ultra-thin waterproof power supply series- output power-200W

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EMC: EN55015:2006/A2:2009,EN61000-3-2:2006/A2:2009,EN61000-3-3:2008,EN61547:2009 Working Temperature: -25℃-50℃ Rated Output Voltage : 12V
Input Voltage Range: 170-264VAC Rated Output Power: 200W Power Efficiency: >87%

Product Description:

We do research and development ,design, manufacture and sales by ourselves. 

We fully support  OEM , ODM as well.

Our product lines conform to the latest international safety agency requirements including CE, RoHS, TUV, SAA, EMC, BIS and C-tick standards.

Model No.PV-12200S
OutputRated Output Voltage 12V
Output current Range0-16.67A
Rated Output Power200W
Output Voltage Precision±3%
Output Ripple240mVP-P
Load Reulation±2%
Start/Rise Time500ms,20ms/230VAC
Retention Time20ms/230VAC
InputInput Voltage Range170-264VAC
Input Frequency Range50-60Hz
Power Efficiency>87%
Leak Current0.25mA/240VAC
ProtectionOverload Protection110-150% of the output current
Protection Type : Hiccup mode
Working ProtectionWorking Temperature-25℃-50℃
Storage Temperature-40℃-80℃
Ingress Protection Rating90%RH non condensing, refer to IP67
Shockproof Character10-500HZ,2G 10min/1cycle,preiod for 60min,each along X,Y,Z axes
Temperature Coefficient±0.03%℃ (0-50℃)
Security FeaturesSecurity StandardIP67 approved:Design refer to LVD EN61347-2-13:2006,EN61347-1:2008
Withstand voltageI/P-O/P:1.5KVAC,I/P-COVER:1.5KVAC,O/P-COVER:500VAC
Insulatuon ResistanceI/P-O/P:>100M Ohms/500VDC/25℃/70% RH
OthersMean Free Error Time50KHours  (25℃)
Outter Size264*80*31mm(L*W*H)

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