Pure Sine Wave Inverter With 30A Solar Charger Controller Hot Selling Excellent Quality PV 2000

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.Power range 1kw-112kw
.12/24v/48v input optional
.Powerful Charge Rate Up to 100Amp
.Inbuilt pure copper transformer
.Pure sine wave output
.LED+LCD display
.MPPT solar charge controller 40A 45A 60A
.50/60HZ automatic sensing
.RS232 with free CD
.Battery priority function
.DC Start & Automatic Self-Diagnostic Function
.High Efficiency Design & “Power Saving Mode” to Conserve Energy




Inverter outputContinuous output power1.0KW1.5KW2.0KW3.0KW4.0KW5.0KW6.0KW8.0KW10.0KW12.0KW
Surge rating (20ms)3.0KW4.5KW6.0KW9.0KW12.0KW15.0KW18.0KW24.0KW30.0KW36.0KW
Output waveformPure sine wave/ same as input (bypass mode)
Nominal efficiency>88% (peak)
Line mode efficiency>95%
Power factor0.9-1.0
Nominal output voltage RMS100-110-120VAC/220-230-240VAC
Output voltage regulation±10% RMS
Output frequency50Hz ± 0.3Hz / 60Hz ± 0.3Hz
Short circuit protectionYes (1sec after fault)
Typical transfer time10ms (max)
THD< 10%
DC inputNominal input voltage12.0VDC / 24.0VDC / 48.0VDC24.0VDC /48.0VDC48.0VDC
Minimum start voltage10.0VDC /10.5VDC for12VDC mode*2 for 24VDC, *4 for 48VDC
Low battery alarm10.5VDC /11.0VDC for12VDC mode
Low battery trip10.0VDC /10.5VDC for12VDC mode
High voltage alarm16.0VDC for12VDC mode
Low battery voltage recover15.5VDC for12VDC mode
Idle consumption-search mode<25W when power saver on. (refer to table)
ChargerOutput voltageDepends on battery type (refer to table 2.5.2)
Charger breaker rating10A15A20A20A20A30A30A40A40A40A
Max charge power rate1/3 Rating power (refer to table 2.5.3)
Battery initial voltage for start10-15.7VDC for 12VDC mode*2 for 24VDC, *4 for 48VDC
Over charge protection S.D.15.7VDC for 12VDC mode
BTSBattery temperature sensor (optional)Yes (refer to the table) Variances in charging voltage & S.D. voltage base on the battery temperature.
Bypass & protectionInput voltage waveformSine wave (grid or generator)
Nominal voltage110VAC120VAC220VAC230VAC230VAC
Max input AC voltage150VAC for 120VAC LV mode; 300VAC for 230VAC HV mode.
Nominal input frequency50Hz or 60Hz
Low freq trip47 ± 0.3Hz for 50Hz; 57 ± 0.3Hz for 60Hz
High freq trip55 ± 0.3Hz for 50Hz; 65 ± 0.3Hz for 60Hz
Overload protection (SMPS load)Circuit breaker
Output short circuit protectionCircuit breaker
Bypass breaker rating10152030404040506363
Transfer switch rating30Amp for UL & TUV40Amp for UL80Amp for UL
Bypass without battery connectedYes (optional)
Max bypass current30Amp40Amp80Amp
Solar charger
Rated voltage12.0VDC / 24.0VDC / 48.0VDC
Solar input voltage range15-30VDC / 30-55VDC / 55-100VDC
Rated charge current40-60A
Rated output current15A
Self consumption<10mA
Bulk charge (default)14.5VDC for12VDC mode*2 for 24VDC, *4 for 48VDC
Floating charge (default)13.5VDC for12VDC mode
Equalization charge (default)14.0VDC for12VDC mode
Over charge disconnection14.8VDC for12VDC mode
Over charge recovery13.6VDC for12VDC mode
Over discharge disconnection10.8VDC for12VDC mode
Over discharge reconnection12.3VDC for12VDC mode
Temperature compensation-13.2mVDC/℃ for12VDC mode
Ambient temperature0-40℃ (full load) 40-60℃ (derating)
Mechanical specificationsMountingWall mount
Inverter dimensions (L*W*H)388*415*200mm488*415*200mm588*415*200mm
Inverter weight (solar chg) KG21+2.522+2.523+2.527+2.538+2.548+2.549+2.560+2.566+2.570+2.5
Shipping dimensions (L*W*H)550*520*310mm650*520*310mm750+520+310mm
Shipping weight (solar chg) KG23+2.524+2.525+2.529+2.540+2.550+2.551+2.562+2.568+2.572+2.5
Standard warranty1 year


