High Temperature Silicate Calcium Board

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calcium silicate board
2.High mechanical strength.
3.Asbesto free and environment friendly.

Material Description

Finsulatech JGG2 series materials are asbesto-free calcium silicate.

They are thermally insulating, resisting to fracture and compression,work well even in 850°C, the materials are also facilitated for sawing.

Advantages and Properties

1.High mechanical strength.

2.Good workability.

3.Thermal insulating.

4.Highest working temperature 850°C.


6.Asbesto free and environment friendly.

Q:Decorative gypsum board is good or good calcium silicate board
Gypsum board and silicate board has its own advantages and disadvantages: gypsum board: advantages: the relative ratio will be more than the order of the dry dry call sucking by environmental protection, easy construction, easy to crack, affordable; Disadvantages: Plate; silicate board: Advantages: good water resistance; Disadvantages: construction is not convenient cutting, dust easily harmful to the human body. Hope that "home staging" decoration can help you to help, hope to adopt!...
Q:Is the calcium silicate board combustible? Some people say that it is completely non-combustible material, it was said that calcium silicate board only need one positive and one 8mm board to achieve one hour fire
Calcium silicate board is a1-class non-combustible material, which is completely non-burning, fire effect is the fire effect of the nail Han teeth cellar jealous hatred, is the steel will be broken fire
Q:What kind of ceiling does the open kitchen do? Is it the same as the lobby to do the calcium silicate board, or do it?
Chinese kitchen generally recommended with aluminum slab plate or plastic plate, the most important is practical.
Q:Calcium silicate is afraid of high temperature
High temperature almost no decomposition
Q:I want to put tiles on the board. Do not want to use aluminum plate more
In fact, it should be calcium silicate board, now a lot of people are in this construction
Q:Calcium silicate board and aluminum plastic plate which is good
Calcium silicate board is not waterproof, and the material is almost the same as the gypsum. The surface of the aluminum-plastic plate is aluminum and the back is plastic. In general, the material properties are better than the calcium silicate board. , Construction, calcium silicate board easy to construction. The higher the better the number of aluminum-plastic plate, the more expensive, that is used in the outdoor are not too big problem, is easy to pale.
Q:Calcium silicate board ceiling need to do the bottom plate
Should not be used. Calcium silicate board is based on silica (quartz sand, powder, silicon, algae, etc.), calcium oxide (also useful lime, carbide slag, etc.) and reinforced fiber (calcium silicate board is a new generation of "green" In the excellent moisture-proof, fire performance based on the unique environmental protection function.It is based on silicon powder and calcium powder material as the main substrate to hot wood fiber as a reinforcing material, other auxiliary materials, through the flow molding, High temperature, high pressure maintenance of a new type of fire board building materials.
Q:I checked the relevant information, said the tropicomite molecular formula is 6CaO ? 5Si02 ? 6H20; snow silicite Molecular formula: 5CaO ? 6Si02 ? 5H20, but also said that the two substances are CaSi fear of caution Smoked intestinal wiping O3, are calcium silicate, some confused, and solve. More
In the chemical is the same species to take care of the carved moxia smoked sausage wiping, in the physical properties are different, tropicus to stone slightly less crystallinity, hard calcite good crystallinity, there are more than they crystallization Degree is poor, known as hydrated calcium silicate gel.
Q:Calcium silicate board can not be used in the bathroom tiles can do it
Yes you can. It is moisture, fire, strength is better than gypsum board. If you have more questions, you can click on ID consultation.
Q:It is better to use a glassy magnesium board and a calcium silicate board
It is best to use calcium silicate board. Taiwan Rong Li Tian ceiling ceiling waterproof, you can breathe the environmental ceiling

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