Water-proof Power Products Supply S-L-12015Q

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50 Piece pc
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20000 Pieces per Day pc/month

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Product Description:

Output Power

1 - 50W

Output Type


Input Voltage


Output Voltage


Output Frequency


Output Current



CE and Rohs





1.New type.

2.CE certificate,

3.it is water-proof item.

4.SMPS/switching power supply/power supply/Din rail power supply

5.Protections: short circuit / overload/ Over lamp/ Over voltage

6.AC input voltage range: 170~260VAC

7.DC adjustment range: 50~80V

8.Case material: Aluminum alloy

9.Over voltage protection: 120%~140% rated output voltage

10.Withstand voltage: 2000V

11.Working temperature: -20 degree to 40 degree

12.Connection: VDE input and output using the power cord, 200mm long line

13.Packing : 250g

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Q:How does a fuse work?
Fuses and circuit breakers are used to prevent damage to an electrical circuit due to a short or overload. All circuits have at least a positive side and a ground (negative) side. If the positive and ground sides of the circuit touch each other the result is intense heat generated by the electrical current. The job of the fuse or circuit breaker is to stop the flow of electricity when an overload occurs in the circuit so excessive damage to the components of the circuit does not take place (wiring,computers,relays,etc.). All circuits are designed to carry a certain load (amps), DO NOT EVER replace a fuse with one of a higher rating(example: do not replace a 10amp fuse with a 15 or 20amp one) if the normal fuse blows there is a problem that needs to be located and repaired! I have seen MANY vehicles severly damaged because an owner or backyard mechanic replaced a blown fuse with one that was not the same rating as the one removed. I have seen burnt up vehicles from this action. If the fuse blows there is a problem, putting a higher rated fuse in WILL NOT fix the problem, it will more than likely cause major damage to the circuit or possibly cause a fire that will destroy the vehicle. (retired mechanic, from an electrical repair garage)
Q:whats the difference between Air Force electrical and environmental and integrated avionics?
Electrical works on generators, light bulbs and such, Avionics is an electronics technician. You would work on communications, navigation, control systems for armament and such. If you are in an operating squadron you will pull black boxes. Fixing them is at a different level. If you want excellent electronics training and a chance to repair the black boxes on a repair bench, go Navy or Marines. They repair equipment to a higher level.
Q:How to regulate voltage and amps for testing electrical equipment?
if its AC you can use a variable speed drive or VoltPac but if ur talking DC then u need an adjustable power supply. You can build one or you can probably buy a more stable unit if you have the money to spend.
Q:How do you install electrical equipment into a car?
Fuse blocks in cars often have SPARE (usually disused in some particular model) positions with wires already attached and within the wiring loom, with nothing connected to the end. Knowing what the intended accessory was, might allow you to connect something to its unconnected end, and always, the negative return is the car's frame. The circuit must be capable of carrying the current required. Some of these spares may be connected via the ignition switch, some may not. The next alternative is to run a new wire with a fuse inline, at the supply end at least. It is good practice to fuse the supply end, then have a further fuse at the accessory end (most accessories will already have this). The wire can often be run along and fixed to the existing car looms, passing through the firewall where the loom passes through. Again, negative is anywhere convenient on the car's metal frame. A quick and simple connection is the cigarette lighter, if fitted. Just procure a plug to replace the lighter. It can supply a fair current. So far as connecting a scanner to the existing speakers, I suggest you don't try to, unless the audio/ radio system has an accessory input. Maybe a bluetooth connection might be used, but really, the scanner's own speaker should supply the scanner sound. You can also connect accessories by splicing into existing car circuits, but I would suggest you do your college course first! You really need to understand current and wire sizes and fusing (not to mention basic circuitry!), before splicing into existing wires.
Q:Why is teflon used in laboratory equipment?
It does release toxins; however not much is affected by these toxins - except birds. The characteristic of teflon on pans, etc is that makes it so popular is that surfaces coated with it don't stick.
Q:240 volt to 220 volt?
No, you don't need a step down transformer. It's the same with the standard 115 volt wall outlet. if you use a voltmeter to read a standard wall outlet, very rarely will it be precisely 115 volt. Normally you get readings of between 110 volt to 120 volt. In North America we use 2 phase 240 volt (splits to form 2x 120 volt @ 60Hz) In most of Europe use 1 phase 240 @ 50 Hz. So if you're planning to use a European piece of equipment (single phase, 240 volt, 50 Hz) on North American (two phase, 240 volt, 60 Hz[x2]), don't because you'll risk damaging your equipment.
Q:question on router positioning?
Not so much. But moving it away from other electrical equipment will make the signal travel farther. Also keep it as far from the cordless phone and things like that. Other digital devices, and concrete/brick walls really break it down. If you are connected to the access point at even a fair signal, you will probably be using all your internet connection speeds' bandwidth. Having a better signal wont make it faster, unless it is actually disconnecting on you.
Q:How long would the electrical power lines and other equipment last if no one kept them repaired?
The lines are mostly copper or aluminum for the wires themselves. The towers are steel. They would last for decades easily. But lines that run from transformers to homes or neighborhoods could fail earlier. Look at what happens with ice storms in New England. Substations and transformers would last quite long also. But the power stations would last for anywhere from hours to weeks, depending on the degree of automation, and on chance. .
Q:Electrical or Mechanical Engineering ?? Serious help needed !!?
I believe you grasp the essential intellectual difference between the two fields. In the study of both disciplines there are laboratories where you build things. In electrical labs you build circuits, and in mechanical labs you use lathes, drill presses and milling machines to build mechanical devices. When you are out of school and working, you will most likely not be doing anything hands on except inspecting equipment, systems and facilities. Your principal work will be analyzing, documenting, reporting and creating design/construction documents. I had an orientation to both fields (mechanical and electrical) as from the time I was about 13 I rebuilt engines in a machine shop and loved to build all sorts of mechanical things on a farm. But I also liked to design and build receivers, transmitters, amplifiers, etc. Ulitmately, I was attracted more to electrical engineering because it seemed more esoteric and mysterious; but I think I would have been happy and successful in both fields, and possibly even in structural engineering. These fields apply math and the other sciences, and require creativity to find ideal solutions. Civil engineering seemed too mundane to me.
Q:expanding my electrical career?
it fairly is stable in case you savour doing the artwork of electric engineers no occupation is stable in case you hate artwork daily electric engineering, like assorted the engineering fields has some good factors like stable pay, many diverse varieties of jobs, possibilities to visit administration or different alterations, etc yet interior the top, the problem is, are you able to savour it (no longer all the products of prevalent, all jobs have stuff to hate, thats why they pay you, yet assorted the time are you able to savour maximum of it)
We absorb the advanced international technology, and our main products include all kinds of switch power supplies. Relying on superior quality, excellent service, prompt delivery and competitive price, our products are selling well all over the world.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Year Established 2002
Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe; Northern Europe
Company Certifications CE

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai,Ningbo
Export Percentage 71% - 80%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size:
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range