High Temperature Silicate Calcium Board

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Product Description:


calcium silicate board
2.High mechanical strength.
3.Asbesto free and environment friendly.

Material Description

Finsulatech JGG2 series materials are asbesto-free calcium silicate.

They are thermally insulating, resisting to fracture and compression,work well even in 850°C, the materials are also facilitated for sawing.

Advantages and Properties

1.High mechanical strength.

2.Good workability.

3.Thermal insulating.

4.Highest working temperature 850°C.


6.Asbesto free and environment friendly.

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Q:Calcium silicate board ceiling need to do the bottom plate
Should not be used. Calcium silicate board is based on silica (quartz sand, powder, silicon, algae, etc.), calcium oxide (also useful lime, carbide slag, etc.) and reinforced fiber (calcium silicate board is a new generation of "green" In the excellent moisture-proof, fire performance based on the unique environmental protection function.It is based on silicon powder and calcium powder material as the main substrate to hot wood fiber as a reinforcing material, other auxiliary materials, through the flow molding, High temperature, high pressure maintenance of a new type of fire board building materials.
Q:Is the calcium silicate board combustible?
Calcium silicate board is a1-class non-combustible material, which is completely non-burning, fire effect is the fire effect of the nail Han teeth cellar jealous hatred, is the steel will be broken fire
Q:Calcium silicate board and aluminum plastic plate which is good
Silicon calcium board fear of tide, generally used in the living room or bedroom, aluminum slab board is generally used in the toilet or kitchen where the big place
Q:Calcium silicate board irregular split how to do
The board itself is too wet, the intensity is low, the water content is too high after the water will warp, no cotton sheet? In the air-conditioned room is obvious. The
Q:What is the difference between the silicate version and the calcium silicate board and whether the two materials are the same
As far as I know, silicate board and calcium silicate board are two completely different products, please go to my space for details.
Q:Calcium silicate board model specifications
Conventional specifications are 1220x2440 thickness is mainly to see your use of the situation
Q:Calcium silicate board scraping off easily how to deal with
Should not be the board of the problem, you find the reasons for your paint,
Q:Silicon calcium board wall how to paste tiles
Tiles if you have to paste the wall in two ways, has been straight paste, the traditional cement and sand as a binder, but also useful glass adhesive to do the glue, the other is dry hanging, there are hanging special frame. Silicon calcium board wall is relatively light, dry hanging need to play expansion screw fixed, so not suitable for this way. At the same time if the cement adhesion will not be high. So it is recommended to use glass glue as the middle layer, but that time may not be strong. Can refer to try it
Q:What is the difference between ordinary calcium-plastic plates and reinforced calcium-plastic plates?
The difference is still there, the main is the Edite plate production process of lime powder and adhesive materials, the intensity will be different
Q:6% with 8cm calcium silicate board, which is the most common?
Home improvement are generally used 8%, after all, is their own place to live.

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