aluminum formwork;aluminum formwork system

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1000 m²
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50000 m²/month
1.Pull screw type system ;2.Pull Tab type system
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aluminum formwork;aluminum formwork system

Products details:

1. total system forms the complete concrete structure

2. convenient

3. easy operation

4. high quality

5. light and great flexibitity

6. durable, made of special alloy aluminum

7. no need for rehabilitation, no risk of rust and corrosion

8. fast installation owing to its special design

9. speed of construction-4-days each floor construction cycle.

10. Formwork can be re-used over 300 times.

11. No tower cranes required to lift the formwork from floor to floor, as the formwork is lightweight.


Ten Advantages of Aluminum Forming System  

1. Light weight, high strength

The data has proved that the flexural strength of aluminum is triple higher than ordinary steel.With weight of 20-25KG/M2. Aluminum formwork is the lightest formwork for construction,which makes for easy handling.

2. Various sizes, high accuracy

The construction drawing is designed with strict structure, with little measurement error and high accuracy,which is very suitable for high rise buildings.

3. Safe and convenient construction

High loading capacity requires less use of props, reducing lost in material and labor. Workers can independently operate after simple training. 

4. Long time used

With the lowest average lost, aluminum formworks can be used up to 300 times.

5. Wide range used

The precise-designed formwork system applies to all kinds of building elements, such as the main wall, column, beams, stairs and balconies.

6. Excellent quality

The concrete surface is very smooth, so it can saved the swing cost and shorten the construction period.

7. High efficiency

According to different climatic conditions, the formworks can be removed in 18-36 hours.

8. Recyclable value

The used aluminum material is of greater recyclable value,several times higher than steel.

9. Independent support system

The gap between the formwork support is totally enough for passing, moving and pulling.

10. Dependable safety, environmental

The construction process is totally safe. Full aluminum structure leads to no galvanization and thus minimizes the pollution to our earth.

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