alarm system and access control, monitoring and so on.
How much is the security monitoring business profit?
Monitoring business profit margins is roughly divided into three parts:1, security project construction, here moisture is relatively large, from 50%-500% Maori have, it depends on all kinds of relations tangled together, you know, Chinese people do engineering projects, no honest, just see how the money.
How much is the charge for security monitoring?
Borrowing: engineering costCredit: bank deposits / cash in hand / payableIf the purchase of security monitoring equipment for the sale of commercial enterprises, it should be used as inventory merchandise accounting, sales costs included in the main business costs or other business costs.Borrow: main business call / other business cost
I just do business, security monitoring project, I do not know how to live and run project, please predecessors generous with your criticism!!! Thank you
You can not start the business, first with the line related to do a few years, and so on to find a routine, there are contacts and experience, and it is not too late! Now you go blind, and there's no sense of direction
How to monitor project quotation, including materials, auxiliary, artificial, installation fee! How to report, seek advice from the industry!
Finally, there's the tax, you didn't add itIf you think the profit is low, each can be adjusted accordingly, of course, the most standardized is in accordance with the fixed rate reported, fixed quote, then other costs should be added at about 40-50% of equipment costs.
Seven. Responsible for the management of the doorman;Eight, responsible for the work of the local public security organs and judicial departments, please guide the work, and actively assist the public security organs and judicial departments to deal with criminal cases within the company;Nine. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader;
What's the profit of security monitoring project?
It's not good to do this business right nowThe price is very transparentIf you don't do the installation, it's more difficult to sell the equipmentBut profits in about 30% can do, but after a year, or included in the 30% from inside it is hard to say
Younger brother want to set up shop, security products and smart home prospects which is better? Please do simple analysis. In addition, such as setting up procedures to do what? What's special about this industry? Is the technology difficult to master? And other considerations. Please have this particular experience in the us.PS: I can say nothing about the two trades.Baidu please do not delete posts, I do not think there is anything wrong with this post, why delete me many times? StopWhy are there so few people answering?
Security products are divided into ten categories1. intrusion detector:Active infrared intrusion detector and passive infrared intrusion detector, microwave intrusion detector, microwave and passive infrared intrusion detector, ultrasonic intrusion detector, vibration intrusion detectors, magnetic switch intrusion detectors, ultrasonic and passive infrared intrusion detector.2. burglar alarm controller:Including wired, wireless anti-theft alarm control, transmission, display, storage and other equipment.3. car anti-theft alarm system:Vehicle anti-theft alarm device and vehicle anti robbery alarm network system.4. alarm system entrance and exit control equipment:Apparatus and system comprising target identification, information processing, control, and execution.This type of products mainly refers to system products, in addition to electronic locks, other single products such as IC cards, fingerprint locks are not included.