Tubular Heat Exchanger ( SUS316L) / Hydraulic and Lube Oil Cooling

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Packaging Detail:Packaging and painting for customers' requirements
Delivery Detail:25 days


1.Heat exchanger 
2.Can be customerized 
3.Work Pressure:0.2~3.1MPa 
4.Fin space:1.2~3.5mm 
5.Tube Diameter:7, 9.52,12.75.15


Oil cooler is mainly used in vehicles, engineering machinery, ship engine oil or fuel oil cooling, etc.Products hot side is lubricant or fuel oil, cold side can be cooling water or air.Vehicles in the process of driving, the lubricating oil in the lubrication system on oil pump power, through the oil cooler heat side channel, the quantity of heat to the cold side of the engine oil cooler, and the cooling water or air cooling by oil is cold side channel to take away heat and heat exchange between cold and hot fluid, ensure the working temperature of lubricating oil in the most appropriate.Including engine oil, automatic transmission oil, power steering oil cooling, etc.Product main materials include aluminum, copper, stainless steel, casting metal materials, such as after welding or assembling, the hot side and cold side channel together as an integrated heat exchanger.According to the cooling medium can be divided into water, oil and air cooling oil 2 kinds of products, product structure including fin type, disc type, body type, tube plate, pipe heat exchanger, seal type, shell type, the structure of the assembly components and other types;Core product structure mainly include: oil cooler, oil cooler, oil cooler assembly core + shell core, oil cooler + + type filter, etc.Product has a compact structure, high pressure and high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant performance is good, high heat transfer efficiency, good reliability, due to the diversity of its structure, so to apply to the needs of different working environment, especially air cooling, can be installed in a remote, on the whole layout is very flexible.Oil cooler and its assembly is indispensable to modern cars and engine lubrication system components for heat exchanger.It is to keep the normal operation of automobile and engine one of the important components.With the rapid development of automobile industry, emission regulations and strict, products are also constantly upgrading, pressure and high temperature resistant requirements are higher, and further to the lightweight, compact, modular development.Stainless steel oil tanks are mainly fin type, disc type, and three structure types, mainly for commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, ships, locomotives, wind power generation, such as generator engine and transmission oil on the cold.


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Q:Electrical install question?
Is it possible he grounded the box? Some guys will use a metal box and ground it. As far as a ground rod for one gircuit, I wouldn't do it. I work in a lot of homes (50 plus y/o) that do not have a ground wire in the circuits, only the panel, although not to todays codes, they seem ok. Just my $.02 worth.
Q:Pro audio question: Does anyone know if you can safely run 3-pronged cables through a 2-prong outlet?
Pull out the bottom prong. It is safe, and in almost no way affects your device. The third bottom prong is to make sure the device doesn't shock you. You'll be fine without it.
Q:How to create an electrical connection outlet out of thin air?
Hmmm, for modest loads, you can use induction but that needs modifications to the equipment you are using AND needs the drive coils embedded in the walls of the building you are in. It does work quite well though :) Tesla had some quite good ideas about tranmistting power but again, the method is not something too practical to use in your everday building. Sorry :(
Q:Gas / Electric hybrid - electrical accessories?
1 Yes there is a seperate battery for auxillaries and a seperate battery that runs the electric motor/charger. 2 the alternator that runs the auxillaries is a normal 60 to 90 watt unit. It cannot charge the batteries that drive the car. 3 no differant than addind to a regular car.
Q:career electrical engineering?
Well. it is very good major Oil and Gas companies need ur major since the instrumentation is controlling the whole units. Huge Essential System and very critical in any refinery such as: DCS : Digital Control Center. ESD: Emergency Shutdown. UPS: Uninterrupted Power Supply ( Electrical Equipment feeds instrument load) I think u have a bright future with this discipline if you have interests . And regarding these Subjects, i dont know much about control All the best
Q:What are some imports and exports of Slovakia?
Exports: vehicles 25.9%, machinery and electrical equipment 21.3%, base metals 14.6%, chemicals and minerals 10.1%, plastics 5.4% (2004) Imports: machinery and transport equipment 41.1%, intermediate manufactured goods 19.3%, fuels 12.3%, chemicals 9.8%, miscellaneous manufactured goods 10.2% (2003)
Q:What are the Pros & Cons of these ratings?
Which would be the better job as far as the most interesting, important, and civilian equivalents? Gas turbine technician - electrical
Q:How do you find the source for an electrical noise of 4.5 micro Hz?
That is a period of about 62 hours or 2.5 days! Are you sure you measured this with an oscilloscope, or does CRO mean something else to you? Maybe the motion of the planets, earth, moon, etc. I don't know? Do you mean a period of 4.5 microseconds? That would be 222kHz perhaps EMI from a computer, other electronic gear, short wave radio, etc. If you can clarify, I might be of more help. Edit: OK; I have a couple of ideas, but it can be DIFFICULT to find. I spent a long time trying to track down the source of 70MHz in my lab. Turns out there is a TV station (channel 4) transmitting about 1 mile away. Channel 4 occupies the space between 67.31MHz and 71.75MHz. 222 KHz has a wavelength of about 1350 meters. It takes a pretty big antenna to launch that as a traveling wave so I'm going guess its a near field source. A good way to look for it is to make a small loop antenna with a few turns of magnet wire (maybe a few 10s of cm in diameter) and hook it to your oscilloscope. Walk around with it putting it near any and all electrical equipment that is in or near your lab. Make sure to change the orientation of the coil when you are moving around. You are basically playing a game of hot and cold. Try to maximize the signal and in theory you should be near the source. Also, be suspicious of the lights. I know their source is 60Hz, but some electronic ballasts for fluorescents run at a pretty high frequency, at least 10's of KHz, you could be seeing a harmonic. Just try flipping the lights on and off looking for a change in amplitude of the signal on the scope. If this doesn't find it, then perhps it is far field? I don't know of any commercial braoadcasts at this frequency though. The low end of AM radio is around 500KHz. Maybe you have an active Ham radio operator in the neighborhood? I wouldn't think he would be transmitting all of the time though is this 'noise' always present? Hope this helps. Let me know if you find it. Dave
Q:does an electrical engineer operates on steam turbine or jet engine (or helps in its design)?
Turbine engines (either steam of fuel-injected) are mechanical parts and not electrical parts. A electrical engineer will be working on the generator that is attached to this systems. They will also work on the transmission of that power (Transformers and all that good stuff!).
Q:My wireless speed has dropped suddenly, why?
It could be interference from other electrical equipment, or if there are other wireless networks around you, they could be operating on the same channel. Try shutting off any new electronics you may have gotten or try changing the channel that your router broadcasts in.

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