Centre Axle Car Carrier , Car Transportation Truck

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At present,there exists widespread problem that it includes the over-length, over-width, widened double-row, used the telescopic car body in car carrier industry. It dose nor conform to the national standard, which causes emphasis on serious traffic accident. Thus, leading by ministry of industry and information, the joint industry and ministry of industry and information 2011632 file has been published in 2001. The 2011632 file aims at coerce management and administration that takes places in car transportation and management. Because of lacking of reasonable policies and regulations, it can not reach the expected effects. Thus, the state has organized relevant ministries and experts to investigate the mode of transportation of commercial vehicles in developed countries in Europe and the United States in recent years. They inspection and argument of the safety, reliability and load capacity of the commercial vehicle have been fully completed considering that the central axle trailer has been applied in Europe and USA for years. With the national emphasis on the car industry, the ministry of transportation focused on the car carrier markets, which can move forward step to solve the illegal behaviors. Also, it can make the car carrier market develop toward normalize in 2016. In 2016, the latest revised GB1589 regulation was published officially. What’s the most important things in this regulation is it added central axle trailer, which has attracted attention of domestic trailer enterprises and users widely.

Centre Axle Car Carrier , Car Transportation Truck

Centre Axle Car Carrier , Car Transportation Truck

Technical specification


Car transporter



Chassis type


Engine type


Manufacturer of engine


Engine power


Engine capacity


Boundary dimension


Gross quality


Unladen mass


Rated loading capacity



3 persons

Anti-lock brake system ABS


Number of axles


Wheel base


Max. speed


Numbers of leaf spring


Numbers of tires


Specification of tire


Front gouge


Rear gouge


Technical specification


Centre axle trailer



Chassis type


Traction apparatus


Bearing surface of carframe height


Vehicle bridge type

Fluval 11t/2

Numbers of leaf spring


Boundary dimension

Length11600/11200*width 2250height*3750/3850mm

Total mass


Unladen mass


Rated loading capacity


ABS specification


Axles number


Wheel base


Tire number


Tire specification

Double Coin:245/70R19.5-16PR

Tread wheel base



Centre Axle Car Carrier , Car Transportation Truck

Centre Axle Car Carrier , Car Transportation Truck

Centre Axle Car Carrier , Car Transportation Truck

Central axle trailer is a kind of full axle trailer. due to the central axle trailer load-axle is close to center of gravity of the trailer, it is called as central axle trailer. The central axle trailer is made of transportation cart and low chassis central axle trailer trailer transportation cart, which is connected by connecting devices that includes main hook and assistant hook. Beyond seas, This kind of transportation cart can make the best use of the shipping space within the legal limits. The vehicles loaded on the upper and lower boards can increase the traffic volume of the vehicles through the form of holding Angle.

Designed and manufactured by our company, the central axle trailer has the unique advantages in the process of transportation. First of all, the central axle trailer has the performance of low chassis and low radius of turning circle, which can strengthen the capacity of trailer. Secondly, the applied central axle trailer can improve the efficiency of transportation with a safer property. Also, it can save fuel and resource. The manufactured transportation cart of single row central axle trailer will effectively reduce the probability of accidents, which has a great significance on management of ruck overloading Enforcement

Technical feature

1.The elevation device is driven by hydraulic, which is stable and reliableCentre Axle Car Carrier , Car Transportation Truck.

2.The draft gear of entrance adopts to ball hitches devices, which has the advantage of flexible rotation and reliability.

3.Adding to mechanical legs, it can ensure convenient and reliable hanger casting.

4.It has the features as low center of gravity, high throughout capacity and high load capacity.

5.The central axle trailer adopts to over-stow device, which can carry 8-10 cars combining with transportation cart.

6.Side-protection and the central axle trailer is surrounded by coaming, which appearance of it conforms to national policies and regulations.

7.The load platform adopts to punch pedal, which can avoid sliding phenomenon during it is in the process of transportation. It can guarantee the transportation safety.


Sale model of overall central axle trailer and methods of payment.

We offer a variety of sales modes and payment methods to our customers. Please consult our sales staff or visit our official webs.

About after sale, what the pattern of after sale

The manufacturer provides service for life and 24 hour all-weather service new standard, which has superior service capability and service in time.

Distinguish between transportation cart and central axle trailer

Transportation cart is a kind of transportation cart with chassis, which is equipped with power source. It can run by itself. Central axle trailer of transportation cart belongs to a kind of draw rod trailer, which is not designed with power source. It can not run by itself. It need other car to pull. The two can be matched together using or it can be used separately.

Centre Axle Car Carrier , Car Transportation Truck

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Annual Output Value
Main Markets
Company Certifications

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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department
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