stainless steel wire rope for building industry

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Product Description:

 hot selling 8x19 stainless steel wire rope




Product Detail
Wire diameter0.03mm-2.0mm
Grade200 series,300 series,400 series
SurfaceBright,Cloudy,Plain, Black, as your request
TypeSpring, Welded,Tig,Migetc soft and hard
Tensile Strength630N/mm2 —900N/mm2
Production Process
  1. Bright hard wire-hydrogen draw

  2. Soft wire—hydrogen annealed

PackingPlastic film inside and woven bag or hession cloth outside ,25kg/50kg each coil ,25ton/20'' FCL
  1. Flexible and high tensile strength

  2. Low cost and economy

  3. excellent anti-corrosion property

  4. good preventing and anti-radiating property

  5. good after sales service

  6. if you have any question will be replyed on time


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Q:Stainless steel screws and steel screws, that kind of hardness?
In terms of strength aloneCarbon steel is stifferCan go to level 12.9Stainless steel is better in corrosion resistance and acid resistance
Q:What about the elasticity of 304 stainless steel?
Give a set of comparison figures. For example, after 1035ARC quenching and tempering, tensile can reach 120KSI, yield strength 92KSI. Austenite 304 cold pier, tensile at 100KSI-150KSI, yield 65KSI.
Q:What 316 stainless steel wire tapping? What's the best way to do it?
Stainless steel taps are usually hand tap, because easy to guide some. I'm sure I can do it myself. If you do not have to use wire tapping, it is recommended to weld a nut below.
Q:Where are the stainless steel screws?
Stainless steel screws, with emphasis on stainless steel features. Stainless steel to prevent rust, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other good performance. Therefore, stainless steel screws use more places.
Q:The manual work with stainless steel wire to die of
Can the head chamfering screw to threaded down the larger set of wires, plus people eat vinegar, attack it is still relatively good attack, but not to die soon, you don't have to use as sets of silk is very strenuous.
Q:How can I screw the stainless steel tube?
Self screws can be, is a bit slippery, unlike the iron pipe on some good moments
Q:Stainless steel drawing plate, mirror panels of the three differences?
Stainless steel polishing plate refers to: stainless steel polishing plate refers to the polished stainless steel polished plate through the polishing machine, this kind of polishing board generally brightness is not high, but also can shine out of fuzzy figure.Stainless steel mirror panel refers to: stainless steel mirror panel, double 8K plate, also known as mirror panel, with grinding fluid through the polishing equipment in stainless steel plate polishing, so that the plate brightness as clear as a mirror. Stainless steel mirror panel from K numbers are generally: 6K, 8K, 10K, 12K these. From the coefficient of demand to be divided into: universal grinding, 8K, high Pu 8K, general fine grinding, 8K, fine grinding, 8K, super fine grinding, 8K these are, of course, the higher the better. Uses: mainly used in architectural decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facilities, decoration and other stainless steel products.
Q:How many square meters does steel roof of steel structure workshop need?
Commonly used steel wire mesh size is 200mm*200mm, so a square about 10 meters of steel wire, about 0.09Kg
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel screws and carbon steel screws?
These two screws are different. They are not better or worse. Carbon steel screws are usually stronger than stainless steel screws, but they tend to rust.
Q:What are the uses of stainless steel fiber yarn?
The stainless steel fiber internal structure, physical and chemical properties and surface properties changed significantly in the process of fibrosis, stainless steel fiber not only has metal material inherent high elastic modulus, high bending resistance and tensile strength of all the advantages, but also has non stainless steel fiber with some special properties and wide application.

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