Compound Crusher CMAX High Quality For Crushing Stone

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Product Description:

Compound Crusher

Compound Crusher

    PFL Compound Crusher is our scientific and technical personnel in accordance with market needs, learning from the domestic advanced equipment chronology, based on the successful development of an adjustable straight-through minor equipment. The device can be used: cement, refractories, building materials and artificial system of sand industry, limestone, river gravel, dolomite, blast furnace slag, coal stone, refractory material, such as in the fine stone work hard.Compound Crusher is especially suitable for artificial sand and the road surface broken by stone processing.

Characteristics of Compound Crusher:

    The Compound Crusher more broken, broken high-water content, high moisture content of materials processing the most ideal material size can be adjusted without sieve Article equipment, containing a large quantity of soil material will not be blocked materials can not be broken can be automatically discharged into the body, will not cause damage to equipment. DC to crush the device materials, the production of high efficiency, unique structure, smooth operation, low noise, easy maintenance, the work of bin gate account the replacement of wearing parts can be.

Characteristics of Compound Crusher:

Rotor diameter(mm)Ø650Ø850Ø1100
Cylinder height(mm)Ø800Ø1000Ø1250
Spindle speed (r/m)1100980780
Feed size(mm)5080120

Compound Crusher CMAX High Quality For Crushing Stone

Compound Crusher CMAX High Quality For Crushing Stone

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