Aluminum Concrete Wall Forms

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Whether a shear wall aluminum template and wood template can be mixed
Mixed with the two kinds of templates will be fixed in different ways, the construction of the security caused a certain impact; intersecting joints prone to the wrong layer and honeycomb; two templates expansion coefficient, strength, water retention will not cause the same shear Wall as a whole;
Now the domestic use of aluminum template project more?
Traditional template construction cycle is long, dirty, chaotic, noise, resulting in a large number of construction waste, building materials, resource consumption, high labor costs, and the construction quality is difficult to guarantee. Compared to the traditional construction methods, the use of aluminum alloy template floor can be a whole casting molding, flatness and verticality better, smooth surface plastering, and can be reused more than 200 times. This can not only save a lot of manpower, material, but also can be recycled, energy saving and environmental protection, significant economic benefits.
Aluminum template of the aluminum template advantage characteristics
Standard, versatility. Aluminum template specifications, according to the project using different specifications of sheet metal assembly; use of the template to transform a new building, just replace the 20 or so non-standard board, can reduce costs.
In the Sheng-aluminum template installation workers, how to develop prospects
Can go to feel, the elimination rate is very high, most of them are left, remember: have the strength to be able to endure hardship, to listen to Sheng Sheng, if you do not need special money, and physical fitness is not good, labor intensity More than your imagination
What is the development prospect of aluminum template design?
High quality and stable performance: aluminum alloy template level and vertical degree can be a good guarantee, and the template itself does not absorb water, concrete molding quality is high, so no need for expensive and long plaster work, tiles can also be directly pasted in Inside and outside the wall. In addition, the aluminum alloy template system is based on architectural drawings and then accurate use of computer software and machinery made, so the construction of high precision, especially doors and windows, hydropower equipment with the location and size are accurate and effective Reduce the amount of construction materials used in the latter part of the construction, cost savings.
What is the change in the aluminum template?
Advantages of aluminum alloy template: 1. Construction period is short: aluminum alloy building template system for the quick-release mold system, a set of normal construction of the template can reach four or five days a layer, greatly saving the construction unit management costs (currently under construction project in Macau - TN27 public housing construction up to Three days a layer). (6063-T6 or 6061-T6), a set of template specifications can be used to reverse the use of 300-500 times the use of aluminum alloy profiles, the use of aluminum, Above, the average use of low cost. Easy construction, high efficiency: aluminum alloy building template system assembly is simple, convenient, the average weight of 30KG / m2, completely by the artificial assembly, do not need any mechanical equipment assistance (workers usually only need a wrench or a small hammer, convenient ), Skilled installation workers can install 20-30 square meters per person per day (compared with the wooden mold: aluminum mold installation workers only need to install wood workers 70-80%, and do not need skilled workers, just before the installation of the construction Personnel can carry out simple training). Good stability, high bearing capacity: aluminum alloy building template system all parts are made of aluminum alloy plate assembly, the system assembled to complete the formation of a whole frame, the stability is very good; bearing capacity can reach 60KN per square meter.