CMAX Light Single Axle Shredder For PE/PP/PVC

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Product Description:

Certification: CE,SGS,UL,TUV
1.High capacity
2.Good quality and reasonable price



Single Axle Shredder

1.Siemens PLC controlling System 
2.Automatically reverse and forward Rotation 
3.Overload Protect 

WANROOETECH PNDS Single Axle Shredder:

Single Axle Shredder Product Description:

This model Plastic Shredder with small nibble type ripping teeth on the rotor assembly is one of the new applications being applied to the recycling industry for shredding high volume bulk materials, such as wood pallets, furniture parts, cardboard, plastic waste, garbage and many other reusable materials. Unique adjustment method for rotor and stator blades could double or even quadruple their life-span. Material is fed through the hopper in front of a hydraulically operated drawer, which pushes the material load-controlled onto the turning rotor. The material is shredded between the rotor knives and a fixed counter knife. The screen hole with different perforation diameters determines the size of shreds. Produced shreds can drop from the machine through the screen perforation directly or be removed with the optional suction device or spiral conveyor.

Single Axle Shredder Product Features: 

1)Precisely processed combined frame made of extra-thick plates; Lange-angle, hexagon prism of power slewing axis; Big hopper with big caliber for feeding big material 
2)PLC control system with automatic overload protection and auto reverse switch 
3)Unique hydraulic pushing system accelerates the shredding speed, for light material particularly 
4)Each dynamic blades has four cutting edges which enable reutilization after being abraded, by rotating 90 degree 
5)Each fixed blades has two cutting edges which enable reutilization after being abraded, by rotating 180 degree 
6)Quiet operation at low speed 
7)Screen perforation is adjustable according to customers' requirement 
8)The shredders can be adjusted according to customer specific requirements for throughput volume, material to be processed, etc.

Light Single Axle Shredder Technical

CMAX Light Single Axle Shredder For PE/PP/PVC


To protect environment and suit for different output requirement.CNBM produce LIGHT AND HEAVY AXLE shredder.This kind of shredder is solid and wearable.It is suitable for crushing wood,different kind of plastic,plastic film and paper. Low speed rotor blade ,low noise ,high output and high save energy.


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Q:What is the noise produced by a plastic crusher?
Crusher, the machine adopts imported high-quality tool steel, special tool is particularly durable, the tool installation design can be adjusted and adjusted, with more blunt after more grinding, repeated use many times, long service life. Use ball bearings, center fixed, running balance, no vibration
Q:Plastic crusher, food box, plastic crusher, plastic crusher how much money
The output is different, the price is different, and your raw materials are different,
Q:Plastic crusher does not eat what is the reason?
Film, oiler, head of fast feed..... What type of crusher is used?...
Q:What's the difference between a plastic crusher and a particle machine?
A few million, there are more than ten million or tens of million, you can according to their actual situation, choose a few more manufacturers, to make a choice.
Q:I'd like to know something about a waste plastic crusher
Plastic properties are not the same, separate cutting, pipes need relatively strong crusher, such as broken PET, because of heat will crystallize, in the process of cutting through the tear will inevitably lead to molecular damage, there is need to consult
Q:How much does it cost to process a ton of plastic bottles?
Three, the production process: picking materials, impurities - crushing processing - cleaning stains - automatic feeding - rinse treatment - dry dry - packaging. Four, production cost analysis (according to production ton): 1. raw material 5000 yuan / ton + electricity 1000 yuan + wages 800 yuan, =6800 yuan. 2., the market price: 7100-6800=300 yuan 3., monthly output of 3 tons: 300*3=900 yuan 4., according to an annual output of 200 tons calculation: 200**900=180000 yuan.
Q:How do plastic particles agglomerate?
First of all, to determine if due to softening, resulting in plastic particle agglomeration, moreover, is only after aging together.
Q:In hard rock foundation construction, can not be carried out burst, crusher does not move. Is there any good way?
There will be a lot of smoke coming out; in such a circle, a hole about 1 meters in diameter will be formed. Then it can be built with static blasting.
Q:Classification of equipment for plastics mills
Motor power selection, high design accuracy1, after repeated experiments and practical use, the results show that the choice of motor power, design and efficiency of the machine matching is high, so as to ensure the constant force of the whole series of products with low energy consumption, high efficiency and long service life and so on.Reasonable design, excellent performance1, the whole body of scientific and rational design, the imported materials and high work efficiency; steel body, compact structure, strong, suitable for operation in the work environment, mechanical performance is stable and reliable, not by the crushing materials for a long time and affected.2, the separation of design, feed mill main body filter base according to the reference holes and washable screen assembly.Low noise, environmental protection, clean and pollution-free1 、 equipped with heavy load bearing and design double seal device crushing room, effectively isolate oil pollution, ensure the processing material clean. Unsafe factors resulting from unstable running and excessive motor load to prevent pulverizing powder from entering the mechanical transmission mechanism of the bearing housing.2, double deck sound insulation device, can effectively prevent vibration and noise, with high environmental protection effect.3, power consumption, energy saving, high efficiency, simple shape, easy to move.Seiko carved, superior quality1, all the parts have set the benchmark for the hole and the surface of coarse and fine multiple machining process, and execute the testing procedures according to strict standards to ensure reliable accuracy of each component, while ensuring the interchangeability of parts, greatly facilitate the use of maintenance products in the process of replacement parts.Safe and reliable handling
Q:How do you melt plastics?I want to waste plastics (such as: pots, shells), melting and then forming a useful equipment shell
It can be heated by plastic injection molding machine. The molten plastic is injected into the corresponding mold at higher pressure. After cooling and shaping, the product is removed

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