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I would like to ask vector control of the frequency converter, how the motor does not turn. What parameters are set up
Because the dynamic mathematical model of induction motor is a high order, nonlinear and strong coupling multivariable system. In the 70s of last century, SIEMENS Engineer F.Blaschke first proposed asynchronous motor vector control theory to solve the AC motor torque control problem. The basic principle of vector control is achieved through the measurement and control of induction motor stator current vector, according to the principle of field orientation respectively, excitation current and torque current of induction motor control, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the torque of asynchronous motor. In particular the stator current vector is decomposed into a component of current magnetic field (excitation current) and the torque producing current component (torque) to control respectively, and at the same time to control the amplitude and phase of the two components, namely the control of stator current vector, so that this control method is called vector control mode. In brief, the vector control is to decouple the magnetic flux and the torque, which is beneficial to design the regulator of both of them, so as to realize the high speed control of the AC motor. There are vector control methods based on slip frequency control, speed sensorless vector control method and vector control method with speed sensor. Thus, a three-phase induction motor can be equivalent to a DC motor to control, so as to obtain the same static and dynamic performance as the DC speed regulating system. Vector control algorithm has been widely used in Siemens, AB, GE, Fuji and other international large company frequency converter.
At the base block Yaskawa inverter is what reason?
Garbage in Yaskawa signal board on the small line contact oxidation, look good, this is a kind of weak signal, and for safety relay is not the safety loop at high levels in a small line short circuit, 1000 Yaskawa A factory is shorted for a long time have blocked the oxidation base
There is a feed and send system. Now due to the severity of the material is not the same as the two converters often change speed, the workers do not understand their own, often by, often bad now how to use the best way you can use a potentiometer or other method, control of the two frequency converter, synchronous operation. Is to adjust one, and the other also with the kind of frequency, so that you can let the workers themselves to open, and the two inverters, the same manufacturer, the same model, the same load,
One can be controlled by a potentiometer, the other can track the first torque can be achieved, and general general frequency converter has this function
What do you mean by the capacity of the inverter and the capacity of the motor?
Because the motor consumes active power and consumes reactive power, and the reactive power is also occupied, the motor with 70KW can only be usedThe power is known to everyone
Why does the frequency converter cause interference?
(a) PE converter main circuit terminals (E, G) must be grounded, the motor can be grounded and the inverter with the common ground, but not with other equipment, must play ground pile, and the ground should take place far away from electrical equipment. At the same time, the cross-sectional area of the grounding wire of the converter shall be no less than 4mm2, and the length shall be within 20m.(b) in the ground wire of other electromechanical equipment, the protective earthing and the work earthing shall be separately provided with grounding electrodes, and finally shall be imported to the electrical position of the distribution cabinet. The shield of the control signal and the shielding of the main circuit wire shall also be separately provided with earth electrodes, and finally shall be incorporated into the electrical junction of the distribution cabinet.
What is the over-current of the inverter?
Inverter hardware problems:?(1) the current transformer is damaged. The phenomenon is that the main circuit of the converter sends power. When the converter is not started, the current is displayed and the current is changing, so that the transformer is damaged.?(2) the main circuit interface board, the current and voltage detection channels are damaged, and there will be over-current. The damage to the circuit board may be:?Because of the poor environment, conductive solid particles are attached to the circuit board to cause electrostatic damage. Or corrosive gases that cause the circuit to corrode.?Zero potential circuit board and the casing are connected together, the cabinet and the angle of welding, a powerful arc, will affect the performance of circuit board.?Due to poor grounding, the circuit board zero volts interference, it will cause damage to the circuit board.?(3) because the connection plug is not tight and unstable. For example, the current or voltage feedback signal line is not in good contact, and sometimes the over-current fault occurs.
What does "frequency" in household appliances mean?
The new inverter refrigerator not only the reduction of power consumption, realize mute, and the use of high-speed operation can achieve substantial rapid freezing; in the washing machine, used frequency variable speed control, improve washing performance, washing machine popular in addition to saving energy and silent, still ensure soft clothing washing and other aspects of the introduction of control new content;
What's the frequency converter for? What does it look like?
Frequency converter (Variable-frequency, Drive, VFD) is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology, by changing the power supply frequency of the motor to control AC motor power control equipment. The frequency converter is mainly composed of rectifier (AC DC converter), filter, inverter (DC AC converter), brake unit, drive unit, detection unit, micro processing unit and so on. Inverter by internal IGBT drive voltage and frequency off to adjust the output power, the power supply voltage required to provide according to the actual needs of the motor, so as to achieve the purpose of speed, energy saving, in addition, there are a lot of protection drive, such as over-current, over-voltage, overload protection and so on. With the continuous improvement of the degree of industrial automation, inverter has also been widely used.