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What is the significance of the three scaffold scenes in the Scarlet Letter?
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I'm getting one on Saturday, I already have double lobe piercings in each ear, and a flesh tunnel in my right, but i've heard cartiliage piercings hurt alot more than a normal lobe one?
I just got mine done last weekend, I wont lie its worse then a regular lobe piercing but every body reacts differently. The second hole definitely hurts worse then the first, but for me after the fact mine didn't hurt at all, some people say it throbs or burns but mine never did any of that. Good luck :)
Bowl buckle type steel pipe scaffold and fastener type scaffolding comparison, which is good stability
Fastener type stability is good, and now very few bowl buckle type.
Basically iv had my scaffold for around 2 years, it is completely healed. About six months ago i had to take the single bar out and put two separate bars in, i went to the shop i had it done at and they sold me two clear labret bars, at the time i did not realise that these were much thinner than my normal bar and because after time they became brittle and discoloured i changed them to two metal eyebrow bars as a short term solution, i need some advice on what to do regards changing back to a single scaffold bar, i would like to freely be able to change between a single bar and two bars/hoop, but im sure it would cause too much damage to my ear and too much pain to keep stretching it to a scaffold bar to then let it go down and stretch it again i will be needing a single bar at weekends not in the week, what should i do?
What you should do is stop drinking bong water.
Bowl buckle scaffold is not a pipe fitting scaffold
The buckle of the bowl buckle scaffold can be welded with a bowl buckle, and the node is mainly fixed by a bowl buckle
Found two different bowl buckle scaffold specification JGJ166-2008
Are you sure is a type steel pipe scaffold? Steel pipe is a fastener link
What is the difference between the new type of scaffold and the scaffold?
Novel scaffold. This new scaffold node adopts the structure of self-locking connection, the bar and the pole connected by mortise and tenon, so that all members of effective connection, to eliminate the impact of human factors; the rod axis intersect in one point, all the axial force, no additional stress, good mechanical performance, reliable connection, the overall composition of the scaffold good quick, simple operation; erection; no loose parts, advantage:
How much is the bowl buckle scaffold
Bowl buckle scaffolding is about 4-6 thousand dollars a ton, the specific price depends on where you buy, buy what kind of quality, etc.