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Permanent Formwork System Supplier & Manufacturer from China is a professional Permanent Formwork System supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Permanent Formwork System firm in China.

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Hey guys,I have been doing some research on how to obtain a Real Estate license so I can freely appraise and help friends and family in the home buying process. I heard somewhere along the way that there are two types of licenses. One is a broker license and another is a independent.What I heard is that as an independent license holder you are free to do as you please and try to sell any property where as a person who obtained a license with a broker can only sell properties that the agency possess, such as if you have a license with ReMax and work for them, you can only sell properties owned by ReMax or owned by clients of ReMax. Can anyone tell me more about the license and whether or not the information above is accurate?A link to a very informative site or page would be highly appreciated!- Jason
An independent license is basically just a referral license, it does not allow you to sell property at all, just refer clients - the real estate agents who are working for companies then pick up your referral and actually sell the house to the client you have referred. When the deal is closed, you get a percentage of the other realtor's commission ( the one that picked up your referral). So it is a big difference between an independent license and a regular license. As far as having a regular license, you are free to sell any property that is listed in the multiple listing service - what happens is that if it is not a property listed by your broker's office, then you have to split the commission with the other broker's office who has the property listed. So the commission gets diluted down the line. If you would like information on an independent license, try IRC Referrals in Woodstown N.J. - they offer them - and an independent license is good nationwide, because you aren't actually selling properties. So you can live anywhere. The license is also less expensive to renew per year than a traditional real estate license. I held both for many years.
1) I know some people start small w regard to rental property investments but why couldn't this happen? Buy a property for $40k, rent it for at least $500/month, build up enough cash reserves, say 4-5k in an account for that particular house to cover major repairs, then turn around and do it again w another house of comparable value (build up cash reserves), until one has 4-5+ houses? Is this how people typically do well financially by owning real estate? Slow, steady additions to their portfolios of houses?
When taking on large debt make sure someone else is paying for it. Rental properties follow this rule very well because when you take on a mortgage, large debt, on a property and you put it up for rent and the people who are renting the property pay for the mortgage.. But don't base your numbers around tax cuts. Do your research and make sure when you take on a mortgage that you can come out positive income on the rental property every month and look at taxes cuts as a bonus. This is a golden rule for veteran investors in real estate because the tax reform act of 1987 caused a depression because people were relying on tax breaks and when the government changed the tax laws and eliminated those tax breaks those people who used them as a factor when making a deal now weren't getting that money. Therefore the structure of their deal and agreements fell apart. There is thousands of pages of tax code and more is added and taken away every year so simply just don't factor in tax cuts when putting the numbers in to figure income every month or if an investment is smart or not. Also when considering a deal if you do not come out positive every month pass on the deal. And base your information on facts not opinion when making a deal for example if someone says the property will be worth x amount of dollars in x amount of years your going off that persons opinion and not facts. Learn to tell the difference between the two early on. Some more advice when investing in real estate is to put the money down and get things into motion. I say this because when you finally put the money down you learn more than can be taught in a book, but also remember with learning come mistakes and don't be afraid to make them and don't let them stop you for reaching your goals. One last thing when investing in real estate just follow the game of monopoly and get 4 red houses and turn them into a hotel!
I work part time and go to school full time. I want to invest in real estate but I only have $5,000 to do so because the rest is budgeted towards living expenses. What can I invest get with that amount? I don't want to buy stocks. I want to get into real estate investing. Any advice?
If you are a student with limited funds, Would think it best to save it at this point. You don't know where you will be in 5 years, or what you will be doing, Move slow and check out books in the library You may only learn a thing or two on each book, But you will be studying for your future. I have made Millions in real estate, and had a blast, but lots of responsibility involved here. Lots of head achs, and lots of fine people too. It is not an easy profession. It will take about 15 units to support yourself, if you are lucky.
I'm trying to get an idea how much a real estate company is worth if they own/control approx $60 million in real estate. Are there any formulas or calculators I can use? Can anyone give some advice?
the $60MM by itself is not relevant. that number could be $60MM in other owners listings value, $60MM in property value that the company owns and controls directly, or they could have $60MM under management that they don't own, but perform property management. What is comes down to is what is the net income, or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. (EBITDA) that is realized as a result of dealing in the real estate. If its the real estate that is owned, it would be worth approx. 10-12 times the net earnings (or a cap rate of 8% to 10%)- formula (Income /Rate=Value). The income is consider to be NOI;defined as net operating income before debt service,but after operating expenses; if its the fees handling the sale or leasing of property owned by others, it would be a factor of 2.5 to 4 times earnings EBITDA (annualized), depending on how profitable the business was, the quality of long term contracts and what efficiencies new ownership might see in acquiring for upside. Follow this and you won't go wrong, but you really need to have real estate expertise to manage and execute the accounts and /or the properties.
I have heard numerous opinions and I am just trying to get an idea. Some examples could include: Developer, Loan Officer, Real Estate Agent, Appraisal, etc., I'm just trying to get an idea of what avenues I should look in to for a career. I have looked on Salary and all the other websites but they are very broad. I'm just seeking advice from industry professions. Thanks for all of your help!20 years old, MBA degree in progress and I have my real estate license.
Can I get my real estate license with a felony on my record? It was when i was 16yrs old. A juvenile, but a felony nonetheless. It is even possible for me?
Normally any records you were charged with as a juvenile would be sealed upon you reaching adulthood unless there were charges from 16 years of are through until you became an adult. One of the first things you should do is check with your juvenile court records and ensure this record is sealed. Sealing a record is as if the record never existed. You may legally say that you have no record if asked or is a question on any application to include job applications. To find out the requirements of becoming a real estate agent about previous encounters with law enforcement, you should google real estate agent requirements followed by the state in which you would like to apply for a real estate agent. I hope this has been some benefit to you , good luck. FIGHT ON
Why don’t real estate investors eliminate insurable risk by diversifying their assets rather than paying an insurance company to handle the risk?
You can't diverisify away the risk the building will burn down, or that you will be sued due to someone being injured on your premises.
any real estate agents out there using assistant ..please give me an idea of what services your assistants perform to make your life easier?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Real Estate Assistant Duties? any real estate agents out there using assistant ..please give me an idea of what services your assistants perform to make your life easier?