Plastic Crushing recycling machine Small Plastic Crusher

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plastic flake scraps recycling machine Plastic Crusher
1.Recycle hard plastic
2.Cutters made of imported steel

WIDESKY PET RECYCLING PLASTIC CRUSHER Plast Plastic Grinder  plastic powder grinder machine:                                                                      

1.Good looking in surface, color coordination, spray-painted solid.
2.Hopper, crushing room, misreported is disserted, easy to dumpster gate.

3.Plastic crusher,plastic crushing machine,plastic crusher machine.

CrushingReturn CrushingRotaryStationary Power
Model chamber(MM)Diameter(MM) ability(KG/H)Blade (PCS)Blade(PCS)(KW)HP

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Q:The crusher can not be broken. What happened to the stone?
Within a certain range, increasing the eccentricity of the eccentric shaft can increase the capacity of the crusher, but it also increases the energy consumption of the crushing unit weight of the ore.. The speed is too large, will have been broken in the crushing chamber of the ore to discharge, and blockage phenomenon, but to reduce production capacity, power consumption increases, therefore, there should be a jaw crusher optimum rpm.
Q:What kind of material is used for plastic hairpin?
If you use recycled plastic, then in the larger plastic market there, if you need raw materials, then go to that kind of special plastic particles sold inside the shop.
Q:How to operate a plastic crusher correctly?
Each brand is different, the use of plastic crusher will also be different
Q:Is the waste plastics crusher harmful to the environment when it is produced?
Waste plastic crushing machine is kind of, if the latest plastic shredding machine, then the production of the environment is helpful
Q:What's the price of used plastic crushers?
Like the crusher is basically a price, a point of goods, basically the price will not be very low.
Q:What's the difference between a domestic crusher and another crusher?
Features and advantages: excellent performance, high reliability, easy to transport, short assembly time, safe operation and maintenance, simple and strict environmental protection standards, capacity: 250 tons / hour - 1800 tons / hour
Q:How much does it cost to process a ton of plastic bottles?
An overview of waste mineral water bottle is a polyester plastic products currently on the market, there is no feasible method for recycling, but the crushing, washing, drying after processing into pieces of plastic, it is an important raw material for spinning, the current market price per ton up to 7000 yuan. In Shandong, some of the waste plastics market, the supply of such products in short supply, some rely on recycling processing of such plastic production households, annual income of up to 20-30 yuan. Because this kind of plastic products have four seasons, and the production is simple and convenient, so the market is very broad, suitable for investment and production throughout the country, there are generally 100 square meters of open space. Two, the configuration of the equipment and is mainly composed of 45 types of plastic crusher (with 1.5 kW motor, the yield of 400 kg / hour), washing machine (7.5 kW motor), feeding machine (4 kW motor), washing machine (3 kW motor), dryer (7.5 kW motor, yield 4000 kg / when the small five institutions)
Q:Plastic crusher is slow to eat. Why?
Sharpen the knife quickly. Grind the coarse sand with an angle grinder.
Q:What heating machines are better in the recycled plastics factory?
Your shaft is broken. Is it too deep at the bottom of the bar to eat too much? The exhaust is empty and the material is normal
Q:How often does the plastic crusher get rid of the knife?
The material is too big, the screws aren't tight enough, the screws aren't tight, and so on

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