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At the crossroads, surrounded by all hung with red, yellow, green, three-color traffic lights, it is not silent "traffic police." Traffic lights are internationally uniform traffic lights. Red stop signal, the green light is a common signal. Intersection, several directions to the car are brought together here, and some want to go straight, some want to turn, in the end who should go first, which is the command to obey traffic lights. Red light, line, or turn left at the situation not hinder pedestrians and vehicles, to allow vehicles to turn right; green light to allow the vehicle straight or turning; yellow light, stop at the intersection stop line or crosswalk lines within, has continued to pass; Huang when the light flashes, warning vehicle safety.

Signal lights and non-motorized vehicles

Motor vehicle lights are a group of lights from red, yellow, green, three non-patterned circular units, guiding motor vehicles.

Non-motor vehicle lights from red, yellow, circular units of a group of light green bicycle pattern consisting of three inner guidance of non-motorized traffic.

When the green light to allow vehicles to pass, but the turning of the vehicle may not hinder the release of the straight vehicles, pedestrians.

Yellow light when a vehicle has crossed the stop line can continue to pass.

When the red light vehicular traffic.

In non-motor vehicle is not set intersection lights and crosswalk lights, bicycle and pedestrian lights should be in accordance with the instructions of motor vehicle traffic.

When the red light, turn right vehicle was released without prejudice to the vehicle, the case of pedestrians can pass.

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Q:what is megger application?
In electrical testing we megger equipment. A ac voltage 600 volts is induced one a piece of electrical equipment like a transformer and the impedance is measured. The megger measured AC resistance/impedance vs normal dc resistance that volt meter measure. The higher voltage gave a more accurate measure of impedance. Equipment with defective insulation, would have a lower impedance.
Q:Choosing between Chemical engineering and electrical engineering?
i would say go chemical engineering just for the fact you make much more money coming out of college than you would as an electrical engineer. and electrical engineers are hands on people and you have to expect to get dirty so i think the choice for you in majors would def be chemical engineering. no offense just is a better option in my opinion
Q:What kind of engineers make audio equipments?
Electrical Engineers would be involved in the design of Amps and Receivers. Mechanical Engineers Headphones, Speakers would be done primarily by Acoustic Physicists and Mech Engrs. Astrobuf
Q:any cheaper electronic device available in india which can substitute on-off timer for electrical equipments?
Depending on your skills, a CMOS 555 timer chip could probably drive a solid state switch (triac) for this interval although a more reliable timing, especially if you want exactly a 50% duty cycle, by feeding the timer output into a counter, so that the 555 cycles say 32 times (once a minute about) for each change of state of the selected output. Smaller cycle times are more stable.
Q:Why can't I find a job?
No one wants to pay you what you are worth.
Q:what is principle of lightning arresters?
I assume you mean a surge arrester not a lightning conductor. They are main 2 types. One is simply 2 contacts spaced apart so that a voltage increase above that designed will spark across the contacts and be dissipated. The other, and better type, uses metal oxide but basically does the same thing. It conducts when the voltage goes above the design level. The surge arrester protects from lightning or other over voltage spikes such as switching transients. They are not designed to dissipate large amounts of power so can be destroyed by other types of over voltage such as transformer winding fault
Q:electrical and wiring system?
A building electrical system includes all of the equipment and wiring designed by the electrical engineer. This begins at the utility power connection and includes the service entrance equipment (meter base, current transformer cabinet and main disconnect switch), a main distribution panel (main breaker panel or main switchboard), and branch circuit distribution panels. The electrical system includes all wiring from the connection to utility power to connections to all electrical utilization of equipment. The electrical system also includes building lighting and lighting controls, building premise wiring for computers, computer hub room equipment, security systems, public address/broadcast system, keyless entry system, fire alarm system, and standby and emergency power systems. The main factors to consider is square footage of building, type of occupancy, number of occupants, and applicable local codes, the number of floors in the building, location of exits and stairwells. These considerations are used especially in determining what voltage with which to serve the building and size (ampacity) of service entrance and main distribution panel. These statistics are also important in the design of the fire alarm system. The main ways to save energy is through use of occupancy sensors and daylighting controls for lighting (the latter assumes windows or skylights for introducing daylight). These controls will keep the lights off unless specific areas are occupied, and lighting along with HVAC are the largest electrical loads. Energy costs (both electricity and heating fuel) can often be significantly reduced by incorporating CO2 sensors and variable frequency drives to control air handlers (large fans) rather then running them continuously at a rate to support maximum building occupancy, as is the case in many buildings.
Q:Power grid: If 2 million households were to turn off their energy at the same time and turn it back on?
Yes, in this extreme case, it may damage (BOE calculation: 2 million x ~500 watts: ~1 billion watt) if they are on single grid. In many of equipment (motorized) start-up losses are significant. So, you may end-up with little saving and a big grid failure. But if you leave aside such extreme situations, it is always good to turn off electrical equipments even for a short gap. And just to add, beware of leaking currents (e.g. not disconnecting appliances from the power plug) which are bigger concern.
The national electric code states where no ground is available, you have to replace a two prong receptacle with another two prong receptacle. An exception is made for installing a GFI receptacle (3 prong) in the place of the 2 prong. Be aware, there still won't be a ground available for your equipment. Those are the only legal options you have besides rewiring to provide a ground. That is assuming there is no ground available at the box and chances are there is not. You are not allowed to run a ground wire separately to a water pipe or ground rod as the non trained hacks are going to try to tell you. That is a code violation. All conductors for a circuit must be run together according to the National Code. To convert your house or maybe just certain rooms, call a real electrician or pull new wires to the receptacles.
Q:Can you really save money by unplugging electrical equipment?
often a 15watt CFL will provide a similar quantity of light as a 60watt incandescent bulb and an excellent style of of the CFL's will final as long as 10 cases longer. i've got got here upon that greater decrease priced bulbs tend to burn out swifter than GE or Phillips. So interior the long-term you're able to shop on potential and changing bulbs. yet another attention to saving the two money and potential is changing lighting fixtures furnishings I even have 2 furnishings that have 6 candle bulbs and a gap gentle i'm going to be changing the two one in each and every of them with furnishings that take no greater beneficial than 3 low potential bulbs. I even have already replace 2 ceiling followers which had gentle kits that had 4 bulbs with a fan that has a delicate kit that takes a unmarried potential saver bulb.

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