IP68 PCC08 8a 12V PWM Solar Charger Controller for Solar Street light

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Product Description:

1.Features :

*Professional design to promote system reliability

-Using international well-know brand semiconductor device.

- High LED driving, significantly reduce the product temperature.

- IP68 protection degree without any buttons, further improve the waterproof reliability.

*Discharge efficiency

- LED constant current drive efficiency up to 96%

-Dimming LED constant current drive efficiency from 91%-96%

*Minimal power consumption

-The current consumption ≤10mA

*Intelligent battery management

-It is PWM and CV charge, which matches with Li protect board perfectly.

- Significantly extends the battery lifetime up to 50% base on intelligent temperature

compensation charge and discharge management.

- Intelligent energy management of battery ensures that the battery charge & discharge in

shallow state which significantly extend the battery life.

*Intelligent LED drive management

- Light control function, automatic lights LED in the dark, turn off automatically at dawn

- Constant current drive

- three times control.

- Delaying infrared body sensor

- Morning lighting

- Dimming function, control to output different power in different typical time.

*Flexible parameter set

- Excellent man-machine interface, convenient operation.

- Infrared wireless communications, connecting with a handheld remote control for easy installation.

*Protect function

- Battery and the solar panel reverse connection protection.

- To prevent the battery discharge to the solar panel .

- Battery low voltage disconnect and reconnect voltage protection.

-The LED output short and open circuit protection.

2. Technical parameter


PCC08 G4

System voltage


Output power

40W/12 V

Static power consumption

13 mA/12 V

Rated charging current

8 A

Solar panel power

≤ 120 W

Solar panel open-circuit voltage

< 25 V

MPPT tracking efficiency


Typical constant current source efficiency

90% to 96%

Overvoltage protection

Overcharge voltage 2 V

Charging voltage limit

Overcharge voltage  1 V

Current accuracy


Over-temperature protection

85 °C

Light control voltage

16 V ~50 V

Operating temperature

-35 °C ~+60 °C

Protection degree




 Dimensions (mm)


3. Images



A: We have ISO9001:2015, CE、 RoHS certifications for all of our products.


A: Low MOQ, 1pe for sample checking is available.

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Q:Choose a solar controller which need to have a few conditions
To buy a solar controller must know the power of the solar panel and the load power to be used to determine the controller's charging current and discharge current. General solar controller are 12v / 24v automatic identification. Discharge current = load power / 12v, charge current = battery power / battery board voltage. The voltage of the panel can be set with the multimeter DC. The short-circuit current of the panel uses a clamp meter to test the current. So the battery power = voltage * current, basically know the power of the solar panel. The battery charge current will know. The current range of the controller is greater than the charging current of the solar panel and the discharge current of the load.
Q:Solar controller does not heat how to heat
The above heating of the controller is in the absence of the sun and you need to use hot water to add, so that you can use hot and cold weather.
Q:How the solar controller wiring,
Controller (English name: controller) refers to the order in the order to change the main circuit or control circuit wiring and change the circuit resistance value to control the motor start, speed, braking and reverse the master device. It consists of a program counter, an instruction register, an instruction decoder, a timing generator and an operation controller. It is a "decision maker" that issues a command to complete the coordination and command of the operation of the entire computer system.
Q:How to choose a solar controller
And you have this system has two loads, you want to separate the controller, you can choose a dual controller! And so on and so on, more details can be consulted with me
Q:What is the meaning of the DC load above the solar controller?
Solar controller, there are two major functions, one is used to charge the battery, this is the solar input function. One for the battery discharge, this is the output function. Used to charge is to prevent the electric overshoot is too full, the battery charge bad. Used to discharge is to prevent the discharge too much, the battery damage. Because the battery can not overshoot, too. Discharge, it depends on what the load discharge
Q:What is a solar controller?
Solar controller is called solar charge and discharge controller, is used in solar power system, the control of multi-channel solar cell array on the battery charging and battery to the solar inverter load power supply automatic control equipment
Q:Solar controller water level display is not correct how to do
If not explain the control board or tube water level sensor bad, consider, for reference!
Q:What are the solar controller models?
This situation is best to contact the manufacturers, generally have PDF version of the manual. You can contact the manufacturer to an electronic version of the manual.
Q:Solar controller 10a, a represents what
10A indicates that it can control the maximum current is 10 amps, the use of the load can not be greater than this current.
Q:Solar controller use
The controller as a core component of solar energy must be a reliable product, otherwise no matter how good the solar system can not play its due role.

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