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Product Description:

Product Name 203 full screen lights

 Model WDM-JD203

 Product voltage AC 85-265V

 Product Power 22W

 Product size 250 * 850 * 140mm

 Translucent surface diameter 200mm

 Housing material PC

 Horizontal or vertical mounting equipment installed

 Protection class IP53

 Standard GB14887-2006

 2-year warranty

Product wiring brief description:

When you are connected to 220V voltage, the black wire to the zero line, the red line connected FireWire,

When you connect 12V voltage, the black wire to the negative, then positive red,

After power product red yellow and green according to set a good time automatic cycle conversion.

Technical Parameters

Red plateful: 90 LED, single brightness: 4360-5250, wavelength: 620-625nm, and down about perspective: 30 °, Power: ≤8W

Yellow plateful: 90 LED, single brightness: 4620-5545, wavelength: 592-594nm, and down about perspective: 30 °, Power: ≤8W

Green plateful: 90 LED, single brightness: 8667-10400, wavelength: 503-506nm, around and down Angle: 30 °, Power: ≤8W

Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃ Operating voltage: AC185V-265V 60HZ / 50HZ

Light Box Case Material: PC visual distance ≥300m

All prices are for reference only, exact price please call us for accounting prevail.

     Division I professional production of conventional LED traffic lights, 200, 300, 400 sections of the traffic lights, the product features are as follows: meet the People's Republic of China GB14887 standard technical indicators; High brightness: LED assembly wick bright colors; low power consumption: only incandescent quarter, only 15VA; long life: up to 50,000 hours; dimming control: automatically adjusts the brightness according to environmental changes; limiting control: automatic calibration load current; brightness balancing: balancing current offers optical components specially designed circuit plus, light special uniform; strict aging: aging products by long power, more stable performance. Protection rating greater than IP53. 1. Off the optical properties of the light intensity distribution 1.2 1.1 chromaticity coordinates meet the requirements of GB14887 GB14887 compliance with the relevant requirements, including the function of defective color vision to be achieved observer provisions 2. Electrical performance 2.1 operating voltage AC220 ± 15% V 50 ± 2Hz 2.2 rated power single lamp 10M? Reach 50000h 3. Physics 2.4 Dielectric strength 1440VAC 2.5 ignition withstand life under normal conditions of use? Mechanical properties 3.1 of wind pressure in line with GB14887 the relevant requirements of 3.2 anti-vibration requirements in line with GB14887 requirements 3.3 protection class IP53 4. adapt to the environment is greater than 4.1 lights working environment temperature is -40ºСˉ50ºС, resistant to high temperature -40ºС and 4.2 + 80ºС test temperature when 25ºС, air relative humidity less than 95 %

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Q:Is it okay to use ATEX certified electrical equipment on Shabbos?
When I was in fourth grade, the science teacher taught us the physics definition of work and explained how it differs from the everyday definition of work Much like that -- Jewish legal definitions of Hebrew words do not always line up perfectly with the everyday use of English words that aproximate them. With electrical items, the prohibition of fire is only one of the prohibitions to be aware of for Shabbat -- off the top of my head, there is also boneh (building) and bishul (cooking) On the reverse side -- your logic does not hold in even the most basic English definition. It is only the Karaites that believe there is a Shabbat prohibition of fire, the normative prohibition is on making fire and putting out fire -- thus, there are quite a few devices used on Shabbat that are straight forwardly on fire (well, heck -- just think of the candles themselves!!!) A Shabbat lamp is simply always on - but has some cover to keep the light from bothering. Hopefuly, this whole structure is well insulated (I don't know -- never used one)
Q:Whats the difference between chemical,electric, mechanical engineering?
Q:Vehicle issues when idling in traffic.?
if u have the ac on or other electrical equipment it will effect ur idle speed mainly when the ac cuts in adjust the idle speed slightly this is normal for it to do this when the electrical system is under load but u don't wont it to cut out so by adjusting the idle should compensate for this all so check ur plugs and leads replace if necessary
Q:Some large piece of electrical equipment has a peak power output of 2000 kW.?
Power voltage x current Therefore current power/voltage. Thus, if power is constant at 2000kW current at 480 volts will be: I 2000,000/480 4166.67amps At 240 volts: I 2000,000/240 8333.33 amps However, line losses are current (squared) x resistance Thus the ratio will be 4166.67 (squared) / 8333.33 (squared), resistance remaining constant of course. I make that 0.25 (or 4, if you are thinking that way up!) That help?
Q:Can I learn Electrical Engineering casually?
do not be lazyread a little about electronic troubleshooting like . tracing voltage .tracing currenttracing waveform with oscilloscope. then start repairing electronic boardssurely you will earn more money
Q:What is the difference between NEC , NFPA , IEC & NEMA standards for electrical eng.(installations&motors)?
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association - National code that covers anything to do with flamable stuff (electrical, dust, combustibles, sprinklers, fire alarms, etc) (United States) NEC - National Electric Code a.k.a NFPA 70 (NEC is a section of the NFPA code) - Addresses proper installation of electrical equipment, devices and wiring(United States) NEMA - National Electric Manufacturers Association- trade organization for electrical manufacturers. Sets common rules, practices and certification for the manufacture of electrical components and devices (United States) IEC - International Electric Code - International version of NEMA IEC would most likely cover devices made for use in Egypt. I'm not sure what organization or governing body would address the installation there.
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Q:What is the job outlook for Electrical Engineers?
Hahaha!! go with a masters. If the healthcare thing passes, that is the last thing you want to do. Lower wages, horrible work invironment, etc. You can start work with the BS but you will get payed more with a MS.
Q:what equipment uses light, electrical and kinetic energy?
I think the simple example is: When Light incidence to the photo cells(Viz: photo transistor or diode biased by this incidence of light), photo electric effect occurs-----Due to photo electric effect, photo transistor or diode produces eclectic current(i.e electrical energy) -----This photo transistor/diode acts like a driver of the audio oscillator and triggers the power audio oscillator------then produces audio frequency of specific or variable frequency according to the design----this audio oscillator frequency/ies signal hooked (interfaced) to the matched loudspeaker------Now we hear the sound which is a mechanical energy. I think this is one simple example for your question. Thank you. [You will find above:the conversion like this: Light energy--Electrical energy ----mechanical energy].
Q:im doing a report on missouri and ive got one day to do itso i need some help what is missouri's industry?
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