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how hot can an iron get
I don't know how to check and get a accurate number, but that said I swiped my wife's iron that she had for her suitcase on trips and took it out to my shop where I build guitars and repair Instruments. The parts are glued with a glue that doesn't release until 145 is reached. I can place the iron on the finger board that is 1/4 in. thick wood and in less than 2 min. the glue underneath will release.When I rub it back and forth like ironing cloth the temp will be reached on thin wood in less than 15 seconds. So I'm thinking that it is reaching a ball park temp of about 215 because of the steam feature and the flat bottom of metal is maintaining a temp. of the 175 range
are there any problems with the chi flat irons? which type is the best? (i have thick hair if that matters)
The Chi Turbo? I dont have it but my friend does and its AWESOME. My hair is thick and sometimes hard to straighten so yea. They come in cool colors, good but a bittt pricey, around $150?
I have a polyester jacket, i want to iron. What do i put the iron. My iron has materials. It doesn‘t have polyester on there. Thanks
there are glues you can use, or you can use a synthetic setting on the iron and a press cloth to prevent the fabric from coming in contact with the iron. I have done a lot of iron on decals and a lot of stitched on ones as well. My son got to go up in a balloon at one of the Albuquerque Balloon festivals and got a patch from the pilot and wanted it on his jacket, but so that it could be transfered to another jacket when that was too old. There is a spray adhesive that allows for that too! It is for removable appliques. Remove before laundring kind of thing.
if i straighten my hair with a regular flat iron and then straighten it with a clothes iron with a towel covering my hair, will my hair be wicked pin straight or not?
no not really. if yur want it really really straight keep going over yur hair with the flat iron till its as straight as yu want it. even when yur bored just get yur straightener out go over yur hair hope this helps
My iron has a crusty black build up on the heating part. When the setting is put on high, this build-up gets on my clothes. Is there anything or anyway I can clean the iron?
first make iron not so hot, then with stick candle (not colored candle) white one, slowly pressed it on the iron, then pressed it on a small piece of cloth that you dont want anymore, repeat it several times until those crusty black disappeared completely
what does iron do for you?
the exhaust did,nt do it. i had new exhaust put on my car and it did,nt hurt my car.
How was the Vitamin Iron discovered?
Iron is not a vitamin, it's a mineral. EDIT: Iron as a metal was being used for pottery as far back as 3500BC - 4000BC. How it was discovered is probably relegated to forgotten history.
What is the iron age? Can you name some important land marks during it?
Weekend homework assignments are just mean, don't you agree? (i'm still not doing it for you)