Online UPS 10KVA-400KVA

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Online UPS 10KVA-400KVA

The MF series UPS is digital information, networking online intelligent pure sine wave uninterruptible power supply which is based on reliable, advanced, high efficiency digital analogy hybrid technology UPS system that provides the user with clean computer grade power for continuous operation of his critical load, regardless of any disturbance on the upstream AC power. The system offers many innovative features to give the user maximum reliability and flexibility at the lowest operating cost.

IGBT Rectifier
With Up-to-date IGBT rectifier technology,MF series input PF is more than 0.99 and THDI is less than 3%,therefore it

does not pollute the utility grid and other devices which share the same utility.

Digital Signal Processing
The modular uses the most advanced DSP technology. Thanks to the DSP, MF31/33 output and system parameters are

controlled and maintained conveniently throughout the various modes of operations.

Wide Input Voltage Range
The modular features a wide input voltage range of +15%, -20% at full load under normal conditions. This is extremely

useful in power grids environment as the battery energy is not utilized and can be preserved for more prolonged outages.

Complete protections
With various system protections, such as over voltage ,low voltage ,over current ,overload, short circuit etc….

High Efficiency ECO Mode
In situation where the utility supply is relatively stable the MF31/33 series can be set to energy saving ECO mode. An

efficiency ofgreater than 97% can be achieved. The load is never in danger as the switching is done by high speed solid

state devices.

Intelligent Battery Management
Proper testing, charging, discharging and management of the battery system is a very important aspect of the UPS control

system.In the MF31/33  series UPS, the batteries are constantly monitored by an intelligent battery management algorithm.

Any fault detected in the batteries is immediately reported to the user.

User Friendly Display and Communication
Dual-color LED indicates the status of major modules. The neatly displayed push-buttons give functions such as menu

selection,inverter startup and shutdown, emergency shutdown and alarm. The large LCD graphical display provides an

array of performance parameters,fault information and historical event log that are useful for troubleshooting.
The system provides voltage-free relay contact of common alarms, RS232 & RS485 signals for remote monitoring, and

SNMP(optional) for web-based monitoring. With self-diagnosis and self-protection, audio and visual alarm indications

are available and these alarm notifications can be sent by e-mail or paging to the service personnel.


MODELMF 1110-MF 33400
Rated Power(VA)10K20K30K40K50K60K80K100K120K160K200K300K400K
TypeTrue Online Double Conversion
Power Factor>95%
Voltage Range220/230/240Vac300/400/415Vac(-25%~+15%)
Frequency Range50/60Hz
Overload Capability<150%, normally running
Battery Voltage348/360Vdc
Charging Current1-100A(setting by battery capacity)
Voltage 220/230/240Vac300/400/415Vac
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Factor0.8-1
THD<3% (linear load); <5% (non-linear load)
Overload Capability100%~150% normally running; 150%~170% 1min; 170% 10s;
Crest Factor3:1
WaveformPure Sine Wave
Transfer Time<10ms
CommunicationRS232,RS485,SNMP card, Dry Contact
CoolingFan Cooling
Operating Temperature0-40
Humidity0-95% non-condensing
Storage Temperature-25~70
Altitude<4000m(derated 1% per 100m above 2000m)
Noise Level<50dB<60dB<65dB<70dB
Dimension(W×D×H mm)380×800×1200450×1000×1400750×750×16001000×800×17001500×1200×18001800×1250×1800
Specification is subject to change without prior notice.

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Q:What is the name of the device that provides the server with power?
In principle, the UPS is a power electronics device incorporating digital and analog circuits, automatic control inverters, and maintenance free storage devices;Functionally, UPS can effectively purify the city power when the city power is abnormal. It can also supply power to the computer and other equipment for a certain period of time when the city power breaks suddenly, so that you can have enough time to cope with it;From the use, with the coming of information society, UPS is widely used in the information collection, transmission, processing, storage and application to each link, its importance is increased with the increasing importance of information applications.
Q:Is ups computer hardware or software?
Hardware peripherals, ups. The external power supply is connected to the ups first, and the computer takes the electricity from the ups, so that the power cut will not stop the power suddenly
Q:Can the power supply of the ups supply the lighting continuously?
5) the proper discharge will contribute to the activation of the battery. For example, if the electricity is not stopped for a long time, the power consumption should be artificially cut off every three months, and the load will be discharged with UPS, so that the service life of the battery can be prolonged.6) for the majority of small UPS work, open UPS, boot to avoid load startup, the work should be closed for UPS; the network room UPS, because most of the network is 24 hours of work, so UPS must also be all-weather operation.7) UPS discharge should be charged in time, so as to avoid damage to the battery due to excessive discharge.
Q:A server that maintains power close to 320W and runs over 8 hours of UPS power
500+300+320=1120W can choose 2KVAS UPS power, external 12 12V100AH batteries (can be delayed more than 8 hours), external 18 12V100AH batteries (can delay 12 hours), need to Q me
Q:What is the function of UPS?
UPS (Uninterruptible Power System/Uninterruptible Power Supply), namely, uninterruptible power supply, the battery is (for maintenance free lead-acid batteries) connected with the host, the host through the inverter module circuit of the direct current into power system equipment.
Q:What server UPS power line?
If you use the server, it is recommended to buy online, the power conversion time is 0 seconds.The home is generally reserved UPS, in the instant of the power failure, the conversion time is slightly longer than the online type, sometimes it will lead to restart, the brand well, APC, Sendon, Santak.
Q:Santak uninterruptible power supply DC24V how to use?
UPS (Uninterruptible Power System/Uninterruptible Power Supply), namely, uninterruptible power supply, the battery is (for maintenance free lead-acid batteries) connected with the host, the host through the inverter module circuit of the direct current into power system equipment. The utility model is mainly used for providing stable and uninterrupted power supply for a single computer, a computer network system or other power electronic equipment, such as an electromagnetic valve, a pressure transmitter, etc..
Q:What is the difference between a UPS power supply and a general power supply?
UPS is divided into three major categories: backup, online and online. UPS, as the name suggests, it is a machine that can maintain a period of power supply when the power supply is stopped, enabling people to save time and turn off the machine. UPS power supply is mainly composed of UPS host and UPS battery. It is divided into on-line type, backup type and on-line interactive type. According to frequency, it is divided into high frequency machine and power frequency machine,
Q:UPS power backup light flashing
If the charge is still a day, this problem may be a few reasons, the general possibility of the first two problems.First, voltage instability, the range of change is too large.Two, UPS input socket bad contact.Three, UPS's own problems.
Q:Low voltage, computer restart UPS power can use it?
UPS can solve this problem,UPS function is the voltage is too low, automatically switch to UPS batteries, this is instantaneous, will not affect the equipment reset, otherwise the power will restart, UPS still sell out, I have been using. However, the outage time can not be too long. Usually in about 20 minutes.The role of voltage regulator is still small, after all, there is no standby battery, it is impossible to compare with UPS. As long as the power is off or the voltage is too low, it stops naturally,

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