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I want to turn on my PC but my power cable was missing so i got a new one. A small sheet on the PC's power cable input hole says quot;230 V Rated voltagebut the new power cable fork has some characteristics written on it like EL - 202 / 10-16 / 250 quot;. So I'm afraid that 250 stands for Voltage so the power cable voltage is different from pc's rated voltage. I live in europe and we have 220V here from the power supply.Can I use this power cable or will it mess up my pc ? It's quite a quick issue that I need help with. Many thanks to everyone who can reply quickly. Cheers ;)
The cable seems to be rated higher than your input voltage so you should be okay.
So I was trying to run wiring for a 220 outlet and I hit a lower leg with the metal cable snake, now a bunch of outlets loose power for a minute or two ever so often, 20 min give or take. What can be the cause? Only the top breaker tripped. How can this be repaired. Please help.
When you say lower leg I am assuming you hit the bottom part of a buss in the breaker box. You arced the buss. Pull out the breakers that the outlets are on. Make sure you turn off the main before doing this, or you may fry your brain too. Look at the buss that the breaker is attached to. Is there a small black spot? If so, you need to clean it up and replace the break. I metal finger nail file works great to clean it up. You may have bumped the grounding bar and loosened up one of the wires there. That's also easy to do inside the breaker box. If you simply hit the lower leg of an outlet, the wire simply got knocked loose in that outlet and it is effecting the outlets that it branches off to. If this is the case, you should know how to fix that if you know how to use a snake. Though you should be using a vinyl snake on live wiring.
I need power cables for my sony laptop
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I've lost my Advent AW10 printer power cable whilst moving home and haven't used my printer in a while. I need a new power cable but was just wondering what cable would be compatible or where to get another one from for cheap. Thanks.
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Since the ps3 uses a universal power cable can any of those cables workthe original cable says 10A and 125v and the other non original says the same it fits however is it safe???
If you are talking about the HDMI cable that goes from your HD TV to the ps3 - then you have to find out the resolution that your tv supports and then find a HDMI cable that matches that resolution you can get these cables at major electronics stores It is best to have a HD TV with the HD cable (improves graphics)
Wire with a single core copper wire is good, or multi-core good?
In the air defense regulations, the pipelines of the air defense zone need to be treated with the protective wing ring. The bridge frame is designed according to the cable laid in the bridge. The cable size and quantity determine the size and quantity of the casing. Increase the standby, air defense requirements casing with hot galvanized treatment, both sides of the exposed wall shall not be less than 100 mm, wing ring production can refer to rigid waterproof casing or flexible waterproof casing (explosion-proof). The general construction plans will have a clear sign, or should be presented to the Design Institute in the trial.
What are the reasons for the explosion of the cable? In the cable online
Chien fiber optic transceivers fiber optic cable flange fiber box fiber jumpers welding machine. Our company: Qin Sheng network
PCI express 4 pin to 6 pin power adapter it takes the 2 4 pin molex connectors that connect to a fan or a CD rom or hard drive/ect into 1 pci express 6 pin adapter. People use them if they don't have the 6 pin pci express on their power supply they use the adapter to connect extra 4 pin molexes to use for their video card/devices