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I always thought lemons were really sour and limes were sweet but today i bought a lemon and a lime and the lime was wayyyyy sourer. On food network they say lemons are but i just really want to know!!! (just to know... ya know?!)
Hey, I love lime green, a nice idea would be with dark skinny jeans and a white hoodie over it, with either white flip flops or flats. Also a white bag and white chunky bracelets and necklaces would look AMAZING. You'll look GREAT where ever you go so just express yourself through your clothes and you'll be fine. It doesn't matter what people think or say about your outfit, what matters is that it expresses YOU and who YOU are alone, no one else. :) ~Jacky
Why do you brush a layer of lime powder under the trunk of the tree in winter?
In winter, the temperature is very low in the night. During the day, when the sun is shining, the temperature rises, and the trunk is dark brown, which is easy to absorb heat, and the temperature of the tree trunk rises rapidly. Such a hot and cold, so that the trunk easily donglie. Especially big trees, trunks thick, dark color, and the toughness of the organization is relatively poor, easier to crack. With lime water, the lime is white, can make 40% - 70% sunlight reflected off the trunk, so little difference in temperature between day and night, is not easy to open. In agriculture, lime is often mixed with other things to make use of pesticides. The famous "pesticide Bordeaux" is made of lime and copper sulfate mixture. Bordeaux is the main chemical composition of copper sulfate, is a pesticide has strong sterilization ability.
What are the benefits to drinking Lemon and Lime water? Will it help with weight loss? Will it ruin it if you add less than a teaspoon of sugar? What is a good flavor to put in water that isn't bad for you that will help with weight loss?
That's a reasonable question. Actually, two 8-oz glasses of water is actually too little water! Most people should really should be drinking eight 8-oz glasses of water per day. Your target amount may be more or less (ask your good ol' doctor). This may seem like a lot, but drinking enough water is definitely recommended, and helps your body function. You should know that drinking too little or even too much water is dangerous. Either can cause major health problems! But drinking just enough can make you function better at work/school, improve your skin and health, and even make you happier! About losing weight, water with lime has no special weight loss compound. However, you may find that drinking your recommended amount of water incidentally makes you lose weight. If adding lemon or lime in your water helps you drink your daily 8, then do it for sure! For example: if you make 8 trips to the fridge for snacks per day, have a glass of water each time. You may be too full to snack after your water. However, if you want to lose weight, or have already done so, ask your doctor about what is the appropriate weight goal and weight change approach for your body size/type. Happy watering!
The head of the buck I bagged back in November has been sitting (mostly frozen) in a shed all winter. I didn't have time to skin it then, but with the warm temperatures lately I had to get it taken care of today. It was really starting to rot already and I cleaned the ears and most of the hair off the skull. There's still a good bit of muscle and sinew around the jaws and the brain is still inside too. I put what's left in a big rubbermaid bin and covered it with lime (about 6 cups.) I'm wondering how long it would take to decompose the rest of the meat, sinew, and tissue? I've done this before with beetles or by boiling the heck out of the skull, but never tried lime.
POLLO CON PICO DE GALLO 6 halves boneless chicken breasts 1/2 c. teriyaki marinade 1/2 tsp. grated lime peel 1 tbsp. lime juice 1 clove pressed garlic 1 med. diced tomato 1 whole diced jalapeno 1 whole peeled diced avocado 1/4 c. diced red onion 1 tbsp. teriyaki marinade 2 tsp. lime juice 1 1/2 tsp. chopped cilantro Marinate chicken 1 hour. Meanwhile make sauce using tomato, jalapeno, avocado, red onion, teriyaki, lime juice and cilantro. Grill chicken until done. Slice chicken and serve with sauce and corn tortillas or can serve sliced and cold over a lettuce salad.
does lime kill fleas?
Well I'll be honest, the title of your question is one of the funniest I have seen today. Could very well be a book title. Anyways, I have always used both lemons and limes interchangeably when cooking my meals. The finished result always has the same results. Limes are NOT unripe lemons, HOWEVER they DO TURN YELLOW WHEN THEY RIPEN. The interesting thing here is that when limes ripen completely and turn yellow, they are actually slightly sweet, whereas lemons become more sour as they ripen. The reason why you may only be finding limes instead of lemons, is because lemons may not be domestic to the country, while limes may very well be. Good Luck!
Does anyone know how to make a key lime martini?? I love those bad boys and need to know what goes into them. Whenever I order one the barman has no idea what I'm talking about and asks me what's in it. Embarrassing silence follows and I order a beer. Please help!
Do you live in south Florida or are you planning to grow this tree indoors? Otherwise forget growing lime trees for fruit. There is another group of trees called lime trees (also known as Tilia or lindens) that are deciduous and widely grown, but they don't have lime fruit.
Does anyone have a good recipe for key lime pie filling? Thanks. ;]
Chocolate brown is a strong color so I'd paint them white. You don't want the chocolate brown to out do the mint/lime green accents and the white serves as a neutralizer betweent the two.
Lemon or Lime which one is your favorite?
Yes , it does mean that . The Savage Lime isnt limited to women only , its for the opposite sex too . What the Savage Lime is really for is for people who want good control without compromising on the power quota.