Extrusion Blowing Machine for 5L HDPE Bottle Single Station

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Extrusion Blowing Machine for 5L HDPE Bottle Single Station


Single Station 5L HDPE Bottle Extrusion Blowing Machine Production Line Feature:

Reasonable equipment design, compact construction, simple operation

Equipment with high degree automatic, cost less expenses

Electrical equipment, Hydraulic system, Seal parts and Lubrication system adopt the components of famous factory in the world, with low failure rate.

To achieve the best quality guarantee, no matter the appearance and internal, Extrusion Blowing Machine rate of quality goods is above 99%.


Single Station 5L HDPE Bottle Extrusion Blowing Machine Technical Characteristic:

Single Station 5L HDPE Bottle Extrusion Blowing Machine adopt European technology, control the hydraulic system with pressure and flow double proportion. The speed of pressure can adjust nonpolarly, high stability, exchange control the electrical system with man-machine interface. Operating surface has a machinery safety configuration, two electrical safety configuration to ensure the safety of operators.

PLC+touch screen, making the operation easy. Automatic malfunction alarm with selfdiagnosis, making the malfunction clear at a glance.

Center input die head, eliminating the knit line completely and making it easy to change the material and color.

Double linear rolling motion guider in moving, opening and closing mold, making the clamping force equally distributed, so the cut is smoother.

Control the hydraulic system with imported proportional valve, ensuring the action steady, accurate and energy saving.

High speed and efficient plasticizing system, mixing well and ensuring the produce purity.


Single Station 5L HDPE Bottle Extrusion Blowing Machine Parameter:




Single station                  



Max container capacity



Number of die



OutputDry Cycle



Machine dimensionL×W×H



Total weight



Clamping unit

Clamping force



Platen opening stroke



Platen size



Max mould sizeW×H



Mould thickness




Max drive



Total power



Fan power for screw



Air pressure



Air consumption



Average energy consumption



Extruder unit

Screw diameter



Screw L/D ratio



Plasticizing capacity



Number of heating zone



Extruder heating power



Extruder driving power




Number of heating zone



Power of die heating



Max die pin diameter



Single Station 5L HDPE Bottle Extrusion Blowing Machine Parts Picture:

Mold Photo:


Single Station 5L HDPE Bottle Extrusion Blowing Machine Drawing Picture:


Single Station 5L HDPE Bottle Extrusion Blowing Machine Electrical Parts Photo:


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