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What can I talk about in my agriculture machinery speech?
Well...it wouldn't be popular, but it would be eye opening. You could talk about how the tractor companies took draft horses as down payment when they first started up decades ago. The draft horses were then sent off immediately for slaughter. In just a few short years, thanks the the coordinated work by the tractor companies the numbers of available draft horses plunged. That meant that farmers who were unhappy with their tractors, and wanted to go back to using draft horses (or draft mules) were unable to find any for love nor money. That was the beginning of the enslavement to debt of the U.S. farmer. Instead of running a horse that could reproduce itself, farmers now had to go into debt to buy tractors. It meant they worked longer hours (headlights on tractors) to pay for them. No longer did farmers work sun-up till sun-down. Agriculture quickly became a 24 hour a day job. Since the tractor didn't need time to rest, like a horse, it meant longer hours, and purchasing more land (more debt) for the farmer to pay for all the new tractors, and fertilizers that were being pushed on the farmers by agra business companies. Like I said, not a popular speech, but very factual, and something few people realize (even farmers). ~Garnet Permaculture homesteading/farming over 20 years
I am looking for a lower cost alternative to soundproof manfacturing vibration chambers/shakers and venting sytems. Right now the consideration is to enclose the space by building walls/ceilings. I would prefer a consultant who could recommend lower cost soundproof enclosures, blankets, etc. We need to lower the noise by 20 db. Does anyone assist with identifying a consultant company in Seattle who may do such work?
plz help! its my homework :P ugh. thanks guys xD
The Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus does not mention any antonyms. The opposite of a machine might be human labor. Did you mean synonym? (meaning similar) ... If so, apparatus ,hardware, gear, mechanism, gadgetry, tool, engine
i'm a Taiwan heavy industry and science instrument field agent. i hope i can use this website to contact factory owner to agent ther'e product.
Best of Luck.
Hello, our family business is rather kind of in need, to start producing our cake mixes in larger quantities.I ahve not been able to find a manufacturer that sells this amchinery. Please ask any further questions.God Bless
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maintenance for the 1st year is 150, and increases by 150 every year until the fourth year. if the interest is 85% per year find the equivalent uniform annual maintenance cost.
Get a differnt credit card. 85% is way too high. . MWAP
I am making a hypothetical business for school and have decided to create a business that makes whey protein powder from the whey left over from the making cheese. I have searched all over the net but I cant find any information on the machinery used in this process. Can anyone help
What machinery/tools are need to make custom guns?
So all in all you are wanting to become a gunsmith/ machinist? I cant type every tool you need there is soo much that it would take hours to type it all. Start off by taking a 24 month gun smithing class. I plan on getting into gunsmithing after high school. Ive looked at a few classes/courses and the one im looking at you must bring in a wood stock blank, an action, and a barrel blank just to name a few parts its a 24 month class and they teach you everything you need to know. While learning how to do this you will also learn what tools are needed to do the job and how to use them. But you arent going to be making and customized gun stores anytime soon.