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As you can see from the lower half of the picture its slightly yellow. There are afew yellows spots(3-4 1'x1') through out the rug. How would I go about cleaning/reversing the effects?THANKS!
That depends on what the stains are from. If they are from food, some oxygen type cleaners can lighten them, If they are from bleeding of the dyes in the rug colors (which can happen with some inexpensive wool oriental type carpets), there is not much you can do. If it is pet stains, a good professional cleaning company can often remove them. I have owned a lot of oriental carpets and I highly recommend finding a professional cleaner who specializes in cleaning them. It usually costs about $100 to have an 8 x 11 carpet cleaned, but they can make them look (and smell) like new. I don t think you should try to clean the rug with any water based cleaners or shampooing. Some one I know had a rug very much like yours and when they tried to damp shampoo it all of the red color bled into the white areas and ruined it.
Acrylic carpet, acrylic carpet price?
The ratio of dyed polyester, polyester fine material is much better. But it's very different from the price of wool.. General price is in 250-300 yuan / square metre or so... I hope I can help you, do not understand can private letter
It doesn't matter if just lay a small piece of carpet; but it won't be good if it is full laid because that the heat is difficult to come up, influencing the effect of heating.
What kinds of carpets hold up well with kids and pets. We have berber now, and it seems to trap stains and pet odor than typical carpet. Any suggestions?
If you're going to put a lot of money into carpeting your home, you want it to last. That's why you should choose a carpet that's durable enough to handle a room's intended use and possible foot traffic. Like comfort, durability is dependent on the style of carpet and the fiber with which it is manufactured. Loop pile carpets are the most durable because there are no open ends, making it less likely to pull or shed. Nylon, Olefin (polypropylene), and wool resist wear and tear much better than other fibers, like acrylic and polyester. Although it's an afterthought for many buyers, padding is actually an important part of your carpet's durability. In addition to cushioning your feet and insulating your house from cold and noise, this sub-layer can increase the life of your carpet, if installed properly. Different carpets call for different padding thicknesses, so be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendation before tacking anything to the floor.
a girl wants to buy a rug for a room that is 21 ft wide and 22 ft long. she wants to leave a uniform strip of floor around the rug. she can afford to buy 132 square feet of carpeting. what dimensions should the rug have? how many ft?
The Area of the room = 21 x 22 = 462 sq.m The Rug should leave uniform strip therefor from all sides equal length must be cut off... So let length to be cut from one side be = x/2 So the Rug's sides will be = (21-x) and (22-x) So the area of the Rug will be equal to = (21-x)(22-x) (=132sq.m) = 22x21 - 21x - 22x + x^2 = 132 = x^2 - 43x +43 - 132 = 0 = x^2 - 43x + 330 = 0 Now Middle term Splitting = x^2 - (33 + 10)x +330 = 0 = x^2 - 33x - 10x + 330 = 0 = x (x-33) - 10 (x-33) = 0 = (x-10) (x-33) = 0 Either x= 10 or x=33 x cannot be equal to 33 as the max value could be only 21... So the dimensions of the rug are.. L= 11 B=12.. Thankyou.. Have a nice Day.. :)
I have dark brown furniture and i just painted my walls beige and gold! Would a dark color carpet make it look trendy? i thought of choosing dark purple as a carpet color, what do u think?
Dark purple would look nice, though this would be a color that can easily go out of fashion in a heartbeat, and would be an expense to replace. If possible, I would use a neutral carpet (perhaps a tan/light brown that would be a blend of the wall and furniture colors), and get an area rug that is dark purple, or use the color on curtains rather than the floor.
Smup pump broke and water leaked on to the carpet
Use Fabbreeze in your carpet cleaner. Or some type of bio smell attacker. You want something that elemantes oders. But put the product if liquid in the carpet cleaner. and make sure you have a carpet cleaner not exstractor. The exstractor will only pull water out of your carpet where as a cleaner will clean the carpet and pull the water. You may have to pull the carpet up to let the pad under dry then spray the pad with your desmelling product. hope this helps.
When I Turn My Horse Out, When Is It Apropriate To Rug My Horse?What Rug Should I Use For Different Seasons And All Tht??I Live In Northern Ireland So Winters Can Vary From 12 to -3 DegreesAnd Summer Around 25 to 10 degreesFANX
God, I love the English language...when I first read your question I had visions of horse skin floor rugs and was just going to check out all the smoke and flames, LOL!!! I'm in the horses are out in the pasture at will with an 18' x 40' under roof with that they can get in as they wish. If it's going to be butt-freezing cold, (around 10 farenheit or lower or freezing rain, I bring them in to their stalls at night.) I don't use blankets (rugs) much... In summer months, I do use a lightweight fly sheet at times.