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The elevator has 23 floors. But I have not installed before. I would like to ask how to install. How does the video line go? Thank you more
You can find the staff responsible for the maintenance of the elevator with the shaft of the line with the cable can be wrapped together, but to have shielded wire.
Wire diameter of 15MM current transformer model for the BH-0.66- / 5LMK-0.66SDH-0.66 wear the core is very urgent online Thank you more
Equipped with three, high-end, mid-range, low-end high-end machine 20 (price of 3500 or so /) in the end of the machine 20 (2000 or so / Taiwan) low-end 10 (1500 or so /) table chair on their own Friends, to pull the fiber optic cable network 50 lovers of Internet cafes, unless there is a relationship, or is not qualified to open Internet cafes. Very troublesome, the main business license, tax registration certificate, network culture business license, food hygiene license if it is a small town open, then honestly look at the black bar
What are the precautions for using the cable mesh and how to use it?
Cauldron but can not legitimate. Generally behind the TV has more than 2 way video / audio input interface, connected set-top boxes all the way, all the way to pick you up before a big pot on the line, but the cauldron to close the program Most digital intoxicated Fung-Holland Bong phthalocyanine Siegesbeckiae solitary ax Gurkha TV inside all included, did not make much sense
I would like to ask the next communication project in the cable tie is what the situation to use, how to calculate it?
This is possible, before doing the family circuit is to do so, the lights and sockets of the line is not separated, and now are the lights and socket lines are separated, because now more than the home appliances, electricity consumption Big, if the same line with the words to put a large line to bear, and some do the time, the socket line is divided into a few ways to put, or every room socket for the way, the kitchen is a double , The air is double the way, the lights are all the way, so that the line of the socket sub-fine, put the line is not so big, if one of the failure of the road did not affect the other circuit, as you said that the most Good or the separation of these lines to go the best, if that line will affect the other lines of heat, separate routes will not affect, if your power is not, the line square and can be considered the same line In the trough
The use of composite heat - shrink tape
one end of the heat shrink tape adhesive surface heating, according to 1/2 lap winding shrinkage, while the side of the heating side of the heating shrinkage; or winding finished and then the overall heating shrinkage (note the heating , the beginning of the winding, the front should be overlapping two layers; you can use the fire (or electric gun) for heating, to the edge of the plastic surface can be exposed; contraction of the same side of the winding two layers, with a tie or wire fixed; After the completion of the tie or wire can be removed Long garden of the world
What equipment does fiber engineering need? What are the brands?
N on behalf of the fire, which requires a layer of mica around the conductor
Hello, may I ask, what norms do you have on the shelf?
Under normal circumstances it is better to do jumper. That is, all the switches of the telecommunications signal to do a patch panel and then your own line to do another patch panel above, when the signal when the jumper from the telecommunications patch panel to your users wiring Shelves on it, do not have to just remove the line on it.
How can the tape of this tie open? I cut it with scissors
absolutely okay. PVC wire tube open erection of the general life of 15 to 20 years, buried in the cement slurry life can reach more than 50 years, as long as the joints on the wall, the construction does not break the PVC pipe surface water will not enter the pipe, Moreover, the insulation of the electric insulation and the bathroom is not large, as long as not more than 6KW, with the sun card 2.5 flat copper wire current is enough, when laying the ground if the same time to do more secure water treatment, you said there will be What hidden trouble?