Copper Clad Steel Wire—Specification Is on Your Request

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Product Description:

1.Product Quick Details

Copper Clad Steel Wire is called CCS wire, to high-quality low carbon steel as the core base, by the copper processing of new composite materials, traditional copper wires of the generation of new products are widely used in communication cable conductor, is mainly used for telephone lines, rolling flat.

2.Product Characteristic

It has the strength and toughness of the steel and copper conductive properties, weld ability and corrosion resistance, good high frequency characteristic, with the proportion of light, copper, and low cost. It is a new product of the traditional copper wire widely used in conductive communication cables, mainly used for telephone line, flat rolling.


Material Science:1006 100810061008

Cross section shape :Round

Section size:0.13-5.5mm0.13-5.5 (mm)

Length:20000m20000 (m)

Weight:100kg/km100 (kg/km)

Tensile strength:400-700MPa400-700 (MPa)

4.Reference Picture

Copper Clad Steel Wire—Specification Is on Your Request

Copper Clad Steel Wire—Specification Is on Your Request

Copper Clad Steel Wire—Specification Is on Your Request

Copper Clad Steel Wire—Specification Is on Your Request


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