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Why does the vibration screen run dust appear, how should solve?
On the other hand, not the device itself produces dust, but in a moment and feeding material caused by dust, if it is artificial feeding, to avoid dust, can in the above equipment plus closed silo and inlet sealing connection, the discharge port and the material receiving barrel sealing soft connection, the other can be added in dust collector the equipment to avoid dust.
What does the model of linear vibrating screen mean?
Zsf520 linear vibrating screen, as you say, means that "Z" means straight line motion, "SF" refers to the screen, and "520" is the dimension of the linear screen: 500x2000 (mm)
What kind of material does the sealing ring of the vibrating screen have?
Silicon rubber sealing ringSilicon rubber sealing ring is relatively high cost, but the mechanical strength of silicon rubber sealing ring has the advantages of high thermal stability and high adsorption properties, chemical stability, relatively high, such as the correlation with the characteristics of user selected materials, should choose silicone ring.
Are there any big or small vibrating screens according to what?
According to the moving track of the vibration box, the vibrating screen can be divided into two categories: the circular vibrating screen and the linear vibrating sieve.
How much is the amount of the vibrating screen to be calculated?
The characteristics of the vibration motor is the lower the speed, the amplitude of the higher vibration motor each turn, the material in the sieve surface was thrown up once, along the parabolic fixed path forward or jump up and down, so that the materials are screening or tap processing. This is also the core technology of vibration screening equipment.Vibration motor models are: JZO, YZU, VB, XVM, YZO, YZS, YZD, TZD, TZDC and so on.
What is the difference between a circular vibrating screen and a linear vibrating screen?
Product details: a multilayer number,High efficiency new vibrating screen. The circular vibrating screen adopts a cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and a partial block to adjust the amplitude, and the material sieve is in a long line and has more sieving specifications. The circular vibrating screen mainly comprises a sieve box, a screen mesh, a vibrator, a damping spring device and a chassisComposition. The vibrator is arranged on the side plate of the sieve box, and the motor is driven to rotate by a coupling or a belt to generate centrifugal inertia force and force the sieve box to vibrate. Screen mesh is the main wearing part. This series of round vibrating screens is seated. The adjustment of the screen angle can be changed
What's the use of a frame type mud shaker?
The flat shale shaker is one of the most popular oil vibrating screens, which can be widely used in drilling operations under different conditions.
How does a vibrating screen work in a rock yard? What is its principle?
Stone powder: stone powder is generally known as "stone powder", a variety of stones, according to the mineral composition, there are many varieties, not necessarily calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is limestone, but only a kind of stone powder, stone powder and talcum powder, used for making putty. And quartz powder used as support glass. There are many mineral components of rock that can be ground into powder for different processes and uses!