MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V 20A

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Product Description:

12V 24V 20A mppt china solar charge  solar controller


PC1000 series solar controller Features:


1. MPPT Solar charge controller 20A,30A,40A


2.An optional battery temperature sensor ensures precise battery charging 


3.Built-in MPPT tracker is enquipped in the power inverter to optimize the power transformation.


4.Reversed current protection for preventing equipment damage


5.Automatic battery  temperature  compensation for long -term reliability 


6.Three stage charge control system (bulk,absorption,and float mode) with  temperature  compensation


7.Autamatic overload protection in both active and passive modes


8. MPPT efficiency max 90%


Detailed Description:



Default Battery System Voltage12V/24V DC (adjustable)
PV Open Circuit Voltage Range16V~30V for 12V battery system / 32V~55V for 24V battery system
Max PV Input Power(12V)300W450W600W
Max PV Input Power(24V)600W900W1200W
BATTERYFloat Charging Voltage13.4V(default)/26.8V(default)
Bulk Charging Voltage14.6V(default)/28.6V(default)
Equalization Charging Voltage14.0V(default)/28.0V(default)
Battery Temperature SensorBTS(optional) remote batter temperature sensor for increased charging precision
Output Voltage11.0~14.3VDC /22.0~28.6VDC
Max Charging Current40A
Max Output Current15A(for DC load)
Cutoff for Overcharge14.8V/29.6V
Overcharge Voltage Recovering 13.6V/27.2V
Cutoff for Low Voltage10.5~12.5VDC/21.0~25.0VDC
Low Voltage Recovery12.0~14.0VDC/24.0~28.0VDC
GENERAL SPECIFICATION Charge Mode  MPPT,constant current-constant voltage 
Radiating ModeAutomatic cooling
Working ModeFour stage: Absorption CC, Absorption CV, Float CC, Float CV
LED indication Systematic operation, LV indication, LV protection, over charge protection, loads protection, short circuit protection
Alarm Protections2.0*inom>5s;1.5*inom>20s;1.25*inom temperature 
Load control mode1.Low Voltage Reconnect(LVR):Adjustable
2.Low Voltage Disconnect(LVD):Automatic 
3.Reconnection:Includes waming flash before 
MountingWall mount
W*H* D(mm)260*460*185mm
OTHEREnvironmental Rating/IP GradeIndoor/IP21
Operation Temperature Range0~40°C(for full power)/40~60°C(for derating)
Ambient humidity0~90% relative humidity(non-condensing)
Terminal size (fine/single wire)#8AWG






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Q:What is the power of the solar controller?
If you are 12V system, select the 10A controller, then the controller with the power of 12V × 10A = 120W, up to the battery with no more than 150W.
Q:Solar controller can not charge what is the reason
Direct charge protection point voltage: direct charge also called emergency charge, are fast charge, are generally in the battery voltage is low when the use of high current and relatively high voltage on the battery charge, but there is a control point, also known as protection points, Is the value in the table above, when charging the battery terminal voltage higher than the protection value, should stop charging. Direct charge protection point voltage is generally "overcharge protection point" voltage, the battery voltage when charging the battery can not be higher than the protection point, otherwise it will cause overcharge, the battery is damaged
Q:What is the system voltage of the solar controller?
Solar controller uses high-speed CPU microprocessor and high-precision A / D analog-to-digital converter, is a computer data acquisition and monitoring and control system. It can collect the working data of the PV station in real time, obtain the working information of the PV station at any time, and accumulate the historical data of the PV station in detail, and provide the accurate and reliable evaluation of the reliability of the PV system design and the reliability of the quality of the inspection system Full basis. In addition, the solar controller also has a serial communication data transmission function, can be a number of photovoltaic systems sub-station for centralized management and remote control.
Q:Solar controller water level display is not correct how to do
Re-adjust the water level to control, choose their own water.
Q:How the inverter is connected to the solar controller
No, no load will not work!
Q:Solar controller use
The controller as a core component of solar energy must be a reliable product, otherwise no matter how good the solar system can not play its due role.
Q:What is the meaning of the 30A solar controller?
The maximum current is 30A
Q:What brand of solar controller is good
Do you ask the controller for photovoltaic power generation?
Q:How does the solar controller set up Sheung Shui?
Click the timer key, there are addition and subtraction keys can be set, the specific I did not use Norit big, do not know, you still consult their customer service department, the instructions should also have.
Q:A solar controller 12v20A battery 12v 20A Will the need for a few watts of solar panels can be normal charge
In fact, as long as the voltage is 12V, with more power battery panels can be affected only the problem of charging speed.

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