Pure Sine Wave Inverter With 30A Solar Charger Controller Hot Selling Excellent Quality PV 2000

Pure Sine Wave Inverter With 30A Solar Charger Controller Hot Selling Excellent Quality PV 2000

Pure Sine Wave Inverter With 30A Solar Charger Controller Hot Selling Excellent Quality PV 2000



provides a 13 year limited warranty (“Warranty”) against defects in materials and workmanship for its Uninterruptible power supply, Power inverter/chargers, Solar charge controllers, Battery Products (“Product”).

The term of this Warranty begins on the Product(s) initial purchase date, or the date of receipt of the Product(s) by the end user, whichever is later. This must be indicated on the invoice, bill of sale, and/or warranty registration card submitted to MUST-Solar. This Warranty applies to the original MUST-Solar Product purchaser, and is transferable only if the Product remains installed in the original use location.




1.    How fast will my system respond to a power outage?

Our solar inverters typically transfer to battery power in less than 16 milliseconds (less than 1/50th of a second).

2.    What kind of batteries do the systems include?

Our solar backup electric systems use special high-quality electric storage batteries.

3.    How do I install my system?

A solar backup inverter is connected to a home electric system , we will supply detailed installation manual and videos for our customers .

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Q:What is the difference between a PV inverter and a solar inverter?
Instability, the wind speed and the equipment itself will directly affect the generator rotation, so the voltage and current fluctuations, frequency instability, in short, is the power quality is poor) Therefore, through the inverter after the first rectification inverter to improve the quality of power
Q:Is the grid side of the grid and the inverter?
The grid load side of the grid is the grid. The inverter is an important part of the PV grid-connected system and can not be regarded as an external load. Photovoltaic power generation system is included in both grid and off-grid.
Q:What is the difference between low voltage grid connection and medium voltage grid connection?
Have a low pressure through the function set, low pressure through the scope of the project requirements, grid and network requirements and the actual situation of the design), low voltage grid to pass the voltage range is less than the medium pressure, parameter settings are not sensitive and complex.
Q:Three-phase photovoltaic inverter grid, the use of phase-locked loop is what?
Grid-connected inverter can be operated locally through the LCD screen, or through remote monitoring with dedicated monitoring software.
Q:The function of photovoltaic grid - connected inverter
Finally, a sinusoidal AC output for a grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is generated by a low-pass filter.
Q:Installation and maintenance of photovoltaic grid - connected inverter
Before the installation should first check whether the inverter in the transport process for damage. When selecting the installation site, there should be no interference with any other power electronic equipment in the surrounding area.
Q:Photovoltaic grid-connected inverter without DC emc how will happen
When solar or other light illuminates the PN junction of the semiconductor, a voltage (called a photogenerated voltage) occurs on both sides of the PN junction. This phenomenon is the famous photovoltaic effect.
Q:After the PV inverter, how to achieve the same period before the network?
Solar panel simulator: with MPPT function, simulated morning, noon, afternoon, evening, rainy weather, solar panels produced under different conditions in different voltages.
Q:In a photovoltaic grid-connected project, the role of the inverter is to convert the voltage into AC 220V or 380V for the grid, since the transformer will raise the voltage again
Spontaneous use is a way of grid, that is issued to the electricity, mainly their own family or internal use, the excess part of the power to the grid
Q:Generally a large grid-connected photovoltaic power plant will have several inverters
, This method is simple to design, easy maintenance, but also for the power grid harmonics smaller, good power quality!

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