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Type Circulation heating/Domestic
Heating Capacity 3.5kw~8.7kw
COP ≥3.7
Rated water temp. 55℃
Running ambient temp. -7~43℃
Compressor Rotary
Refrigerant R410a
Power supply 220~/50/1
Certification CE, CB, SABS

GMCC Compressor.
Evaporator is larger than usual size to keep its high efficiency.
Water pressure reaches 0.6Mpa-0.9Mpa.
Refrigerant R410A.
Full automatically start up and stop with setup temperature.
Small space and easy install&maintain.

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Q:Solar water heater can be used for a few years!That is, long life, high temperature
Two, insulation layer. The solar water heater production during the day of hot water stored in the storage tank, if the insulation heat preservation performance is good, overnight, rainy days can not be used or not used. That cause the insulation layer of the water heater insulation mainly due to the poor performance of the solar water heater, the insulation layer determines the how many hot water temperature and hot water level. The layer of imported raw materials, such as polyurethane insulation good, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance; automatic temperature high pressure foaming process and quantitative heat insulation, the high-temperature aging treatment, thermal insulation performance is high and stable and lasting. While some inferior materials with high thermal conductivity, no foaming uniform, night temperature can drop to ten degrees, encountered rainy days. There's no hot black enterprise, in order to reduce the cost, even the benzene board made, a few months after the insulation effect of straight down, after one or two years of basic. Temperature.
Q:How to identify the solar water heater is good or bad?
Insulation layer must be careful. The vacuum tube is pulled out, can be used in accordance with the insulation layer of polyurethane foam as a whole, if the hand by a soft feeling, then the foam, its short service life and easy to leak. If the hair is hard for polyurethane, with excellent thermal insulation performance.Depends on whether the stainless steel bracket genuine". Some water heaters say they are ultra-thin stainless steel stent, in fact, the texture is very poor, even galvanized support is not as strong. So be careful when choosing. At the same time it should be noted that, under normal circumstances, each person's water consumption is about 30-40 liters, consumers can choose according to the number of people in their own home to the corresponding capacity of the water heater.
Q:Installation of 150 liters of solar water heaters, the total down about how much money.
The actual capacity of 150L then you need to just 20 so the price if you need cheaper choose Zhejiang over the brand is probably around 1500 virtual capacity 150L then is 16 but also is about 1000 if you choose the brand if the price of 20 to 2000 more than the 16 tube tube to 1500 above
Q:How to buy solar water heater to check its quality?
Usually through the instrument testing, to see if it is in line with national standards. If only by experience to identify, you should pay attention to these aspects. 1: consumers in the purchase of the product must be on the water heater, heat exchanger, pipeline interface and core board factory conducted pressure test and leak check, at the same time on their types and materials and consumer requirements are considered. If you can choose according to their own economic conditions of different prices of products
Q:Solar water heater hot water pipe why burst
2, when the tube in the water less, because of the high temperature steam boiling water to the nozzle to meet air condenses into water when the release of large amounts of heat, vacuum tube overheating expansion burst, but less likely.3, the vacuum tube due to leakage caused by heat preservation, resulting in water pipes in the absence of light when the ice, rising crack vacuum tube.
Q:Solar water heater is how to work?
Simple choice judgment method1, look at the appearance of the fine workmanship: water tanks, stents, screws, insulation materials processing2, see [support firmness (stent thickness), corrosion resistance (material), stability] can also Diandian weight3, the thickness of the water tank (tank Diandian weight, average person Dianzhe slightly heavy)
Q:Solar water heater tank structure
The volume increases, so the water will flow out of the overflow. In this case, the meter will also be full of water. But the overflow pipe is not very fast
Q:Air water heater advantages and disadvantages?
It can also play a role in purifying indoor air. 2 efficient dehumidification, convenient and comfortable, 24 hours a day, the maximum amount of moisture in the 6-8 kg, rainy weather and more obvious effect, especially suitable for wet southern weather. Regardless of weather year-round snow, 24 hours of uninterrupted continuous automatic hot water supply, but also convenient than the conventional solar water heater. 3 safety, air water heater can not use gas, so it can be ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning. Will not be heated with electric heating rod, the possibility of excluding leakage. So more secure. 4 to achieve the system operation automation, automatic operation, no duty, with temperature control device and insulation layer, can automatically pay, heating, power, can provide hot water 24 hours. Users can enjoy hot water at any time under any weather conditions.
Q:The controller of the solar water heater does not show the power on screen
Solar water heater controller power screen does not show the reasons for:1, the transformer is broken;2, the control board is no electricity;3, the chip is broken;4, the display is broken.
Q:When solar water heater comes into China
At about 78, 79 years old, Chinese American Tony S. Mr., from the United States took a few full glass tube sample tubes, to study solar Beijing was under construction (the formal establishment of 79 years), caused by the domestic counterparts attention, including Professor Yin Zhiqiang, have seen.

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