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Im getting an exhaust system for my 2003 350z and was wondering if i could find one that sounds like a skyline. possibly the one from fast and furious.
The 350z sounds great with a nice exhaust setup,the Skyline sound also does sound nice and a mix of exhaust setups give the sound but the real sound comes from the Skylines RB engines(in RB Skyline models). Iam sure there is a 350z setup which sounds ideal to you try youtube etc to hear what other owners have added.
I‘ve seen Borla, Magnaflow, IMCO, Gibson, and SLP exhaust systems. My question is which one should i choose that will really help an ‘07 Silverado 6.0l
Dark, anyone of those will work, its the price you should consider. Or if you can find a muffler shop that mandrel bends the pipe, go that route, way cheaper and performs the same, dull pipe dosent make more HP than a shinny stainless steel pipe
I have a Dodge Charger SXT. I want a dual exhaust system, do I have to purchase a whole new exhaust kit?
Yes. Unless you know some one with the equipment to build a Y pipe and can weld.
I‘m going to buy a new after-market exhaust for my Altima coupe V6. I‘m not sure which of these sounds better since they sound almost the same to me. I know Nismo is under Nissan warranty for 1 year, but some say Borla has more hp. What you think ?
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exhaust system for my truck?
Sorry, but drilling holes and bolting exhaust systems together must be a new concept. You're in the wrong place for a good Cat Back exhaust system. Go to the Dynomax Muffler Website and buy something decent.
I own a 2003 Mitsubishi Pajero (Montero in US, Shogun in UK) It‘s a 3.8L V6 GLS and I want some more noise from my exhaust. I want more of a growl than a rubbish noise at lower revvs. I‘m planning to get rid of the muffler and install a straight pipe with new exhaust tips since it‘s much cheaper than getting a whole new exhaust system and I can‘t make holes in my muffler either. Any sugguestions and recommendations are welcome. Thanks!
Sorry, but I approach the problem from the other direction. Meaning I look for ways to produce power and the exhaust system is one thing that can be very literally tuned to meet my needs. I say tuned because the exhaust system is similar to a pipe in a pipe organ, the same harmonics that determine the pitch and sound from a pipe organ can create a natural harmonic that will scavenge the exhaust gasses out of a cylinder. Which means that the piston that is on the exhaust cycle meets less resistance doing that job (free horse power in a way). The diameter and length come into play (and built in resonance cavities). If you go with a larger diameter of exhaust pipe, you loose low end torque and gain horse power at high RPM's. But most cars don't turn high RPM's (high meaning in excess of 8K), so most Tuners by going with garbage can sized exhausts and mufflers are defeating the very purpose of tuning the exhaust. Stick close to stock diameter (most cars for street purposes only need about a 2.25 to 2.5 inch exhaust system) and if you have the spare funds try a few different muffler sizes as these by nature are a resonance cavity. Pick the right one and you gain, pick the wrong one and you loose. With some valid tests (set course, dyno runs, fuel mileage comparisons) you will find the best combination for street applications. Keep good notes and documentation on how each change affected car performance, take pictures, then write up a story and summit it to a magazine. If published it will maybe pay for all the parts you went through to find that optimum exhaust system for your make and model.
the car has a sr20det engine with of course loud *** exhaust **** sytem me personaly dont like it unless its on v8 engineswhat can i do to silence the exhaust system without loosing power any ideas thanks
How about going back to stock exhaust? You won't lose too much power and you can get one for $50. You would have to take off that exhaust system and weld a resonator on it, or sell it and get a quiter one.
I have a 2000 Ford Focus SE that needs a complete exhaust system. Anyone with any insight into a cost?
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