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1 New product high purity calcium carbide CaC2 7--15mm
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Q:One can write on the hard alloy on the pencil, what's the name ah, who knows.
You need it. It's all there. You're over there
Q:What is the difference between hard alloy and steel
Tungsten carbide hard alloy belongs to, but not necessarily tungsten steel, now Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries customers love to use the word if they talk with tungsten, carefully into the deep, we will find that most of us. Or to the hard alloy and tungsten steel the difference is: also called hard alloy tool steel or high speed steel, tungsten steel is the raw material for smelting molten steel in steelmaking process for adding tungsten as a, also called high speed steel or tool steel, the tungsten content in 15-25%, The hard alloy is used; powder metallurgy of tungsten carbide as subject and cobalt or other metal bonded together and sintered, the tungsten content of more than 80% in general. Simply put all the hardness more than HRC65 as long as things go can be called cemented carbide alloyIs a kind of tungsten carbide hardness between HRC85 and 92, is often used as a knife
Q:What kinds of carbide knives do you have? Write out its main functions and uses.
(2) tungsten titanium cobalt (WC+TiC+Co) cemented carbide (YT), such as YT5, YT15, YT30 and so on.Because of the hardness and melting point of TiC is higher than WC, so compared with YG, its hardness, wear resistance, red hardness increase, bonding temperature is high, antioxidant ability is strong, and in high temperature will produce TiO 2, can reduce bonding. But the thermal conductivity is poor and the bending strength is low, so it is suitable for the processing of steel and other tough materials.
Q:What is the hardness of cemented carbide?
Different grades, different hardness, usually (86 ~ 93HRA, equivalent to 69 ~ 81HRC);
Q:The use of cemented carbides YG and YT
Two, titanium is a rare metal, characterized by light weight, high strength and good corrosion resistance. Because of its stable chemical properties, good resistance to high temperature, low temperature, strong acid, alkali resistance, as well as high strength and low density, has been praised as "space metal"". YT alloy and YW alloy have better properties than YG because they contain titanium.
Q:The requirement of machining thread holes on carbide is higher
If it needs higher precision, it can only be machined with internal thread grinding machine. It can be used for grinding different specifications of thread, and the efficiency is higher than that of electric pulse, and the size is goodSpecific processing, you can contact me in detail
Q:Carbide saw blades, plain and alternating teeth. What do you mean? That good?
.1., about the most widely used teeth, cutting speed, grinding relatively simple. Suitable for cutting and crosscut various soft and hard wood materials and MDF, plywood, particleboard etc.. Equipped with anti elastic protection around the tooth is tooth plate for dovetail, longitudinal cutting of various degree; with negative rake angle of tooth saw blade sharp, serrated cutting because of good quality, usually used for veneer cutting.2. flat tooth saw is rough, cutting speed is slow, grinding is the most simple. Mainly used for sawing ordinary wood, the cost is lower, more used for smaller diameter aluminum saw blade, in order to maintain cutting to reduce adhesion, or used for grooving saw blade, to keep the groove bottom leveling.
Q:What are the types and types of carbide inserts?
This problem suggests that you find a famous brand of knives, and then ask for a sample of knives to understand, such as the three high, Walter, Kenna and so on. Because this thing has many points, can not simply understand. According to the processing equipment, it may be divided into carbide inserts for lathe cutting, carbide inserts for milling and carbide inserts for boring. According to the different processing materials, can be divided into non-ferrous metal, used for cast iron, alloy steel. It can also be classified according to the materials used in carbide inserts, such as cubic boron nitride. A thorough understanding of the proposals used. The carbide blade is a general term (outlined) that covers too wide a range of types and models. Just like you ask, "what's the Chinese surname? What's the name?"". Unanswerable.
Q:Zhuzhou Hard Alloy Co. Ltd., Xiamen Jiangxi copper and tungsten, which is better,
There's such a funny thing.... Are you a small master or an undergraduate? I sign the hard line, my roommate in Xiamen tungsten gol-egret, 12 years has just signed, are made of hard alloy (oh, because we are the master of Science in powder metallurgy). Small master just entry, Xiamen tungsten and hard line treatment almost (Internship: hard line 3500, Xiamen tungsten Heron 3700; we are not 985, ha ha), Xiamen tungsten boys to shift the hard line, anyway, learning materials do not shift.
Q:What are the cemented carbide coatings?
The hard alloy coating is used to form high hardness wear-resistant coating on the surface of metal, Beijing Naimo company according to the composition of the alloy is divided into:1.jp8000 spraying tungsten carbide coating2. nickel tungsten alloy coating3. cobalt tungsten alloy coating

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