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Why the new cement road to be cut with a cutting machine
Therefore, usually after the concrete pouring 8 to 12 hours (must be in the concrete pavement temperature began to decrease before), spacing 4 to 6 meters to cut the shrinkage, cutting depth of about one-third of the thickness of the pavement, which can induce concrete shrinkage
What kind of concrete static cutting technology?
Formerly established in 2004, the construction of the construction team, a number of professional reinforcement technical staff, dozens of skilled workers and more than 100 ordinary technicians.
What are the safety construction requirements and measures for concrete saws?
the cutting thickness should not exceed the machinery factory regulations. concrete cutting operations, there are abnormal sound, should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting, before they can continue to operate
What about the concrete cutting machine?
Saw blade quality is too poor to move the road, the performance of the saw blade rotation normal cutting the road also turn, but is not cut into, you can directly replace the high-quality cutting chip can
What is the role of concrete in the material?
Later, there have been light aggregate concrete, aerated concrete and other concrete, a variety of concrete admixtures also began to use.
What is the cutting process for concrete cutting?
In the traditional demolition of this construction can not do anything, advanced reinforced concrete cutting method is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly features.
Why is the aerated concrete block cut?
Aerated concrete block cutting machine consists of six parts: frame, flip table, cross cutting mechanism, horizontal cutting car, hydraulic system and electric control system.
Concrete condensation hardening process, cement hydration to release a lot of heat, resulting in concrete temperature rise; most of the cement hydration reaction is over, the concrete temperature began to decline.
Then, the road shrinkage to fill the asphalt or sealant to seal, to prevent rain water into the roadbed.