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I am currently going to school to study Engineering. I want to become an Electrical Engineer, but recently, I've heard about Electronics Engineering. I did telecommunications in the US military and dealt with small circuits and RF communications equipment. This all falls under Electronics Engineering.I've been trying to find more info on Electronics Engineering, but can't seem to find if it is a separate degree program from Electrical Engineering.My school only lists:Electrical Engineering Computer ScienceElectrical Engineering Computer Sci - Materials Sci EngineeringElectrical Engineering Computer Sci - Nuclear EngineeringHow would I go about becoming an Electronics Engineer?
Many institutions do not make a distinction. But 'electrical' engineering deals with components that work at the line (mains) frequency, generally large in scale, power generators, high power transformers, very high voltages etc. 'Electronics' engineering deals with components over a large bandwidth, DC and up, generally small in scale, relatively lower power, lower voltages and small size. You probably want 'Electrical Engineering Computer Science'.
I plan to major in electrical engineering. I wanted to know if the stuff I learn there will allow me to do things like fix machines and stuff.I picked this major because I wanted something I can use at home
definitly after four years of B.E. programe in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING you will be able to design circuits and erect electric connections at your home. it depends fully on how you study this subject you need to correlate with practical scenario you must try to experiment things at home. If you pursue this course with full aptitute and involvement i am sure you will achieve wat you wanted to use at home and also for the nation. ALL THE BEST ENGINEER!
I have an item that is magnetic and it was accidentally heated. That took away a lot of the strength how can I restrengthen my magnet?
Some products use magnetism in their construction. Magnetic earrings or aquarium cleaning products, for example, often employ two strong magnets to hold parts of the product together, allowing them to cling to the ear or slide up and down an aquarium wall. When permanent magnets become too weak to function, something must be done. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make your magnets stronger.Test your magnet. Place it on a vertical metallic surface, if it starts to slide down the metal, it is weak. Try to pull it off--if there is very little resistance, it's weak. The harder it is to pull off the metal, the stronger the magnetism. If you have a weak magnet, it has either always been weak or has steadily weakened over time. If it has always been weak, there is very little you can do. Discard it and focus on strengthening any magnets that have grown weak over time.
I want to wire all my regular recepticles with #10 wire which I know I can use 30 amp breakers with. Does anyone carry 30 amp 120 volt recepticles or can I use the 20 amp recepticles? I can't get anyone at Home Depot in the electrical department to answer the phone. Best answer with a link to this item (if it exists) gets ten points. Please not a lowes link. I don't care to do business with them as I can never get anyone in my local store (Nederland, TX) to help me, while Home Depot has bent over backwards and done cartwheels to help me. Thanks.
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I am looking into putting a trailer hitch on my truck so that we can move. But I get a little bit confused when the mechanic starts talking about electrical equipment. Do I want a round 7 or a flat 4 or both? And is it necessary to also install a trailer brake controller?
Lightweight trailers (3000 lbs and under) do not require trailer brakes. Trailers over 3000 lbs are required to have brakes. There are three types of trailer brakes. There are air brakes, which are commonly found on trucks and tractor trailer rigs. They are not used on the type of trailer you are talking about. There are surge brakes, which have a hydraulic control mounted on the trailer tongue. When the towing vehicle slows, the momentum of the trailer pushes against the ball, and this activates the trailer brakes, These are common on rental trailers (U-haul) and some boat trailers. There are electric brakes. These are controlled by an electric brake controller, and are wired into the vehicle brake light switch. When you hit the brakes,power is sent to the electrical brake actuators on the trailer and the brakes are applied. The trailer brake control can be adjusted to provide the right amount of braking power being applied to the trailer under different conditions. You want less braking on an empty trailer than a loaded one. If you are going to be renting a trailer to move, you do not need a brake controller. A 4 flat wiring connector will provide the wiring for the lights that you will need, you will have to buy an adapter seeing as the rental trailers have no connectors on them. If you are going to buy a trailer, decide on the trailer (so you know what type of brakes you have) and then have the needed wiring and controller installed.
i have a situation with my computer i don't know what it is but i have done a lot of test so please help me identifying this and how to solve it My build: CPU: i7 5820k MOBO: x99 g1 gaming 5pPSU: seasonic m12 750wGFX: g1 gaming gtx 980 ti
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HiCan someone tell me what the difference is betweena) turning my TV (or whatever) off on the setb) turning it off at the switch on the wallc) unplugging itWhat I'm reading seems to suggest that only unplugging it really means its off - is that true?
When you turn off modern Tvs from the remote, it will go to standby mode, there's still electricity on the circuit enough for the memory to remember your settings, like volume, time, the channel you've last watch before turning it off. When you turn off the switch from the wall or unplugging it, the Tv is now completely disconnected from the power source. You may loose personal settings, and when you plug it back on then it may function in the default settings. Leaving it plugged has advantages but surge, lighting, sudden voltage changes may damage it. So when you'll be out for days then unplug it from the AC outlet to play safe.
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