Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series

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Details Of Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series


Specifications Of Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series


This is very popular with Blue selective coating and 300L water! There are two pcs solar collector! 

It has nice outlook, solar flat plate collector with high efficiency, Different absorb material and size is available, Stable performance and long service life. Ultrasonic welding ensures to conduct the thermal heat to the risers quickly.


Model No.&Specs


Solar collector

Model No.


Absorber material

  Blue selective coating,whole plate by laser welding

Dimension LxWxT


Overall area

2m 2 X2pcs





Water Tank

Circulation Type

Pressurized closed loop

Tank capacity


External dimension


Outer tank material

Prepainted galvanized steel 

Inner tank material

Low carbon steel  with vitreous enamel

Max working pressure


Eelctric booster


Heat exchanger

Dual copper coils

Insulation material


Mounting rack


Aluminum alloy

Bracket style

A: flat roof or B:Sloping roof

Hydraulic Kit


0~10bar, 0~200Celsius degree

Filling valve

Infuse heat medium

Water Pump

Max. discharge flow:3.3 m3/h  , Max. pump discharge : 6 m

Flow meter


T/P valve

0.6Mpa/99Celsius degree

Expansion vessel



Control circulation pump and electric booster

Overall weight

Weight of overall system(empty)(kg)


Weight of overall system(filled)(kg)


Container loading







Advantage Of Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series


1.Stylish slimline design
2.Highly efficient selective surface collector for optimum heat absorption
3.Thermosiphon operation minimises maintenance - no moving parts
4.Electric booster models available


Usage/Application Of Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series

Split solar water heater

Balcony wall-mounted system is for Single-storey house, multi-storey building, small high storey,high storey and roof;

Centralized heat collecting and separate storage system is for Hotels, schools,chambers, community, entertainment sites, swimming pools


Packaging & Delivery Of Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series

Packaging Detai

Packaging DetailExport Carton and Pallet or under customer request.

Delivery Detail10-20days






Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series

Solar Water Heater FS-PSD Series








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Q:Can you install a solar water heater on the first floor
In modern times it is generally used to generate electricity or to provide energy for water heaters. Since the birth of life on earth, mainly to the sun to provide heat radiation to survive, and since ancient times, people also know how to use the sun to dry objects, as well as the production of food, such as salt and salted fish, etc.. In the case of dwindling fossil fuels, solar energy has become an important part of human energy use, and has been developing. There are two ways to use solar energy, such as photothermal conversion and photoelectric conversion. The broad sense of solar energy also includes wind energy, chemical energy, water, etc.
Q:Solar water heater in and out of the water pipes are connected to the home with the above?
Solar water heater is the first to enter the cold water storage tank, and then through the heat collector to heat the water tank.
Q:Solar water heater in a total valve when a pipe on the water.
The valve should be connected to the sink Xicai pool of hot water supply. Please ask the amount of your installation master.
Q:Why can not go on the solar water heater
3 in winter, when the upper and lower water pipes may be frozen, and so on, when the temperature rises, the utility model can be used after being opened4 nozzle valve or hot water nozzle failure, did not open
Q:Solar water heater power consumption?
The electricity is not very big. Unless the water is not hot. You use electricity to heat. The solar energy is plugged in to keep the equipment running
Q:Why is my solar water heater out of the hot water is very small
The water heater is bad or due to the use of time is too long, did not do the timely cleaning work, resulting in the water inlet of the filter or internal clogging phenomenon, so that when the switch is too small.
Q:Solar water heater to maintain it?
2, solar water heater in the use of the process should pay attention to what problems? Pay attention to water time. According to the weather conditions, determine the amount of water, to ensure that the appropriate bath temperature. Regularly check the water heater pipe, vent and other components are working properly. The air conditioning is serious or the sand is big, and the dry area is periodically flushed the vacuum tube.
Q:TMC navigation solar water heater how to use intelligent instruments
Timing mode: can be set two times water, the timing of the heating time, the original factory set the timing of the first water 9:00 water level to 100%, the second 15:00 start to the water level of the water level of 100%. Timed heating, heating 4:00 to 50 DEG C for the first time, heating 16:00 to 50 DEG C for the first time. The user can set the time and parameters to meet the individual needs of usersControl mode: when the water in the water tank is not full, the water temperature is higher than the temperature of water temperature set by the user (the original factory set to 60 DEG C) automatic water below the appropriate water temperature control temperature of 10 DEG C, this function can prevent the unreasonable phenomenon of low water and high water temperature. When the water (water level changes), the delay of 60 minutes to start, in order to avoid the user is starting water when water. Several times the temperature control function time: 8:00-17:00. This mode does not automatically start the electric heating, the user can choose manual heating according to the needs, this model is the most energy-efficient.
Q:How to use solar water heater heating by electricity
3 use of electric heatingIn case of rain and snow day sun light, the temperature of the water in the solar water heater is not up to the bath temperature, can be plugged in, to heat the water in the storage tank, shut off the power to the appropriate bath temperature, water. As long as the operation of the leakage protection plug button, power indicator light (red), electric heating rod began to work, press the test button, the power supply is cut off, the power indicator lights off, stop heating.
Q:When solar water heater comes into China
The whole glass tube is in twentieth Century, the first by the United States Owens (Owens) company developed, not the invention of the Chinese invention of the.
It had been focusing on technical development and scientific management. It has a strong working team of research, production marketing and management. It has many professional employees including some authoritative exports in solar field. It had been cooperating with more than 10 famous universities and has set up a professional research, manufacture base of solar thermal products, solar photovoltaic products

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 1990
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets WORLDWIDE
Company Certifications

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department more than 200
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 500 square kilometre
No. of Production Lines 2
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range