Split Solar Water Heating System(Luxury)

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1. Structure of Split Solar Water Heating System

    Our Split Solar Water Heating System has two versions: standard and luxury. Compared to compact type solar water heating system, split solar water heating system can offer enough water for need and manage to supply hot water to divers spots like in kitchen, bathroom and so on. Then split solar water heating system can be installed in  the balcony, on the wall or rooftop, which can avoid the difficulty of installation on high building.  In comparison to the standard version, luxury version is equipped with larger water tank and more solar collector to increase efficiency ratio.

    Split solar water heating system is a kind of synthetical energy saving system, suitable for different kinds of architectural style, and as  a technology indenpendent to urban energy saving requirment, it is ideal supporting facilities for real estate developpment. Morever, we have obtained produts certificate as follows:

Split Solar Water Heating System(Luxury)


2. Main Features of Split Solar Water Heating System

  •  larger wter tank

  • adopt multiple modularized insulation technoloty

  • more suitable for BIPV

  • split water compression system and induced force circulations to increase heat exchange rate


3. Split Solar Water Heating System Images


Split Solar Water Heating System(Luxury)


Split Solar Water Heating System(Luxury)


4. Split Solar Water Heating System (Standard) Specification


ModelVolume(L)Tank Dimension(mm)Solar Collector Model


Area (m2)


pressure expansion tank,

 controller, water pump


pressure expansion tank,

 controller, water pump


5. FAQ

(1)  Do you have operation and installation manual for guide?

     Yes, we have booklet with the products in the package. If you still have problems, you can email us for help.

(2)Can the prducts be modified?

     Yes,  the products can be modified according to specific requirement , and we would like to suggest you contacting with our technicist for more details.

(3) How long can the customer get the goods?

     Honestly speaking, it depends on the quantity of your order, the way of delivery and other factors that concerns about it. But if your purchase for a large amount, it is possible to give the customer some discount in price. 

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Q:Electric water heaters and solar water heaters to choose which good
Recommended to choose electric water heater, less investment, easy to use.Electric water heater in the installation, wire control switch can be completely hidden, semi hidden, more beautiful, but consumers should pay more attention to the safety issues such as wire.
Q:How solar water heater winter.
Two, there is a simple and practical. The long-term use of the method, you can add a small solar water tank outlet pumping device, when no water
Q:How to change the heating rod
There are two kinds of electric heating rods, like we use incandescent bulbs, a bayonet, a kind of silk mouth, first look at what kind of home,
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar water heater?
In the summer of 4, sunny weather conditions, less than two days water temperature can reach the boiling point, if a long time without water, such as travel, tourism, to make the water a long time at high temperature and high pressure condition, will accelerate the aging of the sealing ring, accelerated aging, polyurethane shrink, sometimes the exhaust is not smooth, too much pressure the water tank will swell bad, will shorten the life of furring, water tank. Therefore, if you are not at home for a long time, you should arrange for others to put hot water on the cold water, or put a cover on the vacuum tube collector to block the sun.
Q:What is the specification of the water supply pipe of the solar water heater?Plastic tube diameter is asked
Under normal circumstances are 20 caliber pipe. If the customer home water flow is small
Q:The controller of the solar water heater does not show the power on screen
Solar water heater controller power screen does not show the reasons for:1, the transformer is broken;2, the control board is no electricity;3, the chip is broken;4, the display is broken.
Q:What is the quality standard of solar water heater
3 bracket. Support must be able to withstand all kinds of corrosion, or have 3-5 years after stent decay, collapse, the solar energy would be ruined, do not buy that support the paint on the brush, brush to paint on the easy detachment, scaffold exposed part is easy to rot, is not to buy stainless steel bracket. Stainless steel is not easy to rust, but the stainless steel material is soft, the bearing capacity is weak.4 liner, at present, most of the solar water heater manufacturers are said to be stainless steel water tank liner. Stainless steel, but chromium and nickel in stainless steel are very different. Good solar water heater uses stainless steel high chromium nickel, ensure the liner durable, corrosion resistance is strong; the use of low grade stainless steel liner is inferior, basic does not contain nickel, corrosion resistance performance is poor, short service life.
Q:Solar water heaters have an impact on people's health?
Again, the water storage container in the water heater is not in accordance with the drinking water supply equipment (such as drinking machine) of the standard design, its internal health conditions are relatively poor, attached some harmful substances, so that the water quality is not up to the standard of drinking water.
Q:What kind of solar water heater industry
Name: solar water heater English Name: solar water heater definition 1: the conversion of solar energy into heat energy to achieve the purpose of heating water. Applied disciplines: power (Level 1); renewable energy (level two) definition 2: devices that absorb solar radiation to heat water. Subject: application of science and technology resources (a subject); energy resources (two subjects) 70-80 in twentieth Century, due to the national economic development is backward, people's life level is low, many residents use stuffy type water heater (gasoline bucket type and tank type automobile etc.)
Q:Solar water heater water is not urgent
Should be the pipeline, the interface off or plug the vacuum tube damage, repair the pipeline, or plug the plug to clear, check the replacement of vacuum tube. Solar water heater in the use of the process should pay attention to what problems

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