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Pipe SizeRangeWidth(mm)BoltWorking pressure
1 1/4"42-451.65-1.7775150300M12*1401.6
1 1/4"44-481.73-1.8975150300M12*1401.6
1 1/2"48-511.89-2.0175150300M12*1401.6
1 1/2"50-541.97-2.1375150300M12*1401.6
1 1/2"55-602.17-2.3675150300M12*1401.6

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Q:iron maiden
Q:Iron HCL react together according to Fe + 2HCL FeCl2 + H2Depending on the reaction conditions the product may be (i) solid, anyhydrous iron II Chloride (ii) an aqueous solution of iron II Chloride, or (iii) crystals of iron II chloride-4-water. get suitable state symbols and make any other modifications to the basic equation to represent the following.1) passing dry hydrogen chloride gas over heated iron to give anyhydrous iron (II) chloride2) Dissolving iron in hydrochloric acid to give a solution of iron (II) chloride3) dissolving iron in hydrochloric acid and then crystallising the solution to give iron (II) chloride-4-water
This is a bit of an odd question. Basically you want to classify all your chemicals as either being solid, liquid, gaseous or aqueous. Aqueous means that it is in solution. 1) This one involves using gaseous hydrogen chloride which reacts with solid iron to form solid iron(II) chloride and hydrogen gas (anhydrous means without water). Fe(s) + 2HCL(g) FeCl2(s) + H2(g) 2) Here we have solid iron being dissolved in a solution of hydrochloric acid (which is basically the hydrogen chloride gas dissolved in water). Here we see that the iron starts solid and is reacted with the aqueous hydrogen chloride/ hydrochloric acid to form a solution of iron(II) chloride. Fe(s) + 2HCL(aq) FeCl2(aq) + H2(g) 3) This is basically the same as number two, except with the solution of iron(II) chloride, we evaporate the water which leaves some in the crystal structure of the solid iron(II) chloride-4-water. Note that you write water as being a liquid and not being aqueous. 4H2O(l) + FeCl2(aq) 4H2O.FeCl2(s) I hope this is what you need and it helps.
Q:im doing a science fair project on which cereal has the most iron. im using multi grain cheerios, frosted mini wheats(strawberry delight), rice krispies, and trix. ive tried it but i dont have a laboratory scale to weigh the iron. is there any other way i could get the amount of iron?? and what would be a great title for this project.
i know special k original has a good amount of iron. and to find out how much iron there is in the cereals, go to your local grocery store and look at the nutrition values on the box. If there is iron in it it will so say there.
Q:well i bought a bed head rockstar flat cost $80 and i dont think it workds too goodis there anything it can do to make it better straighten my hair is majorly curly by the way
my hair is also curly, and it takes me about two hours to do it, and i hate the chi someone else mentioned. you might want to dry to blow out your hair first. and certain shampoos help, if you look for one that is supposed to help straiten. also using a protector. make sure you put a brush through your hair and your using small pieces. doing layers may also help. good luck.
Q:MOst of the iron medicines given to mostly pregnant women prescribd by the doctors are attracted by magnets. it means it contains elements of iron. How human body will digest these medicines. vegetables and fruits also have components of iron which are useful sources of iron for balanced diet. these vegetables or fruits are not attracted by magnetsa so r easily digestible.
Iron is the quintessential example of an element that is attracted by magnets -- in other words, it is the best example of a ferromagnetic material. Iron-containing tablets are attracted by magnets simply because they do contain iron. Iron is considered an essential nutrient for most living organisms, because it is involved in respiratory processes involving oxygen transport. Pregnant women need extra iron for the nourishment of the fetus. Non-pregnant women of childbearing age require typically about three time as much iron as do males, because of their menstrual periods. Typically, only a small fraction of the iron in tablets is absorbed. The daily iron requirement is 1.5 mg per day for a male, 4.5 mg per day for a woman of childbearing age. We typically do not digest iron -- we absorb some of the iron made available through ingestion of iron tablets or iron contained in foods.
Q:Does anyone know the songs that are played in Iron man the movie? Not the soundtrack, but the list of songs. Thanks :)
iron man-black sabbath i saw it on the commercial. hehe BLACK SABBATH is like the rock-ist band ever
Q:what do i eat for an iron deficiency?
you do no longer might desire to be taking iron supplementations except your well being care expert mentioned so. Do you think of human beings have been taking supplementations 50+ years in the past? human beings knew of iron deficiency anemia some years earlier iron supplementations have been on the industry. do no longer provide the diet and supplement industry the delight. the best sources of iron incorporate: * Dried beans * Dried culmination * Eggs (exceptionally egg yolks) * Iron-fortified cereals * total grains Iron from vegetables, culmination, grains, and supplementations is extra tricky for the physique to take up. those sources incorporate: * Dried culmination o prunes o raisins o apricots * Legumes o lima beans o soybeans o dried beans and peas o kidney beans * Seeds o almonds o Brazil nuts * vegetables o broccoli o spinach o kale o collards o asparagus o dandelion vegetables * total grains o wheat o millet o oats o brown rice ingredients wealthy in diet C additionally enhance iron absorption.
Q:anymore? what are most of the iron products?
Most iron is converted to steel. Iron is usually too britttle and less consistent (less homogeneous) than steel for use in most applications. The other common uses of iron are cast iron for engine blocks and ductile iron for water and sewer piping. It is less prone to rusting than steel when installed in the ground although protective coatings will extend the useful life. Iron is also used in other industrial applications which would not be familiar to most consumers- pump volutes and blower housings. Iron is not used for wire because iron wire would not be bendable or shapeable. It is brittle and would most likely break during the installation.
Q:I simply do not understand these different iron supplements. I have ferrous fumarate 18mg, which is supposedly 100% DV, but other people online say they are taking hundreds of milligrams of ferrous fumarate or of ferrous sulfate. I don‘t get this.The doc said 325, didn‘t specify a type of iron. I took an extra 18mg fumarate and feel better ( the one pill wasn‘t helping me feel better.) But I don‘t know if that‘s a safe daily dosage (36mg/day.)
I have always been anemic. I lived on iron pills when I was younger, now I have to get iron IV's. My Dr always told me to use iron sulfate. You can ask the pharmacist which is best to build your iron up the fastest but my Dr always prescribed iron sulfate. I took iron shots as a teen but now they don't use shots, just IV's. Take a multivitamin with iron and an extra iron pill as well for a while, that should build it up faster. When you get to feeling better stop the vitamin or pill until you get your iron tested again. You don't want to have too much iron. tamin B-12 helps the iron bind to the cells better so the vitamin does more than just help give you iron. I have to take B-12 shots every week. Anyone that has iron by IV does.
Q:What advantage is there for iron tools over copper?
Iron is stronger and steel of course is stronger still. Further, iron corrodes only if not cared for. Copper will form a patina over time even if cared for.

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